Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, June 30, 2014

Erin 6.30.2014

(Sister Erin Echols with Baby Harding (Mission President's grandchild), -Erin and her Dad being silly, -Georgia Missionary Group:returned missionaries, -Sister Nautu, Sister Echols and Sister Baty, -Elder Steele, Elder Freeman, and the sisters,- Elder Gautavai homecoming) This has been a very relaxing week. The wedding is over and cleaned up. Things put away and the house cleaned up. Scott and Alex went off to Scout camp for the week and so it was just Mom, Kevin and Erin at home. We had a laid back week. DVD Movies, Theater movies, No cooking, sitting outside enjoying the nice weather and a whole lot of talking together. Can we say “NICE”!!! We could use a few more of these weeks in a years’ time, but… back to reality. Erin went to Elder Gautavai’s Missionary Homecoming (AP from her mission), with a bunch of her GAM (Georgia Atlanta Mission) peeps: David Steele, Josh Freeman, Teuila Nautu, Alisa Baty. It was so uplifting and she loved it bunches. It made her really miss the mission and she can’t wait to go back on July 29th. She met a sister there who recently got called to Georgia and she found out that they’ll be flying in together. How crazy is that?! She also got to hang out with President and Sister Harding’s three oldest children and their grandson who she fell so madly in love with. She ate like 10 pounds of delicious Samoan food and came back a very happy girl.  It will be hard sending her back out after spending three months with her. I have to say goodbye all over again. I will be a mess again. Not Fun. She will most likely extend her mission from March 2015 to a return of June 2015. If that is the case, she will not be coming home with Brooke.

Brooke 6.30.2014

(I got glass stuck in my thumb...Elder Russo and Sis Weirich matched, and me and Elder Bean matched!!...True that... we coordinated on accident!...You don't know that power of the dark side.) Hi family!!! So, some sad news... the Irion's are leaving tomorrow and the Griffins are coming in tomorrow. I can't wait to see the Irion's again after the mish and I can't wait to meet the Griffin's either. This week, we worked hard on contacting referrals, we got 9 referrals and contacted 7 of them... but no new investigators. What the?! Oh well, you can't win 'em all. Guess what??? We have been teaching 9 year old Aaliyah Kirkland for months now. Her parents and older sister are all members, less active, but they're starting to come back to church. This week, Aaliyah agreed to a baptismal date!!!! She wants to be baptized on July 26!!!! Can't wait!! She even told us that she wants us to be there!! She is so deathly shy, so we've had to be really creative in lessons to help her come out of her shell. We've done their hair, painted their nails, made cookies, colored/played dress up, had a movie night, ate skittles, and tied them up. They have loved all of our super fun lessons. They are really out of the box, but the girls love it. I'm so excited about Aaliyah! We even called our District Leader and Zone Leaders who sung us the "Commitment Song." It goes like this, "You've got a commitment, shout hooray! Hey!! We want to sing to you today! One more person will enter God's kingdom! Have a happy *clap* baptism!!" Hahahahahahaha!! We get to sing the commitment song a lot because this area's the promised land. No joke. Time is starting to speed up. My first 6 months were crazy slow, but then the next 3 were going by pretty fast. I celebrated my 9 month mark, and then the next thing I know, I'm celebrating my 10 month mark. Now, my 11 month mark is in 2 weeks. CRAZY!! I feel like the rest of my mission is going to fly by as long as I have a good companion. If I get a hard one, you better believe it's gonna crawl by. See you in 8 (almost 7) months!! About the glass in my hand... We were weeding with Elders Roberts and Russo, and all of a sudden, pain shot through my hand. I looked down to see an inch long shard of glass sticking out of my thumb. We went and cleaned it up and put a Band-Aid on it. Then, we went back to work. Next thing I know, there's another piece of glass in my pointer finger. I bled so much! At least I didn't need stitches. My thumb might have needed them, because it kept bleeding through the Band-Aids, but eventually, it stopped. I love you more than southerners love moonshine!! Mom: You got close on my name, Mom. It's Brookie Cookie Okie Dokie Turtle PIGGY Michelle Echols. Well done, though. Wow, you sound like you had a busy wedding week. Thank goodness it's over now and you can relax. I'm so glad you had a super fun week! I'm not gonna lie... reality stinks sometimes. But then, you have something super amazing happen and it's all worth it. The reception pics are gorgeous!!!! I'll ask you, since I won't get details from the groom... where did they go on their honeymoon? I'm guessing Disneyland because of one of the pics. How long were they there for? Are they back already? Did they leave that night? Did anyone take pics of their car? The cookie bar turned out so cute!! You did soo good! Dad: How was your adventure week? What crazy things happened on the campout? Did you do all the cooking? How do you like being back with the scouts/ym? I hope you had fun! Michael: Tell me all about your wedding and stuff. I would like to hear something from you. Kevin: Ya, my comps are single, but I have to find you the right one. Don't worry, I'll keep my eye out. :):) Hahaha, Erin told me you got fried. Wear sunscreen next time. I'm still pasty white, so don't worry about being tanner than me... you already are, and always will be. Why are you having headaches? Summer in TN is HOT!!! It's boiling hot and SUPER humid. As you can see from the pics, I no longer have straight hair. I feel like I'm breathing under water. It's weird. At least it doesn't last forever. Jen: What did you hear from last Tuesday???? I've been wondering about it ALL week! Erin: Will you go shopping with mom and get me some shirts I can wear proselyting? I washed my clothes today, and someone had left a black ink pen in the washer, so now, all my clothes are COVERED in ink. Bad luck. I've gotta throw a lot of it away, but I have to get shirts to replace it first. My sheets are completely covered too, but no one sees those but me. I really need some shirts, and I can't buy any out here. No one wears modest clothes in TN. No, I didn't get your package. I'll get it on Thursday at the earliest because of the way things work here. Prez Irion sent me this... P.S. For any family who may be interested, we will be speaking on July 13th, 11AM, Meadows Ward, 5735 S. Fashion Blvd., Murray, UT 84107 (it is about 300 East) Go to it if you can!!! I want to see a picture of you and President and Sister Irion together!!!! That would be the greatest thing ever. :) Oh my gosh!! Hudson Harding is sooo cute! That's so cool that you've been able to hang out with your GAM peeps! Your story about Elder Gautavai hugging you is hilarious! I bust up. Your hair looks so good! I taught you well... jk. I bet you're tan! You'll be just fine going back out to Georgia. It would be so cool if you and the new sister were put together!!! YAY! I love you, and I can't wait for the next year to go by, so I can hug you!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Erin 6.23.2014

