Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, August 25, 2014

Erin 8.25.2014

(the computer I'm on can't take my camera for some reason. Sorry) What the heck!!! Since when does Robin Williams commit suicide and nobody tell me about it?!?!?! He was the greatest actor ever. #hewillbemissed #Genie #Flubber #PeterPan #childhoodhero FAMILIA!!!!!! Howz y'all doon? We ended up not having a baptism last week because the mom of our investigator call the cops and had the guy arrested 4 hours before the baptism for no real reason. What a shocker. I was stunned. Can you believe I've been out for almost a month now?!??! Holy guacamole! I'm getting so old! It's weird to think that I have 9 months left, now 8. But I still feel new. Which is nice, because then I'll come home and be like... WHAAA???? I was just barely home! I got interviewed by Prez this week. He thinks I'm a hoot. There's always a plethera of missionaries who line up in the hall because all they hear inside our interviewing room is pure laughter. We're quite hilarious together. Randomly, President said that if I died today, he has no doubt that I would go straight to the celestial kingdome. Wow. That make me feel all good inside. :) He also said taht the PTC ward is begging to have me back. I''m praying that'll come true! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN NICHOLA TESSLA LOVES ELECTRICITY!!!! #sciencejoke #nailedit #fistpump Mom: Holy cannoli!!! You got to hold a wallabe??? Ahck! I'm so jealous. It's so crazy Brandon's engaged.... I'm glad I came back to Georgia. I love it here. The humidity, the bugs, the Hardings, all of the above. :D Poor Baylie. I miss those kids. Do you get to see them much? HAVE A BLAST IN MONTANA!!! And tell all those fools (people) to write me!!!! Dad: So sad that you can't go to Australia. Sounds like you had a good Sunday. So cool that Travis got called to Chile! He'll do great!!!!! I love you! How do you like being an empty nester? Jennifer: Thanks so much for all the pictures! He's so cute! And so are the twins! Little Harley and Little Marie. ;D Dace Face looks so happy. I miss him and you! And Brian too! Michael: Thanks for the email. Haha. I'm glad you felt like a ninja! I worked hard on getting it up there! I burned the bottom of my feet so bad that I got a couple blisters. Next time, I'll wear shoes. Kevin: You farming STUD!!!! Ya, you look way tan! It's so cool that you're working on a farm! Or ranch. Or whatever. It's a farm. I can't wait to hug you like a bear and eat some gummy worms. I'll even play a video game with you when I come back. Ha! Just kidding. I probably won't. But it's the thought that counts. Brooke: How's the hand. :) Everyone in my Dunwoody ward found out I'm a twin and when they sarcastically ask if you broke your arm too, it gets really awkward. Haha. I miss you past the moon and back! Randomness...... A mosquito landed on my arm and I was in ninja mode and I karate chopped it. Well, it was already full of blood, so blood splattered everywhere. I'm amazed at how full a little bug can get. I don't know who's blood was in it, but it was nasty. *a senior couple from PTC is coming today and taking us out to lunch. They missed me. :) *I slept walked last night and found myself in our living room, just standing there. How creepy is that???? What if Manzer woke up and saw me in the door way??? * Manzer's family mailed me some candy and a necklace. It was so nice and thoughtful. *I ate a cookie for the first time this week. They're nice to have every once in a while. Also, I amazed everyone at Bishop Abamonte's home at how much I can eat. I can eat like a horse! They were all like, EAT EAT EAT EAT!!!! I'm buying popcorn today. I already have pickles and oranges, now I just need a movie and it's a bunch of my favorite things together!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU! TIL NEXT WEEK!!

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