Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, July 21, 2014

Brooke 7.21.2014

(I finally got my birthday Baked Apples!!!...Happy meal...Baby cheeks!...Pendelton Family... I thought there had been a murder, but our investigator had just gutted a fish!... Sister Weirich!) Hey family!! This week was crazy! So, good news... we are going to be baptizing a whole fleet of kids within the next few months. I think we counted 6 by the end of September! They are all 8-10 years old! HUZZAH! I'm really excited to be teaching 2 brothers Eason (8) and Bryson (10)! Also, Aaliyah (9) and her sister Jade (8) are getting baptized. Plus, our deaf kid Jordan (8) and also James (9) want to get baptized too! This is the promised land!!! We get the transfer call this Saturday, and I'm so worried that I'm leaving! I wish I could finish my mission here, but that would mean I'd be here for a whole year. Not likely. :( Everyone is convinced that I'm leaving too, and they all are telling my BYE already. Gross. I hate goodbyes. Also, I'm getting less and less shy about sharing the gospel! It's only taken 11 or so months! Sheesh! Well, this is Sister Weirich's last week as a missionary! She's a missionary who is in our district and I've served with her for 6 months. I'll miss her so much! She is from Texas and she even served with my trainer. Awww. Sad thing though... she is sick with what Sister Messer had that ended up with us in the ER! That's not the greatest way to end a mission. But, the Lord always provides. :) I'm officially and old missionary now! Crazy how time flies when you're having fun! I love you more than fat on babies! Mom: I'm so excited for Erin!! I bet it will be hard for you, but you only have to wait 7 more months until you get at least one twinlet back. It's not 18 anymore, it's really going down. OH MY GOSH!!! I hope Jennifer is expecting twins! I really really really do! I hope Kevin goes to work on the farm. He would love it! Also, would you be willing to print of some more pictures and send them to me? I have a small album that I like to show to people, and I'm in need of some more pictures. :) Dad: I hope you had a great week and that I get to hear from you next week. :) Kevin: That sounds like a blast! We'll have to go when I get home! Also, you better be expecting a road trip to California, and also up to Montana! :) You would love working on the farm. Plus, you'll get really buff, so go for it. :) Michael: What hours do you work? It sounds pretty fun doing those things, but I couldn't do that job. Cudos to you for doing it. :) How is married life treating you? I know you must get asked that a lot, but I'm your sister and no one tells me anything. So, I'm going to ask it anyways. Jen: I love you too! Is it tomorrow you find out about your baby? If it is, I better get an email from you immediately because I'm allowed to check my email on Wednesday during my hour. So, I really hope I have something to read by then. :) Can't wait!!!! Erin: GAM, here you come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm SOOOOOOOOO happy you're joining me back in the south! I've missed you so much, so it will be nice to have you back in the same part of the country as me! Yes, I've met my mission president. He, his wife, and 3 young daughters are the cutest things ever! I've never had little sisters before, so it's like I finally got them! Ps... I absolutely love the picture of you holding your nametag!!!!!!!! Print it off and send it to me. :) Who took the sunset pictures? Way to put the Karate Kid to shame... :)

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