Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, July 28, 2014

Brooke 7.28.2014

(We had a tornado yesterday!!...Peyton got baptized!!!...We covered our car from baseball sized hail!) Hey family! So, we had a tornado yesterday!!! There was baseball sized hail, and many trees were toppled over. We were having dinner with the Parker's when we heard the sirens going off telling us to "take cover now!" Our phones were going off, the TV was going off, and there was a city wide alarm blaring at us. It was pretty scary. No missionaries got hurt. It was scary because the sky turned black and green and you could see the clouds swirling. The funnel actually touched the ground and we could hear and see it from miles away. It was huge. Some houses were ripped up and a lot of trailers were picked up and moved. The sound of a tornado is a loud roaring sound. It almost sounds like it's sucking too. It's really weird. Me and Sister Messer were playing a game with Kayden Parker (6) to keep him calm because he was so scared. Good thing they have a super heavy duty basement! We were completely fine though. CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, we found out that I'm being transferred. I leave Wednesday. :( I love Johnson City and I love Sister Messer. I'm not ready to leave, but the Lord has called me somewhere new. I'll find out Wednesday where I'm going and who my new comp is. Peyton Edwards got baptized!!! He asked me to do a special musical number at his baptism, so I played piano. I'll play you the song I played when I get home. He turned 16 the next day and got the greatest gift of his life.... the Gift of the Holy Ghost. He has been taking the lessons for a year, but his mom wouldn't let him be baptized. He sent a text saying, "Guess what?" We were like, "What??" and he said, "I can get baptized, my mom said yes." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were freaking out!!!!! We found out Wednesday and he got baptized that Saturday. :):):):) MIRACLES!!!!!!!!!!! I love you more than tornados love to be dizzy!!!! Mom: I didn't get your email about Ryan until today, because I'd already left the library when it came in, but I got it today, so I'm going to tell Ryan "yes" and give him the home number. I think it would be so cool for one of my recent converts to meet my whole family. :) I can't see the pictures of Kendra, but I got all the others. Erin's my hero! She is such a hoot! Dace calls Erin "Brooke"? Why? Does he think we're the same person? He is so cute! He's gonna be a big brother!!!!!! Dad: It's so cool that you get to have one of your old comps come see you!!!! All the way from Australia too! Will you record him saying a short message to me so I can hear his accent? Hahahaha! I love landscaping! I like the quote you shared from John Wayne. :) Michael: Have a good week! Kevin: You better still email me when you go to Idaho. Just sayin'. What was so funny about Erin's talk? Do share. :) Jen: I'm soo happy for you! (even though I am finding out details from everyone else) You are a great mom and Dace and Brian and Harley are lucky to have you!!!!! Erin: Of course your talk was amazing! You're a hoot! Holy cow! A ton of people came to see you! You'll do just fine going back out to Georgia. Those people need you. The Lord needs you. I want a Brazilian soccer jersey!!! I'm gonna get one when I get home. :) I love sarcasm. :) I can't wait until tomorrow when you join me back in the field! :):)

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