Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, June 16, 2014

Brooke 6.16.2014

(My tuxedo Strawberry I made!!...our AC doesn't work, it's hot even late at night...I got splattered by mud by a 2 year old...We've got big bugs...scary baby head I dug up...) Aloha Family!!! So, we got the transfer call on Saturday and....................... I get to stay in Johnson City with Sister Messer for ANOTHER transferrrrr!!!!!! That will make 3 transfers with the greatest companion ever!!!!!!! That NEVER happens! Usually when comps stay together is because they are training, or getting a third comp. That didn't happen, so it's super unusual. I'm not complaining!!! Everyone was POSITIVE that I was leaving, so people were telling me bye and taking us out to dinner. They'll be shocked when they find out. I'm gonna send out a mass text that says, "Well, the day has come... Sister Echols will be leaving... but not for another 6 weeks. Enjoy!!!" Hahahahahahaha! I got voted as being District Clown. Figures. Looks like I've got my sense of humor back. Huzzah! So, this week, it was pretty average. I celebrated Mom and Natha's birthday/ my 10 month mark/ Elder Parkinson's birthday/ the best transfer call (all on the same day) by going to Chick-fil-A. What a good day. Everyone here thinks the "L" in ECHOLS is silent, so everyone calls me ECHOES. I figured something out though. If you write "ECHOES" in all-caps, just like that.... just knock off the top 2 dashes of the second "E" and it makes "ECHOLS." It works!! Man, I have had so many blonde moments this week. I don't even know where to start. For one example, I forgot what "voice mail" was called, so I described it to my confused companion the best I could and called it, "phone letters." She was so confused until I finally remembered the word. We had a miracle this week! We were talking to our Landlord (his wife is a member and his daughter Jonet was just baptized) and we made him a Father's day card and took it to him at his house. He read it in front of us and his heart is softening!! We could see it on his face! I'm thinking their family will be sealed for time and eternity in August 2015. :):):):) He is going to be baptized in this life, I just know it. I love you more than seals love to bark!!! Dad: Whoa! That homemade swamp cooler is so cool! You're a genius! Also, the rod iron gate looks amazing! Sister Messer was awed when I told her you made it. I'm so glad you liked the card! Hahaha, I really like your comment about us finishing the car. :) Makes me happy. I think it's funny how you say that you are the luckiest person alive, when in reality, the rest of us are, because we have you. No joke. :) I love you dad! Mom: I'm staying in JC with Sister Messer!! I'm soooo happy that you got to spend your birthday with Natha and Father's day with your dad. What a good week! That's CRAZY what happened at the summerfest. Wow. I'm glad no one was hurt any worse. I bet JonJon and Chris missed their Mama! Did Heather come down too? I think it's so great that they came over everyday to see her. Yours and Natha's faces are priceless!!! I bust up when I saw it. I'm so glad you had a great week! Get rested, this Friday is going to be a busy one!!! :) Michael: I got Anna's email, and I just responded. Tell her Sorry for me for not doing it earlier. I'm so happy you got your wedding license! Friday is gonna come so fast! It was weird saying bye to you at home, because I didn't think it would be the last time I would see you single. I guess things happen in the Lord's timetable! Don't be nervous. If she's the right one, there's absolutely nothing to worry about. Kevin: Whoa! You've ridden your bike so many miles! That's my brother! I'm happy you loved the movie so much. It's one you'll all have to watch with me when I get back in 8 months. :) It's really funny that you lost Erin at Smith's. You guys crack me up!! That's such a funny story to me, because it sounds like home. :) I love you Kevin and hope you have a fabulous week being twenty-two-ooooooo! :) Jen: Ok Ok Ok!! I'll wait until the 24th to hound you. I'm so happy for you and Brian! You both are amazing parents, Love ya! Erin: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I absolutely LOVE all the pics you've sent me!!! Especially the "Joker" ones. I got "hushed" in the library when I just saw that one. The Irion's leave July 1st and I don't know where they live. Sister Gloria Irion has Facebook, so look her up on it and ask her if you can meet them. They would LOVE to meet you. I talk about you all the time and they ask about you all the time. They know you better than they know me. It would be sooo great if they got to finally meet you in person. They know you're home and had surgery. RAQUEL'S MARRIED!?!?!?!?! WOOOO HOOOOO! I'm soo happy for her! I'm happy you get to be Michael and Anna's photographer. GEORGIA OR BUST!!!! you'll be back out here before you know it!!! Tell D**** that he better wait for you. :) I love the fact that you're super random, so don't worry about it. :)

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