Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Erin Flying Out to Georgia Today 7.29.2014

So this is such a bitter/sweet Day. It is hard to send a child out two times. But....Georgia is the LuCkY one!!! Best of Luck Sister Erin Echols. Watch out Georgia, here she comes again. (Farewell Dinner at Spaghetti Factory....setting apart as a Missionary....Airport Goodbye's STINK!!!)

Brooke Echols (Pictures sent from a Member) 7.29.2014

These Pictures were sent to us from a dear Ward Member that shared in Brooke's special day. Thank You Parker Family for taking care of her and Sister Messer and for keeping them safe from the Tornado.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Brooke 7.28.2014

(We had a tornado yesterday!!...Peyton got baptized!!!...We covered our car from baseball sized hail!) Hey family! So, we had a tornado yesterday!!! There was baseball sized hail, and many trees were toppled over. We were having dinner with the Parker's when we heard the sirens going off telling us to "take cover now!" Our phones were going off, the TV was going off, and there was a city wide alarm blaring at us. It was pretty scary. No missionaries got hurt. It was scary because the sky turned black and green and you could see the clouds swirling. The funnel actually touched the ground and we could hear and see it from miles away. It was huge. Some houses were ripped up and a lot of trailers were picked up and moved. The sound of a tornado is a loud roaring sound. It almost sounds like it's sucking too. It's really weird. Me and Sister Messer were playing a game with Kayden Parker (6) to keep him calm because he was so scared. Good thing they have a super heavy duty basement! We were completely fine though. CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, we found out that I'm being transferred. I leave Wednesday. :( I love Johnson City and I love Sister Messer. I'm not ready to leave, but the Lord has called me somewhere new. I'll find out Wednesday where I'm going and who my new comp is. Peyton Edwards got baptized!!! He asked me to do a special musical number at his baptism, so I played piano. I'll play you the song I played when I get home. He turned 16 the next day and got the greatest gift of his life.... the Gift of the Holy Ghost. He has been taking the lessons for a year, but his mom wouldn't let him be baptized. He sent a text saying, "Guess what?" We were like, "What??" and he said, "I can get baptized, my mom said yes." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were freaking out!!!!! We found out Wednesday and he got baptized that Saturday. :):):):) MIRACLES!!!!!!!!!!! I love you more than tornados love to be dizzy!!!! Mom: I didn't get your email about Ryan until today, because I'd already left the library when it came in, but I got it today, so I'm going to tell Ryan "yes" and give him the home number. I think it would be so cool for one of my recent converts to meet my whole family. :) I can't see the pictures of Kendra, but I got all the others. Erin's my hero! She is such a hoot! Dace calls Erin "Brooke"? Why? Does he think we're the same person? He is so cute! He's gonna be a big brother!!!!!! Dad: It's so cool that you get to have one of your old comps come see you!!!! All the way from Australia too! Will you record him saying a short message to me so I can hear his accent? Hahahaha! I love landscaping! I like the quote you shared from John Wayne. :) Michael: Have a good week! Kevin: You better still email me when you go to Idaho. Just sayin'. What was so funny about Erin's talk? Do share. :) Jen: I'm soo happy for you! (even though I am finding out details from everyone else) You are a great mom and Dace and Brian and Harley are lucky to have you!!!!! Erin: Of course your talk was amazing! You're a hoot! Holy cow! A ton of people came to see you! You'll do just fine going back out to Georgia. Those people need you. The Lord needs you. I want a Brazilian soccer jersey!!! I'm gonna get one when I get home. :) I love sarcasm. :) I can't wait until tomorrow when you join me back in the field! :):)

