Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, August 18, 2014

Brooke 8.18.2014

(This came from Sister MESSER. This is Elder Boore.) Hello Family!!!!!! Man, I love you guys. :) So, this week was interesting... I went to the Doctor's on Monday at 3, and they found a fourth break...from an elder. :) Good thing me and him are good friends. :) It's really funny, because we go home at the same time, so he said, "I can see it now... We're coming down the escalators and we see your family, and my family... Your mom starts walking towards you... all of a sudden, she goes around you right to me and stabs me!!" Hahahahaha!!! I nearly died laughing! I only have to wear this brace for 4 more weeks because they said I'm healing a lot faster than they would have ever dreamed! They said that usually they would put a cast on me for these kind of breaks, but it's so hot and humid outside that I would just be miserable, and I'm already healing. So, NO CAST!!! Yay! The next day, we had our Zone Conference, and I got to see Sister Messer!!! She's my favorite. :) We're not in the same zone, but our Zone Conference was 2 zones combined. President and Sister Griffin asked me all kinds of questions about my hand. They even announced it that Elders need to stop breaking Sisters' hands. Elder Bakker broke Sister Clove's hand 2 months ago... and now, Elder Boore broke my hand 3 weeks ago. Silly Elders. So, my hand is doing GREAT! It hardly hurts any more. I can still feel my bone because it's all funky now, but I'm not worried about it anymore. I can only feel pain when I straighten out my fingers. Other than that, it's doing so good. The work this week in RV (Rogersville) was pretty slow. I'm doing everything in my power to move it along, but we're still recovering from recent events. We're coming up with a Family Mission Plan. This week, our Branch President finally got a counselor! Our Branch Mission Leader, Ray, is now Branch Mission Leader, 1st and 2nd Counselor, and Branch Clerk! Woah! He's got his hands full, so we're trying to help him as much as we can! I do miss JC though... It was my absolutely favorite area. Yesterday, the Hubbards from JC came to the RV branch! I'm still in the same stake as JC, so I get to see people every now and then! Also, Stake Conference is coming up next month, so I'll get to see tons of my people! I CAN'T WAIT! I love you more than Thanksgiving loves turkeys! Mom: Your subject line is very clever. Wha?! You and Dad are practically empty nesters now! How did THAT happen so fast? Only Michael and Anna are left. Your hash tags made me really happy. :) I'm so glad Dace had a great birthday! I'm sad I missed it, but I don't plan on missing any more for a while. :) How was it talking to Sister Griffin? She likes you. She thought it was funny that you chuckled when she called with the news of the fourth break. Dad: Man, you don't have any time off? That's rough. I bet it feels like serving a mission again. Haha. I'm so glad you enjoyed Dace's birthday party. You're a proud Grandpa! hahaha, I BET you and Mom pray a lot. Don't worry, I think I counted once...I think I pray on average 15 times a day. I know it's not enough, but it's a lot more than I did before. hahahahahaha!!! You're comment about the "Bozo Elder" who broke my hand is hilarious! I almost peed my pants! There's a less-active member here who thinks we're going to be dating after I get back. I was like, "Ya right! Not happenin'!" It was hilarious/awkward. No worries, Dad. I'm not going to date him. Kevin: You're a farmer!!! I love it! Make sure to send me pictures! How do you drive a tractor without a steering wheel? What did you do when the bee stung you? Did you have to go to the hospital? I can't wait to have you teach me how to be a farmer. haha, You'll be so tan by the time you're done! How was the Bodily Reunion? Where was it? Michael: Just remember... you served a mission once. You know what it's like to not get any news from the people you love most. I'm not asking a lot...Where is that costume museum? I want to go there when I go home! You can be my tour guide! PHANTOM AND PIRATES AND SHERLOCK HOLMES?! Those are ALL my favorites! Now I REALLY have to go there when I get home! It's so boss that you got to tackle someone! You beast, you. Where did you take Anna camping? How long were you there? Was it cold? Were you in a tent or a cabin? Did you have a camp fire? S'mores? Jen: How did Dace's birthday party go?? Are you showing yet??? PICTURES!!! I hope you and Brian have a fantastic week! I LOVE YOU AND WILL ALWAYS LOOK UP TO YOU! Erin: I totally looked up Dunwoody in my GPS and a saw that you're only like a few hours away from me! :) It's good to have you back. :) I wish I could have been trained by you to be a missionary! That would have been a BLAST! I loved the picture of the wedding dress... classic.

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