(The wedding was a blast!! I'm so proud of my bro!) Ahoy there, Peeps!!! It's me! Erin!! This week.... wow! Can I say "What a relief that it's over?" It was really fun and busy and crazy and hecktic, but all in all, it was fun. It was really cool to be here in Utah for my brother's wedding. I would LOVE to be in Georgia, but while I'm here, I might as well make the best of thing. :D Details on the wedding week which I doubt no one will tell you: 1. I got bit by a spider 2. Between Natha and I, we took about 1500 photos 3. At the temple, I was pulled into a random bride's photo shoot because the photographer thought I was one of the bridesmaids #ultimatephotobomb 4. Dace Face cried when I told him Brooke couldn't come to the wedding 5. Jennifer and I are hilarious when you get us in a room together 6. Some of my friends came to the reception which made my night 7. I didn't fit into my bridesmaid uniform, so I wore a ridiculously adorable dress 8. I got called Brooke at least 100 times 9. I ate a gallon of pickles 10. Dace Face kept kneeling down at the temple and praying 11. Mom gets the hiccups like 3 times daily 12. People from Peachtree City came and visited me 13. I ate a plate of carrots for dinner 14. I think I fell asleep at the actual wedding 15. I'm pretty tan 16. Natha and I were the photographers 17. We're shipping out Brooke's birthday package this week 18. I found I actually like drinking water 19. I didn't eat a single cookie, which was the reception's main attraction 20. I had a sleep over with my favorite aunt in the world 21. Grandma called me a boob 22. I have gotten really sarcastic 23. I painted my toenails cream colored (it makes me look way tan) 24. There were about 13,200 light bulbs lighting up the yard 25. Someone dropped 500 cupcakes and the wedding cake on their faces, so we didn't have their wedding desserts 26. It took weeks to get the yard and decorations ready for the wedding and it took 2 hours to take everything down 27. Morgan caught the garter so he had to dance with a girl 28. Alex and Dad are going on a week long camp out so it's just me, mom, and Kevin... YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! 29. There were about 400 guests at the wedding and they all wanted to stay. They wouldn't go away. 30. I lost Mom's phone and later found it in my bed... Did I sleep with it or something??? Hahaha. What do you think??? Pretty crazy, huh? That's all of the random stuff that I can remember, I'm sure there's way more, but I think a list of 30 things is plenty. Haha.

