Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, August 18, 2014

Erin 8.18.2014

(It's not very good, but I'm drawing Jesus... I got to eat a stuffed pepper for the first time!!...Manzer and I.....This is what happens during exchanges... you make new friends....Georgia sunset) Hiya!!!! This week, wow, it felt like Satan hit me in the face with the baseball bat. He tried sooooooo extremely hard to not let us win... Our investigator, Sam, was hours away from his baptism when his mother called the cops on him and got him arrested. He used his one phone call to tell us that he was no in jail and could be there for up to a year. We frantically called almost everyone in the ward to tell them not to come to the church, but still, a few members showed up to the church, not happy that they didn't receive word. At church, they explained to us how upset they were with us and our lack of effort. But, with God on our side, we calmly explained to them what had happened. After church, we went to go see Sam's mom and try to figure out what happened and we discovered that she was just tired of him living with her, so she got him arrested to get him out of the house. Wow, what a loving mom..... but it's ok, he'll get baptized eventually haha. I had the most awkward experience too, we were on exchanges this week and I stayed in DW. So, I made all these appointments and I got in contact with a long lost investigator family. Tony and Kim. Well, we went over there and I asked if Kim was home and it turns out that she died last week. Whoa! I kept talking to Tony and I invited him to be baptized and he was trying to convince me that he was already member and that he had already been baptized. And I was like, "Well you see, the difference between any baptism and a baptism into THIS church is the actual authority from God...." I kept explaining it and he kept saying how he was baptized by that authority and that he also held that authority. Anyway, our conversation kept going in circles for about an hour when I finally realized that he really WAS a member. Just less active...... soooo awkward. Hahahahahahahaha! I had never met him or heard anything about him so I though he was an investigator!!!!! I'm also learning how to talk like a ganster. Actually, it comes naturally, it's hard for me to speak real English these days. Ha! Well, I can't remember anything else that happened this week, but I LOVE YOU MORE THAN THERE ARE SPOTS ON A GIRAFFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Erin Momsicle: I can't believe I still have more than a hundred days than Brooke..... wooooooowwww. Yip Yip!!! FREEEEEDOOOOMMMM!!!!!! This is the one email that I actually looked forward to hearing about Alex. Dace Face looks soooo happy and cute!!! Of course he was sweating like a pig, that boy has some good glands in his body. I can't wait to see you in a year!!!!!!!!! Popsicle: Wowza! You had a crazy busy week! I loved how you opened your letter with Gidday! I like to pretend I'm an Aussie because then people hear my accent and want to hear the lessons because of the accent. Haha. That's what I call 'creative finding!!!!' Jensicle: Yay! I'm happy you've been a mom for 3 years now! Send me pics of Dace Face and your twins! Yes I'm still convinced that you're gonna have 2 mini-you's! Mikesicle: Write me boi!! Kevsickle: Fool! It doesn't matter that you're on a farm, doing hard man labor.... write your missionaries!!!!!!!!!!! Brookesicle: I love you bunches and I'm so happy you broke a couple bones too! Yay for twins!! Did you get me letter? Or rather Picture????? Did you like it??? I LOVVVVVEEEEEEE YYYYYOOOOOOUUUUUU!!!!!! BONUS RANDOMNESS NEWS.... I pranked Manzer this week. Haha. We were studying and she was looking in my direction. So... I stretched and popped my neck, but I pretended to break my neck and die. I collapsed on the desk and she totally freaked out. She hopped out of my seat and came frantically over to me. I couldn't hold it in any longer and I bust up laughing. She looked like she was gonna kill me for real. Hahaha. We had a good laugh afterwards. Muahahaha! #sinister Also, I accidently hugged a guy in our ward. We hugged the wife and I walked right up to the husband and hugged him too. Everyone was stunned and I didn't realize what I did until afterwards. Haha. Oops. Oh well, I'm still a human. Also, I still feel so awkward being a missionary again. I don't think I'll ever get used to it again. 9 months seems like a really long time, but look, I'm already .5 months into it!! Only 8.5 to go!!! One of these days, I'll get a letter from someone. *cough #hinthint Also, maybe, I'll get a birthday package too... since I'll never have a birthday on the mish..... ;) Also, I'm only 4 hours away from Brooke right now!!!! I could drive there and back so easily! But... I won't. I'll be exactly obedient! Also, countless people have told me that I look like Rapunzel from Tangled or Elsa and Anna from Frozen. Yay!!! Two movies I LOVE and I looka like a princess! Huzzah! What a compliment!!!!! I want to be a princess with magical powers when I grow up. :D Also, someone random in the ward told me that I annoy them because I'm happy all the time. Haha. I thought it was hilarious! I apologized for being happy and told them I would find more things to be bitter about. I think I offended them with my sarcasm. Haha. Oh well, how do you apologize for joy???????? Also, I Can't wait to talk to you next week!!!!!! I LIVE FOR P-DAYS!! Any way... I LOVE YOU MORE THAN THE RANDOM THOUGHT THAT POP IN MY NOGGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which is a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait, what were we just talking about? Haha iiiiiiiiiiiiiiTE AMO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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