Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, August 4, 2014

Brooke 8.4.2014

Transferred 7.30.2014 Rogersville Tennessee....Sister Camille Hargis is new Companion.
(Pics of my broken hand)Oh ya, these picture are 1. Right when I first did it 2. Three hours later when I got it xrayed after church 3. Later that night at our apartment Sorry family, these are the last pictures you'll be getting while I'm in Rogersville. My camera broke on my last day in JC, and these library computers can't read any devices. Luckily, I already had these pictures downloaded, just ready to send. So, I'm sure you've all heard... I broke my hand in 3 places. I did it 2 days before Erin flew back out to Georgia. I'm a klutz. Right before Sacrament meeting on Sunday July 27, 2014, I was out at our car. I was holding my scriptures with my right hand against my stomach while I closed the door with my left. I was standing too close to the door though, so when it swung shut, it smashed straight into my middle knuckle and shoved all the bones in my hand into my wrist. Sister Messer heard the CRACK from the other side of the car and was like, "What was THAT??" I told her it was my knuckle. I didn't feel it at first, I just heard it. Then, it started to turn black and swell... and I started to feel it. A "doctor" in our ward grabbed my hand and started squeezing it and pulling on my fingers. I really cried because I felt like I was going to pass out from pain. The ward said I turned white and they thought I was going to punch him for doing that. I didn't. :) Brother Taylor took a picture of it and sent it to Sister Griffin so she was aware. She was worried. Another guy in our ward in JC is a chiropractor, so he xrayed it for free. He said it looks like it's just a contusion. That's why I didn't tell you anything about it. I didn't want you to worry if there was nothing wrong with it. I know you worried about Erin when she got hurt, so I didn't want to cause you more stress. It got super swollen and very red. That Wednesday was transfers, so I had to pack all my stuff with a hurt hand. In Knoxville, Sister Griffin saw me and told me she wanted it re-xrayed, so I got my new comp (Sister Hargis) and headed to the urgent care in Farragut. The first doctor we saw said it's not broken, but he wanted a second opinion, so he sent us somewhere else. They took lots of pictures of it and found that it's fractured in 3 spots... the middle knuckle where it got hit, and the middle knuckle's bone down near my wrist, and my ring finger's bone down near my wrist. So, 2 out of 3 doctors say it's not broken, but I think it is. It's pretty fat and bruised. They put a splint on me. We got home at 9:30 pm. Late that night, I got a text from Sister Griffin telling me she had called Mom and told her I broke my hand. Well, so much for keeping it quiet. HAHA! Yesterday, a guy in my new ward thought it was just my wrist, and was trying to be "careful" by grabbing my middle finger and shaking it back and forth. I cried because it hurt so bad. I don't know what he was thinking, but I think it caused more damage. I go back on the 11th for a follow-up. I don't think I'll need a cast, but we'll find out next Monday. Typing all this is killing my hand, but I can't even hold a pencil, so I have no choice. Well, I'm now in Rogersville, TN. A tiny tiny branch. Sister Camille Hargis is my new comp. She goes home this transfer, so she's pretty trunky, and I'm disabled. What a pair we are. No new news other than that. You're welcome. Love, Sister Echols I love you more than all my dumb blonde moments!!! Mom: I hope this email gives you all the details you need. It hurts to type, so my emails are gonna be real short after today. I miss Erin too. :) That picture was taken about 3 days before I broke my hand. Enjoy the view. :) It's not pretty after that. I never knew Elder Schouten, but I've heard a lot about him. He trained one of my good friend's here. I played with his sister Christa Schouten on the basketball team. :) I don't know Sister Burningham. It's so cool that there's a blog now! Dad: Here's all your details! Thanks for keeping me in your prayers. I can't wait to meet Scott and Steve!!! They are hoots! I loved the videos too! I am practicing my accent and I'm pretty fluent now. :) They would be proud. You sound like you've had a super fun week! I know that I want to keep in touch with Sister Messer like that. :) She's the best. Kevin: Take pictures of you getting buff and working on the farm! Keep me posted on everything you do! Michael: How was your week? I didn't hear from you, so either it was really boring, or you got kidnapped and had no access to the internet. :) Jen: How's pregnancy treating you?? Erin: Ya, I broke my hand. In 3 spots. Everyone here thinks it's a hoot because you got broken on your mission too. Yay for Georgia!!!

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  1. Has your hand tottaly healed?Hope you feel better and you dont have any pain.