Brooke 6.23.2014

(Flat Tire...I changed it like a bosssssss!!!!!!!!.....I got thirsty...My hair is officially curly now...The Harris' attacked our door.... I love my Dad!) Hi family!!! So, big news.... we got a flat tire in the middle of Cherokee National Forest, and I changed it!!!!!!!!!! #boss The whole time, I kept thinking to myself how proud you all would be because I did it while it was sprinkling, in the mud, and wearing a skirt, in the middle of the forest. It was sooo cool! I was super dirty and greasy afterwards, but it went well. We're going to the tire shop today to get a new tire. I don't even know what happened. I just hope I don't have to pay for it because I'm the driver. Oh well... the Lord always provides a way. Remember my shirt that got mud splattered on it from a 2 year old? Well, I washed it and now, it's absolutely covered in mildew. The morning we got the flat tire, I felt like I should wear that shirt, but then I kept thinking to myself that it wasn't nice anymore, but I really felt like I should wear it. So, I did. When we got the flat tire, I knew why I was supposed to wear it... so I could change the tire and not ruin another one of my shirts. Tender Mercy!!!!!!!! Also, did you know that if you catch a fire fly (I call them glowing bugs) and smear it on your arm, that it actually leaves a glowing streak of bug guts?? I did it and it actually works!!!!! I didn't get pics, so I'll do it again. Ready for some more drama?? I found out that ANOTHER member here has a crush on me. That makes 2 just here in Johnson City! EWWWWW!!!! I got a call from Ryan (my recent convert who moved to Chicago) and he told me that he just did baptisms for the dead in the Chicago temple!!!! I almost cried I was so happy. I told him that I have been writing everything down, like when he decided to be baptized, his baptism day, the day he got the priesthood, the day he passed the sacrament, and the day he spoke in sacrament. The next day, he texted me and told me, "Since you write everything down, I thought you should know that I blessed the sacrament for the first time today." I almost cried again. I have never felt so full of love as when I've been on my mission. I see people the way the Lord sees them, and I can't contain what I feel. I have never wanted to give absolutely all of me, until I got set apart. It feels like the Pure Love of Christ. It's a feeling that makes the world go round. As a missionary, I experience everything from heart break, to a fullness of joy. Every sorrow is worth feeling that love just once. I've been so blessed to feel it many times. Even when I saw pictures from Michael's wedding, I wanted so badly to have been there, to be in those pictures... but at the same time, I know I'm where I'm supposed to be. It's so weird. I love you more than how big my muscles are from changing a tire!!!!! P.S. We got a new district leader, and he says HUZZAH all the time!! It made me sooo happy!!! Dad: Have fun at Scout Camp this week! Let me know how it all goes! Also, you looked so handsome in the wedding pictures! Of course the wedding was a hit. You guys put it together. 400 people!? Holy cow!! I can't even count that high without losing interest and going to do something else! Wow! I can't wait to see more pictures! Did you see the picture I sent of the quote I saw about DAD? I loved it so much because I thought of you. No joke, that's the truth. I love you Dad!!! Mom: I have a short list of things that I need/want but I'll send it in a different email. I bet Heather was mad! Hahahaha! That's really funny though. It makes me happy that you thought of me on the wedding day. It makes me feel special. I feel sad because I missed out on all of it, but I'm at peace about it. I thought about you guys all day, every day of the whole week. I even wore a coral colored shirt, and a bright blue skirt because I knew that was their wedding colors. It was a pretty horrible outfit, but I've learned to love ugly clothes, so it fit me well. :) Of course the yard was gorgeous!!! You all did so good! You always give 150% of your effort and it always goes great. Mom, don't worry about me. I'll be fine if I never get another letter or another package. The only thing I need is to know that you love me, and you've showed me that my whole life, so anything else is just an extra bonus. There are always things I want, but I have what I absolutely need... that's the Gospel and my family. I've never felt so blessed. I love you. Michael: I'm so happy you're happy! I've never met Anna, but I know you. You are such a good example to me and I'm so blessed to have grown up with you as my brother, friend, body guard, guinea pig for my jokes, and slave. I love you Michael and I can't wait to see more pics of your wedding day! As for your comment about me finding my Mr. Right, we'll see. I don't think I have that kind of luck, but then again, my plans never go as I plan, so again, we'll see. Did you get my wedding card for you? Kevin: You stud muffin!! Erin sent me a few pics of the wedding and I hope I get a companion who's single so she can marry you. :):) Jen: Hahahaha! Thanks for the pictures! You looked so cute in the wedding pictures! So, I'm REALLY looking forward to the 24th!!!! Erin: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Your list of 30 random things made my week! I was laughing/ rolling my eyes the whole time. What kind of spider bit you? It's SOOOO cute that Dace Face cried when you told him I couldn't come to the wedding!!! AWWW! He remembers me? Fool, I've been going through twin withdrawals for 10 months. You're so rich!!! 300 dollars?? WOW! Bahaha! You rebels!!! hahaha, "Brooke." You and your pickles... I ate some yesterday. :) Who visited you from PTC? I LOVEEEEEEE YOUUUU FOOOOOOOOOLLLL!!!!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Erin 6.16.2014

