Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, August 25, 2014

Brooke 8.25.2014

(AALIYAH KIRKLAND GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! Right after I left too.:) Hello Family!!! This week, I got sick. It only lasted one day THANK GOODNESS! It as just a little cold, but man, I just like being well. :) This week was really slow. We've gotten a few referrals that I can't wait to start teaching! We got one referral who is good friends with a member of the church, and he wants to learn more! YAYA! I am so stoked! Also, I love this branch! They are so much fun! I love making them laugh! Update on the hand... it's doing so good! It doesn't hurt at all, so I'm just waiting around for the 3rd of September to come so the doctor can tell me I can take of this brace. I still have a weird bump on the bone, but it doesn't bother me, so I'm not worried about it at all. Sorry this is not very really was a SUPER slow week. It kind of felt like a year. I'll add more in a bit if I can think of anything. :) I love you more than Rice Krispies love to snap, crackle, and pop!! Mom: I never knew Sister Thiriot, but I've met her. She was a companion of one of my favorite missionaries in the field, Sister Walser! She just left this last transfer. She seems like she was pretty nice though. It's weird that Brandon is engaged... That's so cool that Kevin got to touch the broken ground at the Temple site!! A WALLABY!!! I want to hold one!! The white handbook just says to not hold kids... it doesn't say anything about holding Wallabies! I want to go to Australia in 5 years too!!! I'll save all my pennies! Poor Bailie! She looks like a thug! Harley looks just like Dace did in his ultrasound!!! Tell Jennifer to hold the baby in for another month so I can be there when she's born. :) Dad: What is a "Treeo"? Is it pronounced like Trio? It sounds like you had an amazing experience at church! I'm so happy that Travis is going to Chile! He'll be amazing! Just remember that Hindsight is 20/20, so make sure you enjoy the journey! Then, you'll enjoy looking back. :) We've also had some pretty funky weather lately! It has poured for days! Today, we got to wake up to sunshine and blue skies though! Michael: Just remember that we wrote you even when we didn't have much to work with. We're all imperfect, but just keep swimming. That's what I tell myself. How long of a drive is it to Maple Dell? I don't even remember... I think I usually slept on the way up there. I love tinfoil dinners! They are really ROUGHING it! :) I have never been able to set up a tent in my life, so I don't think I could have done that. Nooo! I really want to see the costume museum, but I guess I'll just have to buy it when I'm rich and famous one day. :) Kevin: You are tan!!! I really like that picture. You need to shave. You've got something furry growing on your face. ;) It's so weird that I don't know any of our second cousins like Preston or Ainslie. Our family is huge. Hahaha, I liked your story about your bee sting. I read it and I was like, "Ouch." :) You'll have to teach me how to be a farmer one day! So, you went to the end of the ground breaking ceremony for the Temple and you didn't even mention it!!! That's HUGE news!! And, you get to make me lasagna in 6 months!!! Jen: Thank you so much for all the pictures!!! I especially loved the video of Dace Face telling us he loved us!!! I watched it over and over and over! Did you go to Denny's for his birthday breakfast? Hahaha, he's laying down in the bathtub! What a big boy! Your baby bump is adorable!! Your face is priceless too! Did Dace get my birthday card I sent? It had a hot dog on it... Harley looks just like Dace did! She has the same nose I think. You make some pretty cute kids. :) Erin: Don't worry, Sam will be's just a matter of time now. I did get your picture with the funny face laughing at me! I carried it around all day to show it to members. :) They LOVED it!! Hahaha, hooray for awkward experiences! We have more than our share of those!

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