Erin 7.28.2014 BACK TO THE FIELD in 1 DAY

(Friends and Family that Love Erin and came to support her at her farewell) Familia!!!! Today is my last official day that I can go by, 'Erin'. Starting at 5:30 tonight, I'll be a real missionary again. I'm getting set apart and I'm so excited! I'm actually kind of nervous all over again, but I'm excited too. :) I gave my farewell talk yesterday and sooo many of my friends and family came. :D I love them all. As I was giving my talk, I finished up and looked down at my written talk and I realized after talking for 15 minutes and I realized I hadn't even mentioned one thing from my prepared talk. Haha. I just improvised. Hehehe. My flight is at 7 tomorrow morning. Wow! That's early! My summer has been utterly memorable! I did many things from geo-cashing to photobombing to seeing Wicked to riding rollercoasters. So many adventures, so many memories, and so many loved ones. That's only a handful of the things I did. It was actually really fun to have a little 'inter-mission' because I've been able to experience normal day life things with the perspective of a missionary. Well! Adios for now!!! I LOVE YOU ALL MORE THAN THERE ARE PIXELS IN A PICTURE!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Erin 7.21.2014

Hey hey hey!!! Aren't these pictures just the coolest?! I stood on top of our 2 story house during a sunset to get them. I put Karate Kid to shame. Haha I finally got my second mission call from President Monson and it turns out that I have assigned to serve in the GEORGIA ATLANTA MISSION!!!! Yaaaaaaaay! I report directly there on the 29th of July, which is in 8 days from today!! I've been busy packing and getting ready to go back out. I got my hair cut, all my clothes packed and I'm ready to take on the world. :) I've been hanging out with my family and friends, making new friends and it'll be harder to say goodbye to them the second time. But, it'll work out and I'm going where God wants me to go. Also, I'm super excited for all the humidity and bugs! I've really missed those! (sarcasm...) But one thing that I can't wait for, is to see my mission president and his family! They're my second family and I'm so honored to be able to return to them. :D #GAMforlife!!!!

Brooke 7.21.2014

(I finally got my birthday Baked Apples!!!...Happy meal...Baby cheeks!...Pendelton Family... I thought there had been a murder, but our investigator had just gutted a fish!... Sister Weirich!) Hey family!! This week was crazy! So, good news... we are going to be baptizing a whole fleet of kids within the next few months. I think we counted 6 by the end of September! They are all 8-10 years old! HUZZAH! I'm really excited to be teaching 2 brothers Eason (8) and Bryson (10)! Also, Aaliyah (9) and her sister Jade (8) are getting baptized. Plus, our deaf kid Jordan (8) and also James (9) want to get baptized too! This is the promised land!!! We get the transfer call this Saturday, and I'm so worried that I'm leaving! I wish I could finish my mission here, but that would mean I'd be here for a whole year. Not likely. :( Everyone is convinced that I'm leaving too, and they all are telling my BYE already. Gross. I hate goodbyes. Also, I'm getting less and less shy about sharing the gospel! It's only taken 11 or so months! Sheesh! Well, this is Sister Weirich's last week as a missionary! She's a missionary who is in our district and I've served with her for 6 months. I'll miss her so much! She is from Texas and she even served with my trainer. Awww. Sad thing though... she is sick with what Sister Messer had that ended up with us in the ER! That's not the greatest way to end a mission. But, the Lord always provides. :) I'm officially and old missionary now! Crazy how time flies when you're having fun! I love you more than fat on babies! Mom: I'm so excited for Erin!! I bet it will be hard for you, but you only have to wait 7 more months until you get at least one twinlet back. It's not 18 anymore, it's really going down. OH MY GOSH!!! I hope Jennifer is expecting twins! I really really really do! I hope Kevin goes to work on the farm. He would love it! Also, would you be willing to print of some more pictures and send them to me? I have a small album that I like to show to people, and I'm in need of some more pictures. :) Dad: I hope you had a great week and that I get to hear from you next week. :) Kevin: That sounds like a blast! We'll have to go when I get home! Also, you better be expecting a road trip to California, and also up to Montana! :) You would love working on the farm. Plus, you'll get really buff, so go for it. :) Michael: What hours do you work? It sounds pretty fun doing those things, but I couldn't do that job. Cudos to you for doing it. :) How is married life treating you? I know you must get asked that a lot, but I'm your sister and no one tells me anything. So, I'm going to ask it anyways. Jen: I love you too! Is it tomorrow you find out about your baby? If it is, I better get an email from you immediately because I'm allowed to check my email on Wednesday during my hour. So, I really hope I have something to read by then. :) Can't wait!!!! Erin: GAM, here you come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm SOOOOOOOOO happy you're joining me back in the south! I've missed you so much, so it will be nice to have you back in the same part of the country as me! Yes, I've met my mission president. He, his wife, and 3 young daughters are the cutest things ever! I've never had little sisters before, so it's like I finally got them! Ps... I absolutely love the picture of you holding your nametag!!!!!!!! Print it off and send it to me. :) Who took the sunset pictures? Way to put the Karate Kid to shame... :)