Erin is getting better each day. She has been such a blessing in my life by being here to help out with all the wedding preparations (tons of yard work)....and I enjoy her JUST being here. She is excited to be able to head back to Georgia around July 9th-10th time frame. She is a fabulous missionary and they need her back there soon. Erin's Grandpa Bodily and Aunt Natha (from Montana) are here for the wedding and she is having the time of her life. She loves her many cousins too.

Brooke 6.16.2014

(My tuxedo Strawberry I made!!...our AC doesn't work, it's hot even late at night...I got splattered by mud by a 2 year old...We've got big bugs...scary baby head I dug up...) Aloha Family!!! So, we got the transfer call on Saturday and....................... I get to stay in Johnson City with Sister Messer for ANOTHER transferrrrr!!!!!! That will make 3 transfers with the greatest companion ever!!!!!!! That NEVER happens! Usually when comps stay together is because they are training, or getting a third comp. That didn't happen, so it's super unusual. I'm not complaining!!! Everyone was POSITIVE that I was leaving, so people were telling me bye and taking us out to dinner. They'll be shocked when they find out. I'm gonna send out a mass text that says, "Well, the day has come... Sister Echols will be leaving... but not for another 6 weeks. Enjoy!!!" Hahahahahahaha! I got voted as being District Clown. Figures. Looks like I've got my sense of humor back. Huzzah! So, this week, it was pretty average. I celebrated Mom and Natha's birthday/ my 10 month mark/ Elder Parkinson's birthday/ the best transfer call (all on the same day) by going to Chick-fil-A. What a good day. Everyone here thinks the "L" in ECHOLS is silent, so everyone calls me ECHOES. I figured something out though. If you write "ECHOES" in all-caps, just like that.... just knock off the top 2 dashes of the second "E" and it makes "ECHOLS." It works!! Man, I have had so many blonde moments this week. I don't even know where to start. For one example, I forgot what "voice mail" was called, so I described it to my confused companion the best I could and called it, "phone letters." She was so confused until I finally remembered the word. We had a miracle this week! We were talking to our Landlord (his wife is a member and his daughter Jonet was just baptized) and we made him a Father's day card and took it to him at his house. He read it in front of us and his heart is softening!! We could see it on his face! I'm thinking their family will be sealed for time and eternity in August 2015. :):):):) He is going to be baptized in this life, I just know it. I love you more than seals love to bark!!! Dad: Whoa! That homemade swamp cooler is so cool! You're a genius! Also, the rod iron gate looks amazing! Sister Messer was awed when I told her you made it. I'm so glad you liked the card! Hahaha, I really like your comment about us finishing the car. :) Makes me happy. I think it's funny how you say that you are the luckiest person alive, when in reality, the rest of us are, because we have you. No joke. :) I love you dad! Mom: I'm staying in JC with Sister Messer!! I'm soooo happy that you got to spend your birthday with Natha and Father's day with your dad. What a good week! That's CRAZY what happened at the summerfest. Wow. I'm glad no one was hurt any worse. I bet JonJon and Chris missed their Mama! Did Heather come down too? I think it's so great that they came over everyday to see her. Yours and Natha's faces are priceless!!! I bust up when I saw it. I'm so glad you had a great week! Get rested, this Friday is going to be a busy one!!! :) Michael: I got Anna's email, and I just responded. Tell her Sorry for me for not doing it earlier. I'm so happy you got your wedding license! Friday is gonna come so fast! It was weird saying bye to you at home, because I didn't think it would be the last time I would see you single. I guess things happen in the Lord's timetable! Don't be nervous. If she's the right one, there's absolutely nothing to worry about. Kevin: Whoa! You've ridden your bike so many miles! That's my brother! I'm happy you loved the movie so much. It's one you'll all have to watch with me when I get back in 8 months. :) It's really funny that you lost Erin at Smith's. You guys crack me up!! That's such a funny story to me, because it sounds like home. :) I love you Kevin and hope you have a fabulous week being twenty-two-ooooooo! :) Jen: Ok Ok Ok!! I'll wait until the 24th to hound you. I'm so happy for you and Brian! You both are amazing parents, Love ya! Erin: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I absolutely LOVE all the pics you've sent me!!! Especially the "Joker" ones. I got "hushed" in the library when I just saw that one. The Irion's leave July 1st and I don't know where they live. Sister Gloria Irion has Facebook, so look her up on it and ask her if you can meet them. They would LOVE to meet you. I talk about you all the time and they ask about you all the time. They know you better than they know me. It would be sooo great if they got to finally meet you in person. They know you're home and had surgery. RAQUEL'S MARRIED!?!?!?!?! WOOOO HOOOOO! I'm soo happy for her! I'm happy you get to be Michael and Anna's photographer. GEORGIA OR BUST!!!! you'll be back out here before you know it!!! Tell D**** that he better wait for you. :) I love the fact that you're super random, so don't worry about it. :)

