Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Brooke 9.2.2014

Hey family! I never realized I don't like holidays until I became a missionary... Hahahahaha! No, they're great, but I hate it when the library's closed. :) My next doctor appointment is tomorrow in Knoxville. Honestly, I might as well live there, since I'm there every week pretty much. I think the Doc is going to clear me to take off my brace!! I hope so...this thing feels like someone turned the thermostat to "Hell" on my arm. No joke. #ThisGirlIsOnFire #BurnBabyBurn #I'mJustAHunkOfBurningLove I sent my camera home today. Please look for it! The highlights of my week: I got pooped on by a Sugar Glider... I played a musical number with a broken hand in Sacrament on the spot because the musical number fell through....EVERYONE was in tears. :) Also, we got 7 new investigators this week!! They are so prepared and ready for the gospel! And, I got covered in Poison Ivy. All over my arms and legs... fortunately, I'm only mildly allergic, so it's just like hives almost. And, you know you're in Tennessee when you step into the shower and step face-first into a spider web with the spider still attached.... Don't ask me how I missed a big black spider hanging in a white shower, but I did. Let's just say I had an episode. I love you more than the number of licks it takes to get to the center of a lollipop!!! Mom: I want to go to Montana!!! I'm don't want fall to come. I don't like the cold...especially as a missionary because I have to be out in it all the time. My release date? I don't know... I think it would be in February because I will have been out 18 months... How can I find out what my release date is? Dad: Vic needs to get baptized! When I come home, I want to go over there with you and teach him! :):):) I'm so glad the Spitfire's coming along so well! Just save something for me to do when I get home. Even if it's just the final car wash. :) I just want to be able to do something if I can. :) No one here believes me when I tell them about working on the car with you. They all get shocked when I start telling them about the different parts and tools... Like alternator, cylinders, wobble joint, racket wrench, lug nuts... etc. Kevin: Take pictures of you in MT!!! I never get enough pictures from people, so I always have to just imagine it. Did you take pics of you and Michael Rock Climbing? I love that you herd cattle! Do you ride a horse when you do it? Michael: I told a member here about your fudge with the marshmallows in it... they want to try it. Can you send me the recipe? I'll give them a copy so they can make it. Send me pics of you and Kevin Rock Climbing! Send me pics of the Tron shirts! Send me pics of you being weird! Send me pics of you and your new wife! Jen: Yaya for missionary tithing! Listen to the song, "Bless my Son" by the Nashville Tribute. You'll love it! hahaha, Dace called me Erin! What a ham! Erin: I was confused about Dad's "no more arrests" comment, but you cleared that up. ????!?!?!?!!!! What????? How do you almost get arrested????? Only YOU would turn a situation like that into a teaching moment! You're my hero!! HAHAHAHAHA BED BUGS!!

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