Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, June 30, 2014

Brooke 6.30.2014

(I got glass stuck in my thumb...Elder Russo and Sis Weirich matched, and me and Elder Bean matched!!...True that... we coordinated on accident!...You don't know that power of the dark side.) Hi family!!! So, some sad news... the Irion's are leaving tomorrow and the Griffins are coming in tomorrow. I can't wait to see the Irion's again after the mish and I can't wait to meet the Griffin's either. This week, we worked hard on contacting referrals, we got 9 referrals and contacted 7 of them... but no new investigators. What the?! Oh well, you can't win 'em all. Guess what??? We have been teaching 9 year old Aaliyah Kirkland for months now. Her parents and older sister are all members, less active, but they're starting to come back to church. This week, Aaliyah agreed to a baptismal date!!!! She wants to be baptized on July 26!!!! Can't wait!! She even told us that she wants us to be there!! She is so deathly shy, so we've had to be really creative in lessons to help her come out of her shell. We've done their hair, painted their nails, made cookies, colored/played dress up, had a movie night, ate skittles, and tied them up. They have loved all of our super fun lessons. They are really out of the box, but the girls love it. I'm so excited about Aaliyah! We even called our District Leader and Zone Leaders who sung us the "Commitment Song." It goes like this, "You've got a commitment, shout hooray! Hey!! We want to sing to you today! One more person will enter God's kingdom! Have a happy *clap* baptism!!" Hahahahahahaha!! We get to sing the commitment song a lot because this area's the promised land. No joke. Time is starting to speed up. My first 6 months were crazy slow, but then the next 3 were going by pretty fast. I celebrated my 9 month mark, and then the next thing I know, I'm celebrating my 10 month mark. Now, my 11 month mark is in 2 weeks. CRAZY!! I feel like the rest of my mission is going to fly by as long as I have a good companion. If I get a hard one, you better believe it's gonna crawl by. See you in 8 (almost 7) months!! About the glass in my hand... We were weeding with Elders Roberts and Russo, and all of a sudden, pain shot through my hand. I looked down to see an inch long shard of glass sticking out of my thumb. We went and cleaned it up and put a Band-Aid on it. Then, we went back to work. Next thing I know, there's another piece of glass in my pointer finger. I bled so much! At least I didn't need stitches. My thumb might have needed them, because it kept bleeding through the Band-Aids, but eventually, it stopped. I love you more than southerners love moonshine!! Mom: You got close on my name, Mom. It's Brookie Cookie Okie Dokie Turtle PIGGY Michelle Echols. Well done, though. Wow, you sound like you had a busy wedding week. Thank goodness it's over now and you can relax. I'm so glad you had a super fun week! I'm not gonna lie... reality stinks sometimes. But then, you have something super amazing happen and it's all worth it. The reception pics are gorgeous!!!! I'll ask you, since I won't get details from the groom... where did they go on their honeymoon? I'm guessing Disneyland because of one of the pics. How long were they there for? Are they back already? Did they leave that night? Did anyone take pics of their car? The cookie bar turned out so cute!! You did soo good! Dad: How was your adventure week? What crazy things happened on the campout? Did you do all the cooking? How do you like being back with the scouts/ym? I hope you had fun! Michael: Tell me all about your wedding and stuff. I would like to hear something from you. Kevin: Ya, my comps are single, but I have to find you the right one. Don't worry, I'll keep my eye out. :):) Hahaha, Erin told me you got fried. Wear sunscreen next time. I'm still pasty white, so don't worry about being tanner than me... you already are, and always will be. Why are you having headaches? Summer in TN is HOT!!! It's boiling hot and SUPER humid. As you can see from the pics, I no longer have straight hair. I feel like I'm breathing under water. It's weird. At least it doesn't last forever. Jen: What did you hear from last Tuesday???? I've been wondering about it ALL week! Erin: Will you go shopping with mom and get me some shirts I can wear proselyting? I washed my clothes today, and someone had left a black ink pen in the washer, so now, all my clothes are COVERED in ink. Bad luck. I've gotta throw a lot of it away, but I have to get shirts to replace it first. My sheets are completely covered too, but no one sees those but me. I really need some shirts, and I can't buy any out here. No one wears modest clothes in TN. No, I didn't get your package. I'll get it on Thursday at the earliest because of the way things work here. Prez Irion sent me this... P.S. For any family who may be interested, we will be speaking on July 13th, 11AM, Meadows Ward, 5735 S. Fashion Blvd., Murray, UT 84107 (it is about 300 East) Go to it if you can!!! I want to see a picture of you and President and Sister Irion together!!!! That would be the greatest thing ever. :) Oh my gosh!! Hudson Harding is sooo cute! That's so cool that you've been able to hang out with your GAM peeps! Your story about Elder Gautavai hugging you is hilarious! I bust up. Your hair looks so good! I taught you well... jk. I bet you're tan! You'll be just fine going back out to Georgia. It would be so cool if you and the new sister were put together!!! YAY! I love you, and I can't wait for the next year to go by, so I can hug you!

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