Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, June 23, 2014

Erin 6.23.2014

(The wedding was a blast!! I'm so proud of my bro!) Ahoy there, Peeps!!! It's me! Erin!! This week.... wow! Can I say "What a relief that it's over?" It was really fun and busy and crazy and hecktic, but all in all, it was fun. It was really cool to be here in Utah for my brother's wedding. I would LOVE to be in Georgia, but while I'm here, I might as well make the best of thing. :D Details on the wedding week which I doubt no one will tell you: 1. I got bit by a spider 2. Between Natha and I, we took about 1500 photos 3. At the temple, I was pulled into a random bride's photo shoot because the photographer thought I was one of the bridesmaids #ultimatephotobomb 4. Dace Face cried when I told him Brooke couldn't come to the wedding 5. Jennifer and I are hilarious when you get us in a room together 6. Some of my friends came to the reception which made my night 7. I didn't fit into my bridesmaid uniform, so I wore a ridiculously adorable dress 8. I got called Brooke at least 100 times 9. I ate a gallon of pickles 10. Dace Face kept kneeling down at the temple and praying 11. Mom gets the hiccups like 3 times daily 12. People from Peachtree City came and visited me 13. I ate a plate of carrots for dinner 14. I think I fell asleep at the actual wedding 15. I'm pretty tan 16. Natha and I were the photographers 17. We're shipping out Brooke's birthday package this week 18. I found I actually like drinking water 19. I didn't eat a single cookie, which was the reception's main attraction 20. I had a sleep over with my favorite aunt in the world 21. Grandma called me a boob 22. I have gotten really sarcastic 23. I painted my toenails cream colored (it makes me look way tan) 24. There were about 13,200 light bulbs lighting up the yard 25. Someone dropped 500 cupcakes and the wedding cake on their faces, so we didn't have their wedding desserts 26. It took weeks to get the yard and decorations ready for the wedding and it took 2 hours to take everything down 27. Morgan caught the garter so he had to dance with a girl 28. Alex and Dad are going on a week long camp out so it's just me, mom, and Kevin... YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! 29. There were about 400 guests at the wedding and they all wanted to stay. They wouldn't go away. 30. I lost Mom's phone and later found it in my bed... Did I sleep with it or something??? Hahaha. What do you think??? Pretty crazy, huh? That's all of the random stuff that I can remember, I'm sure there's way more, but I think a list of 30 things is plenty. Haha.

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