Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, June 9, 2014

Brooke 6.09.2014

(Matchy matchy! On accident... I want this shirt...Call me "Picasso"...Me and the Irions before they go home...Baby Bananas!) Hola familia! This week, we did a TON of service! We went and sang at a nursing home in the VA, sealed Barbara's driveway (MESSY), repotted plants, and then this week, we're going to be serving refreshments at a prison graduation. BUSY! We met with Matt the Atheist and got him to pray again. :) He's not atheist, no matter what he says. When we were sealing Barbara's driveway, her neighbor came over because she was shocked to see two young girls doing such a dirty job. (I had the brilliant idea to have both of us wear bows in our hair for that purpose) She was amazed that we would do something like that FOR NO PAY. She asked us if we could do her driveway too... yup! NEW INVESTIGATOR! Also this week, we potted plants for a Less-active member. When we got there, she told us what had happened to the elders the day before. Elder Parkinson accidently put his hand through her window while he was trying to open it and he had to get stitches! Hahaha! He would! This week, we had our zone conference and got to meet with President and Sister Irion one last time before they go home. During my interview with them, they were cracking up because I was being a hoot. They said it was refreshing because most the other missionaries before me just cried during their interviews and told them how much they would miss them. Hahaha! Leave it to an Echols to be the comic relief. :) At zone meeting this week, I got to talk to Elder Mumm! He was my zone leader before he became AP. It was cool to ask him what he does as AP and what it's like to be in a trio. (We have 3 AP's... Mumm, Garber, and Bakker). I would LOVE to be in a trio because I think it would be a blast! Elder Mumm told me that they drive a lot, lose a lot of sleep, and run errand for President. They don't get to do much proselyting, but he loves it still. I'm still in Johnson City, but I think I'll be leaving next week. We'll find out this Saturday if I'm leaving or not. I hope I get to stay with Sister Messer! I could finish my mission with her as my comp and be just fine with it. She's the greatest!!! I love you more than the number of mosquito bites I have!!! (good thing I just got bug spray...) Dad: Wooo! I literally just barely got your email. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to respond until next week. Did you go to the 12 steps in support of someone? Or are you teaching it? Café Rio sounds so good! I'm craving Mexican food! Here in the south, they call it Mexican food, but it's just American food with some chili powder on it. I haven't have real Mexican food in almost 10 months!! I can't wait to see the progress on the car and on the yard! Sounds like you've been busy! Tell Shane I said, "You're supposed to leave the injuries to the Echols clan... Get better!!" How are the Garcia's doing? They came to the Luau!! How's Don Pectol too? What are you wearing for the wedding? My dad is such a stud!!! Mom chose well. Mom: I'm at 250 days already?!?! What?! I'm glad you got Alex's diploma back. Wow!! Those pics you took at the Luau are super clear! I hardly recognize Dace Face! He's such a little man now! His hair is so dark and thick! Kevin is so cute! That food makes my stomach growl. Erin is such a ham!!!! I'm sending home a package today, just of stuff from the Mish... I think I'll be transferred next week, and it's some stuff that I don't need while on my mission. You can put it in my room if you want. :) I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! Michael: You're so vague with all your answers. I liked your answer about what you're gonna wear at the wedding because it was detailed. 11 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you super stoked??? You had BETTER take a lot of pictures and send them to me. I expect it. You sound super busy though! Kevin: You wore sandals????? I saw a pic of you running away with a ball at the Luau and you were wearing sandal! YAYAYAYAYA!!!! Good for you! I'm so glad you're used to garments. I was used to the top because I always wore a cami, but the bottoms were an adjustment for me. You're so old!! 22 is ancient! I'm really sad I'm gonna be 20 in a few weeks. I really like being 19. I like to tell people that I'm still a teenager. :( At least I'll be one year closer to being able to legally drink! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! YOU KNOW I'M KIDDING!!!! Erin: I love you too Nugget!! yay! No more stitches! I'll keep you in my prayers so that the doc can tell you YES!!! When you go back out, are they gonna let you extend your mission to make up for the time you lost? Or are you gonna go home as scheduled? Tell Shane I say, "Shane!! You're not supposed to get hurt... I thought you were supposed to leave that to us crazy Echols'... Get better soon! If it would make you feel better, you can always write me. 11320 Station West Dr. Ste. 101 Farragut, TN 37934" Hahaha! That would be so funny! You are amazing at Photoshop!!! My favorite thing you did was the Brazil faces. THAT blew my mind. I think you miss me or something because you keep playing with my face in Photoshop. I love you Spudkins!!!!!!!!!!! More than cows love Chick-fil-A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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