Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, June 30, 2014

Erin 6.30.2014

(Sister Erin Echols with Baby Harding (Mission President's grandchild), -Erin and her Dad being silly, -Georgia Missionary Group:returned missionaries, -Sister Nautu, Sister Echols and Sister Baty, -Elder Steele, Elder Freeman, and the sisters,- Elder Gautavai homecoming) This has been a very relaxing week. The wedding is over and cleaned up. Things put away and the house cleaned up. Scott and Alex went off to Scout camp for the week and so it was just Mom, Kevin and Erin at home. We had a laid back week. DVD Movies, Theater movies, No cooking, sitting outside enjoying the nice weather and a whole lot of talking together. Can we say “NICE”!!! We could use a few more of these weeks in a years’ time, but… back to reality. Erin went to Elder Gautavai’s Missionary Homecoming (AP from her mission), with a bunch of her GAM (Georgia Atlanta Mission) peeps: David Steele, Josh Freeman, Teuila Nautu, Alisa Baty. It was so uplifting and she loved it bunches. It made her really miss the mission and she can’t wait to go back on July 29th. She met a sister there who recently got called to Georgia and she found out that they’ll be flying in together. How crazy is that?! She also got to hang out with President and Sister Harding’s three oldest children and their grandson who she fell so madly in love with. She ate like 10 pounds of delicious Samoan food and came back a very happy girl.  It will be hard sending her back out after spending three months with her. I have to say goodbye all over again. I will be a mess again. Not Fun. She will most likely extend her mission from March 2015 to a return of June 2015. If that is the case, she will not be coming home with Brooke.

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