Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, July 28, 2014

Erin 7.28.2014 BACK TO THE FIELD in 1 DAY

(Friends and Family that Love Erin and came to support her at her farewell) Familia!!!! Today is my last official day that I can go by, 'Erin'. Starting at 5:30 tonight, I'll be a real missionary again. I'm getting set apart and I'm so excited! I'm actually kind of nervous all over again, but I'm excited too. :) I gave my farewell talk yesterday and sooo many of my friends and family came. :D I love them all. As I was giving my talk, I finished up and looked down at my written talk and I realized after talking for 15 minutes and I realized I hadn't even mentioned one thing from my prepared talk. Haha. I just improvised. Hehehe. My flight is at 7 tomorrow morning. Wow! That's early! My summer has been utterly memorable! I did many things from geo-cashing to photobombing to seeing Wicked to riding rollercoasters. So many adventures, so many memories, and so many loved ones. That's only a handful of the things I did. It was actually really fun to have a little 'inter-mission' because I've been able to experience normal day life things with the perspective of a missionary. Well! Adios for now!!! I LOVE YOU ALL MORE THAN THERE ARE PIXELS IN A PICTURE!!!!

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