Monday, July 14, 2014

ERIN'S EXCITING NEWS!!!!! 7.14.2014

I've just been cleared to return to full-time missionary service!!!! I report directly to the field on July 29th. And, I'm having another farewell talk on July 27th at 80 South 280 East Orem at 2:00. Come if you can!!!!! ‪#‎ilovethelord‬ ‪#‎atlantahereicome‬

HaPpY 20th BiRtHdAy ERIN AND BROOKE 7.08.2014

Brooke 7.14.2014

(10 fingers in a downpour... the last crazy thing I did as a teenager was I got a tattoo!!!...Elder Roberts/Russo's bday gift to me...Bowling for my bday! bday gift to myself...Sister Messer's bday gift to me...emergency room until 4am...Sister Messer sick in the emergency...Service for my Birthday) Hiya Familia!!!! I'm 20. I'm old. I'm about to go down to my grave. Do you realize, I'm halfway to 40 now????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For my birthday, we went bowling with Elders Swapp, Hansen, Russo, and Roberts the day before on Pday. Sister Messer took me shopping and had me pick out a couple things that she bought me. On my actual birthday, President and Sister Griffin called and sang me happy birthday early in the morning, then, we went to the VA nursing hope and sang to all the veterans in the hospice wing. After that, we went and served food to homeless people. All the homeless people (about 150) sang me happy birthday!! They got really into it too. Then, President and Sister Mathson (stake presidency) took us out to Olive garden. Then, we went and did service for a less-active member. I cleaned dishes for 3 hours. They fed us about 2 months ago, and I was cleaning the dishes we had used when they fed us. GROSS! It poured rain so bad all day long. There were flood warning all over too. Then, we went and taught the Hopson family. They are so fun! My birthday party canceled, so we just went out and taught people like normal. I wore a party hat all day long. It was so fun! The next day, we went to the ER for Sister Messer. She was sooooo sick. We didn't get home until 4 in the morning. I was wired. All the nurses must have thought I was on crack or something because I was sooo hyper. We went and got Taco Bell at 4 in the morning because I was starving after spending 6 hours in the ER. We got it on our way home. It was super fun. :):):) Then, we had Zone Training meeting on Friday, and I gave a training! I trained on How to Begin Teaching, and I related it to sunglasses. I used 9 pairs of sunglasses for my training. The missionaries thought I was nuts! It was so great. That was the first time I got to meet the Griffins and their girls. :):) We met with Aaliyah Kirkland this week and she set a solid date for August 23!!! She's so excited for her baptism!!! Also, Bree is still planning on being baptized on August 2! I'M SO STOKED! I love you more than my obsession to sunglasses!!!! Mom: Wow!!! That birthday week sounds like so much fun!!!!!!!!!! For sure, next year we better party it up to make up for missing my big 20. It's so cute that you were thinking of me on my birthday. :) It makes me happy. Did you get a ton of good pics of the big day? Erin sent me a bunch, but I would love to see more if there are any. Love you Mama!...We don't know... the docs could never figure it out... She couldn't