Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, August 11, 2014

Erin 8.11.2014

(Me posing with this little guy at the library this morning...This pic doesn't do justice to the rain that was a comin'...A guy gave us his late-wife's wedding dress...Just a typical Georgia afternoon) Familia! This week was so funny. It's downpoured every day so far this week, so it's getting me used to the humidity, being wet all the time. I guess these kinds of storms are what it feels like when there's a hurricaine somewhere and it turns out that there was one in Hawaii. So that makes sense. One of our investigators, Sam, is getting baptized on Saturday. He's been in vestigating for about 6 months now and He's ready and excited to be baptized. I can't believe that Dace Face turns 3 this week!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a big boy!!!! I hope you all have such a happy birthday party for him for me. :) Boy, I miss that little guy. Also, I can't believe that on Thursday will be mine and Brooke's 1 year mark from entering the MTC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy guacamole! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN SOUTHERNERS LOVE TO SWEAR!!!! I LOVE YOU MOM!!! MORE THAN THERE ARE PICKLES IN AN ERIN SIZED JAR!!!! Mom: Kiss Dace Face for me!!! Did you get my letter I sent in the mail? So fun that you get to baby sit Dace! I hope you enjoyed my 'kisses'. :D Dad: So cool that you got to see a moose! Singin way-o-way-o!! I really wish I could ride a moose, or have it carry my stuff in it's antlers. Or, Brooke and I could sit in the antlers, mom could ride on it's back, and you could walk us around like an olden day chofur..?!! Jennifer: I LOVE YOU AND I already miss you like crazy! I hope you have fun on Dace Face's birthday! I sent him a birthday card, so I hope he gets it soon. Michael: Write me.... oh ok. You did. Yay! Did you buy those costumes? Did you get pictures of them? Weifd, I send my email to you every week..... I LOVE YOU! Cool that you got to tackle someone, I love tackling people. It makes me feel like a secret agent. Kevin: Write me.... stay safe on the farm! I LOVE YOU!! Brooke:What a crazy experience!! I'm serving in Dunwoody, it's in Atl. It's kind of like how South Jordan is in SLC. It's like that. Haha. I NEVER expected to be a greenie and immediately start trianing a greenie. It's soooo weird and awkward. You would be the best trainer ever!! After all, every ting I know in life, I basically learned it all from you. You trained me for 19 years, it'd be a piece of cake to train someone for 3 months.

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