Monday, June 9, 2014

Erin 6.09.2014

Erin continues to heal. She has the feeling back in her hand and her arm is doing better. She looks forward to being medical released and getting back on her mission. She gets her stitches out on Tuesday and should get the go ahead to go back to Georgia. (If you look close in the can see her stitches. she takes her sling off at home). We had a Luau this week and had lots of fun with family and friends (Erin is behind the camera taking all the photos). Erin has been a great help to me with all these big events happening here at the Echols Home.

Brooke 6.09.2014

(Matchy matchy! On accident... I want this shirt...Call me "Picasso"...Me and the Irions before they go home...Baby Bananas!) Hola familia! This week, we did a TON of service! We went and sang at a nursing home in the VA, sealed Barbara's driveway (MESSY), repotted plants, and then this week, we're going to be serving refreshments at a prison graduation. BUSY! We met with Matt the Atheist and got him to pray again. :) He's not atheist, no matter what he says. When we were sealing Barbara's driveway, her neighbor came over because she was shocked to see two young girls doing such a dirty job. (I had the brilliant idea to have both of us wear bows in our hair for that purpose) She was amazed that we would do something like that FOR NO PAY. She asked us if we could do her driveway too... yup! NEW INVESTIGATOR! Also this week, we potted plants for a Less-active member. When we got there, she told us what had happened to the elders the day before. Elder Parkinson accidently put his hand through her window while he was trying to open it and he had to get stitches! Hahaha! He would! This week, we had our zone conference and got to meet with President and Sister Irion one last time before they go home. During my interview with them, they were cracking up because I was being a hoot. They said it was refreshing because most the other missionaries before me just cried during their interviews and told them how much they would miss them. Hahaha! Leave it to an Echols to be the comic relief. :) At zone meeting this week, I got to talk to Elder Mumm! He was my zone leader before he became AP. It was cool to ask him what he does as AP and what it's like to be in a trio. (We have 3 AP's... Mumm, Garber, and Bakker). I would LOVE to be in a trio because I think it would be a blast! Elder Mumm told me that they drive a lot, lose a lot of sleep, and run errand for President. They don't get to do much proselyting, but he loves it still. I'm still in Johnson City, but I think I'll be leaving next week. We'll find out this Saturday if I'm leaving or not. I hope I get to stay with Sister Messer! I could finish my mission with her as my comp and be just fine with it. She's the greatest!!! I love you more than the number of mosquito bites I have!!! (good thing I just got bug spray...) Dad: Wooo! I literally just barely got your email. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to respond until next week. Did you go to the 12 steps in support of someone? Or are you teaching it? Café Rio sounds so good! I'm craving Mexican food! Here in the south, they call it Mexican food, but it's just American food with some chili powder on it. I haven't have real Mexican food in almost 10 months!! I can't wait to see the progress on the car and on the yard! Sounds like you've been busy! Tell Shane I said, "You're supposed to leave the injuries to the Echols clan... Get better!!" How are the Garcia's doing? They came to the Luau!! How's Don Pectol too? What are you wearing for the wedding? My dad is such a stud!!! Mom chose well. Mom: I'm at 250 days already?!?! What?! I'm glad you got Alex's diploma back. Wow!! Those pics you took at the Luau are super clear! I hardly recognize Dace Face! He's such a little man now! His hair is so dark and thick! Kevin is so cute! That food makes my stomach growl. Erin is such a ham!!!! I'm sending home a package today, just of stuff from the Mish... I think I'll be transferred next week, and it's some stuff that I don't need while on my mission. You can put it in my room if you want. :) I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! Michael: You're so vague with all your answers. I liked your answer about what you're gonna wear at the wedding because it was detailed. 