keep any food in her, she was shaking super bad, she had 0 energy, and she had extreme abdominal pains. She couldn't hardly stand up. It lasted for 5 days. I've started to feel sick lately, and I'm worried it might be the same thing. Yikes. We got home at 4:06am (because we got Taco Bell... I was wasting away...) and we slept in until almost 10:30am. I didn't fall asleep until after 7 though. I was weird knowing that I was awake for more than 24 hours straight! I'm still trying to catch up on sleep during lunch hours... Dad: No worries, Dad, you'll be able to fix that problem before your deadline. I know you will. Don't worry about losing time in the evenings.... you have all of eternity. :):) You are so thoughtful. It was really weird celebrating my birthday without Erin or family. It felt kind of like just another day. WICKED!? I'm sooo jealous! I hope they have it there next year! I would love to see it! You chose those tickets perfectly for Erin. She loves musicals and especially Wicked. She always listens to the music, so it was the perfect gift. The car is coming along! Even slow progress is still progress. LOVE YOU! Michael: That's ok for wishing me happy birthday a week late. I still get people wishing me a happy birthday here, so one week won't make that much of a difference. Try to send the honeymoon pics again. I really want to see them. I love seeing more pics from your reception. They all make me smile. They make me wish I was there too, but that doesn't last for long. :) My mission is my priority right now. :) Love ya! Kevin: Make sure to take pics when you go to Montana! Also, did you take pics of you and Erin going down Provo River???? I want to see! I love you!!!!!!! Jen: Dace wished me a happy birthday! He's going to make the best big brother ever! I love you! Erin: Wow, you sent me your main email 5 times... I was really confused and read them all to see if they were different. Take it easy on the send button next time. Hahaha! It's so cute that Dace said Happy birthday to me! It makes me sooo happy! I'm so glad Corrie made you breakfast! What concert did you go see? It sounds crazy! I got beer dumped on me, so I know how you feel about that. Some people were just driving by and dumped beer on me. I smelled horrible. Wicket sounds incredible!! I hope I get to see it someday! Did you take pics of going down the Provo River?? I'm soooooooooooooooo glad you went to the Irion's homecoming! I really wish I could have gone, but I'm glad you got to go in my place! The Roner's love you! They are so lucky that they know you! HAHAHAHAHA.... Elder Ary!!! He was my Zone Leader when I was in Asheville. We only served together for 1 transfer before he was transferred. A couple transfers later, he was made AP, so I saw him every now and then. We talked on the phone a few times when we got a date, or our numbers were great, but other than that, I didn't see him much. I know he's really funny and from LA, California I think. No, I haven't written him since he went home... I think he gave me his email though. I'm not going to answer your question about me liking him...I'm still a missionary. :) You're going back to Georgia?!?!?! YAYAYAYAYAYAYA! I'm so happy for you and I hope it works out that way!

