Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, September 15, 2014

Brooke 9.15.2014

Hello Family!!!! So, this week, I got my brand new missionary, fresh off the plane. Her name is Janessa McNeill and she's from Sandy, UT! :) She came pre-trained, so my job is pretty easy. :):) Hahaha! She's really funny. Since she got here in RV on Wednesday, we've found 4 new investigators, and one of them came to church yesterday, and we committed one of them for baptism!!! Woop Woop! #PromisedLand #LandOfMilkAndHoney #Zion I'm not gonna lie though, it's really hard being a trainer. It makes me stretch and grow. So, this week was pretty intense... I'm still doing the push-up challenge (100 push-ups a day), but I'm starting to rethink it. I'm so tired and sore! Hahahaha! Also this week, I got slapped in the face by a cat! It jumped on the table behind my head at a member's house, and when I turned to look at it, it just slapped me. More like patted me. It didn't have it's claws out, so that's good. And I ate ALLIGATOR!!! I'm a true southerner now! Hahaha! :) I love the south! I've had squirrel, rabbit, raccoon, alligator, bear, fish, cow, chicken, and turtle. Now, I just need to have Possum and my southern experience will be complete. :) So, I want to tell you about Eddie.... we went to a less-active member's family reunion, and one of her drunk nephews came up to me and said, "I want to learn about your church. I used to be freewill Baptist, but I don't want to be that anymore and I'm looking for another church, and y'alls interests me." I told him that we teach people and he was like, "Good. How 'bout Friday?" !!!! He's the one that showed up to church the next day!! And, he showed up sober and is excited for us to come over on Friday! I also want to tell you about Abby. We met Abby tracting, and we started talking to her about her beliefs. We mentioned the Plan of Salvation, and she invited us back the next day. We went over there, taught her and her mom the Restoration, and committed Abby for baptism!! She's awesome! This area is so prepared!!!! :):):):) And that basically sums up my week! I love you more than pulled pork loves barbeque!!! Dad: Holy cow! 7900 missionaries just from Utah Valley! Wooo! I'm one of those! It's cool you saw Megan and Debbie Sackett on the big screen! They're great! I believe in Angels too! The way that Elder Nelson explains them is perfect! President Vaughn will do amazing and his new calling. Have fun this week! Mom: It's crazy that Raquel's married! Good for her! Shaylee Russell's getting married!?!?! What?! Dace is such a ham! He'll make an amazing big brother! Did you take pictures of Raquel's wedding? I love that lady! Michael/Anna: Where did you have to go to see the stars? Not in Orem... You got 4th out of 150 people in that 5K? Woah! That's so awesome! You are pretty boss. I love the ALS Ice Bucket video!!!! I about died! Who recorded it? I couldn't tell who's voice it was... Tell Anna to write me! Kevin: To go along with all your rhyming are dumb. Hahahaha! Just kidding! I liked the NUN part the best. :) I love Kaci! My comp's name is McNeill, but with 2 L's. :) Tell Kaci Hi for me back! And go on a date! Jen: So, since I can't be there for when Harley is born, would you be willing to consider waiting to give her baby blessing for when I get back?? I would love to be there for it, and it would only be a month after she's born, but if you don't want to do that, I understand too. I love you and miss you every day! Erin: Hahahaha, I'm glad you know what real itching feels like. It's crazy what we get to learn on our missions right? Hahahahaha! I can imagine you saying, "I hope you get a canker-sore from that." :) I love you! Hahaha, it's so funny a bee stung you in your bum! That's what you get fool! :) What did you do, sit on the poor thing?? :)

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