Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, July 7, 2014

Brooke 7.7.2014

(Are those Chicken-Pox? Nope, just 34 mosquito bites...Bath-mobile...Sydney took us to the 4th of July parade...Hillbilly Surf Shop... Fireworks...Birthday Party with the Parkers...We stayed out until 10:28...Man in the Moon!) Hey family!! This week was full of miracles!!! Bree Caponero (17) agreed to be baptized!! Her boyfriend is a recent convert named Cody. We were like, "Cody, have you ever talked to Bree about the church?" He said no, and we were shocked because she had been to church 3 times already. We were like, "We wanna teach her!!" Last Monday night, we taught her for the first time and she agreed to be baptized! She wants to be baptized on August 2!!!! Woop woop! Johnson City is the promised land!!! Oh! By the way, I got my birthday package!! I haven't opened it. I had Sister Messer look in it for me to see if it was birthday presents because I don't want to open them until tomorrow. It's been sitting under my bed for a week. I have been really tempted to look, but I'm strong. :) I can't wait! Thanks for all the birthday wishes! For my birthday tomorrow, we are going to be singing to Veterans at a VA nursing home, going to serve food to homeless people at "Feed the Hungry", then, President and Sister Mathson will be taking us to Olive garden. Then, our landlord will be feeding us dinner, and then we are going to a birthday party for me at the Harris'!!!! I'm really excited for the whole day! I'm going to be so full, I might pop. I didn't have to have stitches when I cut up my hand from glass. Just some super glue stuff. It came off after a few days and all is well. My scars aren't even that bad. I love you more than chips love salt and vinegar!! Dad: I really like what you said about time. It's so true! I've noticed that time flies when you're having fun. That's why these past 4 months with Sister Messer have vanished into thin air. What did you teach about in Gospel Doctrine? We learned about the prophecies of Christ's life in Psalms. It was really interesting. When did Brian get a new job? I didn't even know he changed jobs in the first place. Yay for not working on Sundays! I'm so excited for the car! Every time I look at my chrome colored sunglasses, I think of the car because you keep mentioning chrome parts on the car. Cool! Mom: We're gonna get I Pads?!?!?! Yayayayayayaya!! I've really missed technology. Although, it would be really cool if I didn't get it on my mission, because I will be one of the last generations of missionary to do everything on paper. Weird. Holy cow!! That's crazy that Erin might not go back to Georgia!!! My guess, is that she'll get her mission call to Georgia (the country) over near Europe or something. It has a white flag with a red cross and then 4 little red crosses in the corners. :):):):) Wow, Utah is gorgeous!! Michael hid his car!? Poop. I would have decorated it. He was smart. For their one year anniversary, I will go with them to Disneyland. They don't get a say in it. :) hahahahaha! No way! GROSS!!! We will just go some other time. :) Where is Anna working? Michael: I didn't get any of the pictures you said you sent me... Maybe the message failed? Wow, I love California. Thanks for eating a pineapple Dole whip float for me! :) Why were Anna's parents surprised at how gorgeous the yard was?? Mom is a genius when it comes to that kind of thing, so it's no surprise. :) I'm glad you miss's good for you. hahaha!! Kevin: Take pictures of you in Montana for me!! Yes, you're tanner than me, and you always will be. I have the greatest tan line on my feet from my missionary shoes. It's pretty epic. :) I always show it to people when they comment on how white I am. It shocks them to see that I can get even whiter. :) When do you leave for MT? Is anyone going with you? Jen: January 4th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna miss the little bundle of joy! Just be warned, the baby and Dace Face are gonna have all my attention in 8 months. :):) Hahaha! Dace's cheeks are full of pie! What a ham! It's fun that you and Dace get to spend a week having sleepovers together. :) I always loved scout camp because it was GNO!! Dace is included. :) Erin: I got the birthday package but haven't opened it yet. I didn't get a letter though. Not yet anyways. I hope I get it either today or tomorrow so I can have it for our birthday. You're getting another mission call!!!!!!!!! I'm soooooo excited for you!!!!! I really like how you threw in Idaho and Tennessee. Those are the 2 places I didn't want to go... and I got called to Tennessee. Now, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Not even Africa. I'll go there sometime later. I really hope you get called to the TENNESSEE KNOXVILLE MISSION!!!!!!!!! I would cry and scream and cry and learn how to do a back flip!!! When do you get your call??????????? KEEP ME POSTED! The day you get your envelope, you HAVE to email me ASAP! I am going to flip out!!! I'm so proud of you, Erin. I couldn't have been sent to this Earth with anyone better. You are the best "other half" in the whole universe. Every email I get from you makes me smile.

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