Erin 7.14.2014

Pictures: riding the alpine slides, the view from Park City, My half of 20... where's yours?????, selfie on a roller coaster (missing my partner in crime), Jon Jon is way buff, Going to see Wicked!!!!!, WICKED TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Meeting the Irion's for the first time, Dace Face loves goggles, The Irion's plus another identical twin (they were introducing me to everyone they knew. Haha. They must really love you), The Roner's!!, The ZL......... who is he? How well do you know him? Have you written him since he came home? Do you like him? He obviously likes you..... HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROOKELYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How does it feel to be 20? Need a walker? Need some hair dye? I do!!! I feel so old and wrinkly. Haha. I hate being 20, just because I don't feel like it. :) This week was crazy busy with very fun fun fun things: Monday... I emailed my favorite missionary (YOU) Tuesday... I celebrated our birthday by going to Park City and riding the Alpine Slides with Mom, Kevin, Jennifer, and Dace Face. Dace kept saying, "Happy birthday Brooke! I love you!" It was adorable!!!!!! I recorded it, but I don't know how to send a video through an email, so I guess you'll just have to hear him say it in person. haha. He keeps telling everyone happy birthday because he had so much fun on our birthday that he wants to do stuff like that over and over again. :) Wednesday.... Corrie and her siblings made me a birthday breakfast where Corrie dropped the match that she was gonna light my French toast with and it burnt a hole in the table... Haha. I almost died of laughter. Thursday.... I went to a wacky concert with Corrie and one of my old companions. It was quite the adventure. We got beer spilled on us, I got spooned by a girl and we got nearly trampled to death. Let’s just say, one concert is all I'll need to experience in life. We then went and got Wendy's to make up for the insane night. Friday.... DAD TOOK ME TO SEE 'WICKED' ON BROADWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the most incredible thing I've ever seen! I thought I died and went to Heaven. I know how much you like plays, and I strongly suggest you stick with the acting and become a pro actor on Broadway (That way, you can get me tickets whenever you become famous and travel the world). It was a special Daddy-daughter date, just the 2 of us. It was way fun!! We dressed all nice and it felt like we were in the presence of royalty. I have never been more in love with a musical before. It throws the Sound of Music out of the water!!! I wish I could watch it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again!!!! It was so cool too! All the music was live, the orchestra was under the stage and you could see the conductor leading the entire show! It was incredible!!! Saturday... Kevin and I floated down the Provo River on tubes with some of his friends. It was freezing cold so Mom let me wear her wetsuit and I felt legit. It really kept me warm and I was so thankful for it. I got nuzzled by my first leach. It was slimy and disgusting. But it was so fun, we have to go when I get home. Sunday.... I went to the Irion's homecoming!!! When they saw me, they instantly freaked out and showed me off to EVERYONE. I felt like a celebrity. Prez Irion yelled clear across the foyer, ''Honey!! Honey!!! Sister Echols came home!!!!'' Haha. I knew he was joking and he said he knew exactly who I was. They asked how my arm was and how the surgery went. They're so nice!! I was walking into sacrament and I looked up and Elder Russell M. Nelson was sitting up there and he smiled at me, then all of a sudden, I got grabbed by some people. I turned around and it was the Roner's!!! They came clear from Georgia to see the Irions!! Somehow, they knew I died during my surgery so they kept asking about that. They're so sweet! They would not let me go. Haha. They kept talking to me, and I was totally fine with that. I love them! The Irion's gave fantastic talks and Elder Nelson gave a wonderful testimony, he said that all missionaries sent stateside is for a good reason.... that the Lord needed all of the best missionaries right here, to keep the heart of the church strong.... we're the strongest warriors. After sacrament I was walking out when a guy came up to me and shook my hand. Not the typical one handed friendly kind of shake. He took my hand and held it with both of his and looked me straight in the eye. He said, "So, good to see you. Soooo, good!" I replied, "So good to see you too! Um, you must know my twin!" He stepped back and got extremely embarrassed. He's like, "Oh, I'm so sorry! I forgot she mentioned she had a twin! Wait, aren't you supposed to be on a mission?" I explained and the poor guy was so embarrassed from that, he disappeared. Hahaha. He said his name was Alex Airey?? He said he was your zone leader and let me tell you something sweetheart.... that was the most intimate hand shake I've ever had... I approve. Two words... marry him. Isn't that such a fun crazy week?!?!?! I LOVED IT!!! All my papers are in again, so we'll see where I get my call to but I just barely got an email from Prez H and this is what he says, "Thank you wonderful Sister Echols! Great news! We are really looking forward to your return! I now have what I need, to process things. It is my understanding and expectation that you would return to us here, not that you will be called to another mission. Of course, I guess there is maybe something that the Lord has for you, but it is my understanding that you would be returning, not that your call would again be reviewed for a different assignment. I will work on things and let you know. We love you! President" ISN'T THAT AMAZING?!?!?! They're trying everything in their power to get me back!! YAY! HUZZAH!!!! I love you lots Brooke! How was our birthday from your side? Te Amo!!!! Love, Erin P.S. I want details on this Zone leader of yours............