11 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you super stoked??? You had BETTER take a lot of pictures and send them to me. I expect it. You sound super busy though! Kevin: You wore sandals????? I saw a pic of you running away with a ball at the Luau and you were wearing sandal! YAYAYAYAYA!!!! Good for you! I'm so glad you're used to garments. I was used to the top because I always wore a cami, but the bottoms were an adjustment for me. You're so old!! 22 is ancient! I'm really sad I'm gonna be 20 in a few weeks. I really like being 19. I like to tell people that I'm still a teenager. :( At least I'll be one year closer to being able to legally drink! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! YOU KNOW I'M KIDDING!!!! Erin: I love you too Nugget!! yay! No more stitches! I'll keep you in my prayers so that the doc can tell you YES!!! When you go back out, are they gonna let you extend your mission to make up for the time you lost? Or are you gonna go home as scheduled? Tell Shane I say, "Shane!! You're not supposed to get hurt... I thought you were supposed to leave that to us crazy Echols'... Get better soon! If it would make you feel better, you can always write me. 11320 Station West Dr. Ste. 101 Farragut, TN 37934" Hahaha! That would be so funny! You are amazing at Photoshop!!! My favorite thing you did was the Brazil faces. THAT blew my mind. I think you miss me or something because you keep playing with my face in Photoshop. I love you Spudkins!!!!!!!!!!! More than cows love Chick-fil-A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Erin 6.2.2014

Erin had surgery this week to release her Ulnar Nerve in her Elbow. She had almost COADED on the table with the anesthesia but they were able to give her medicine to counter her reaction. Her breathing went clear down to 12 breaths per minute and the fast acting Anesthesiologist pulled her through the crisis and the Doctor proceeded to work on her elbow. She now is in a soft cast and doing well. She had a VERY spiritual dream that she has shared with us and I now KNOW,that she has a GREAT WORK here on Earth to do. What a Special Young Lady that our Heavenly Father has loaned to me.

Brooke 6.2.2014

(Gumbo night!!!...I think he likes me!!...Giraffes(mom note...Brooke does NOT like Giraffes after one sneezed in her face)...A girl can dream...The Horner's moved...Huey got baptized!!) This week was super busy. Huey got baptized!!! He's 9 and he has been passed around by missionaries because we aren't sure exactly what ward he should be in. It was a really neat experience because all 4 sets of his missionaries were able to be at his baptism. Also, we took our investigator, Matt the Atheist, on a team up with us to go see a less-active part-member family. It was an incredible experience! We set up a family mission plan with the Strapp family and Sister Strapp wants to come on team-ups with us! Also, Ed, (the non-member dad) brought his family to church on Sunday! I was talking to Matt afterwards and I found out that he speaks Spanish, so I would say something in Spanish, and he would translate it to English. I was saying random phrases, when all of a sudden, I got a genius idea. I said, "Yo se que hay un profeta viviendo en la tierra hoy." He translated it and said, "I know there is a living prophet on the Earth today." I looked at him and said, "Did you hear how good that sounded coming out of your mouth? That was a testimony." He got the HUGEST smile on his face. He got a kick out of it too, but he also felt the Spirit. He needs to just accept that there is a God who loves him and that he needs to be baptized! Sometimes, I hate agency, because people always use it wrong, but then again, I love it because it's a gift from Heavenly Father and it's how we can progress. I love you more than the number of war chapters there are in the Book of Mormon!!