Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, July 7, 2014

Erin 7.7.2014

(Mirror Lake-Alex, Dad, Erin... Mom and Erin... Karate Kid...Buff Kid... Mirror Lake...4th of July....Jumping off cliffs) Hi there!!! Well it's official... today is my last day being an old American teenager. Brooke and I turn 20 tomorrow. (yuck, I hate getting older). This is the first birthday for our whole lives that we don't have each other here. It's so weird!! Normally, one of us gets to choose a place to eat out and the other one gets to choose the dessert the family will have. But this year, since Brooke is on her mission and I'm home by myself, I get to choose both! Can you say overwhelming?? Haha! It's so weird to think that when I go back out to my mission and finish the time, I won't have celebrated a single birthday out there. Knowing that I wouldn't have a birthday on the mission, I sent Brooke a birthday package so she could celebrate it for the both of us. :) Well, this week, we got to celebrate our nation's independence by going to Mirror Lake in the Uintah's. We hiked cliffs, touched the lake and got to see many many many gorgeous creations of God. In one of the pictures, I'm jumping off a ledge and that ledge then turns into a 200 foot cliff. I easily could have done a flip and landed it, but I wasn't about to risk the off chance of landing weird and falling off the cliff. It was really fun though!! I knew we were going to a lake so I wore my swimsuit under my clothes (not knowing how cold the water would be) and we reached the lake and I was frozen to the bone. I touched the water with my foot and swore I wouldn't go in it because it was as cold as the Himalaya Mountains. So, we just walked around and took some cool pictures. It was great!!!! Also, my best friend came over and we colored for several hours... #kidsatheart

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