Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, May 19, 2014

Brooke Email 5.19.2014

(I'm addicted to Dr. Enuf! two of the things we don't really like...Basically, I'm a stripling warrior!...Baptism of Jonet and Ben... baptism of Barbara...9 months baby!!!... :)) iHola Familia! So, this week, one of the AP's came with the Zone leaders to the baptism of Jonet and Ben and when we were eating at the luncheon they had after, the conversation came up about speaking other languages and Sister Messer brought up the fact that I speak some Spanish. The AP was like, "You're gonna be an Hermana." I was like, "No I won't! I don't even have an Hermana nametag..." and he was like, "I can order you an Hermana nametag if that's what you're asking.." AAAAhhh!! It's hard enough to teach the gospel in English! It would be 100 times harder to teach it in Spanish! Hopefully, he'll forget that conversation and not tell President... Yikes, I'll let you know what comes of it. If I do get a message or something from President telling me I'm gonna be an Hermana, that AP better buy me lunch or something.... I like Chick-fil-A. :) Barbara got baptized on Sunday!!!! It was so much fun pushing her around in her wheel chair. Right before her baptism, she told us that Satan was trying really hard to stop her because she was in intense pain and that she didn't think she could do it. We said a quick prayer and then went running for the Elders to give her a blessing. It was amazing witnessing that blessing because her pain completely stopped because of the blessing. She was just shocked. The Priesthood is real and it is from God. What a miracle! She was baptized and her husband got to witness it. Hopefully, his heart was softened and he'll be next. :) Jonet and Ben were baptized the day before. Aren't they so cute?! Hopefully, Jonet's dad's heart was softened and he'll follow her example soon. :) I LOVE THE GOSPEL!!!! For my 9 month birthday (hump day) I went to Chick-fil-A to celebrate. We got a new investigator out of it. Sam, one of the workers, asked us if we were LDS and if he could meet with us to learn more about our church. !!!! YES! He also asked if he could bring a friend who was also interested in learning. We met with them a couple days later. Sam is super open and prepared, but his friend, Henry, isn't so much. He just wanted to argue. What we need to do is get Sam alone and teach him without Henry so he can feel the Spirit and make a choice for himself. I love you more than deep sea creatures love the dark! Mom: That picture of Grandma and Jesus is amazing. I cried. I also love the picture of Lars sitting on Heather's head. I bust up. I'm glad that Grandma's funeral was well attended. Wow, that sounded WAY too proper for me... Let's try that again... Sweet! I'm super stoked that a ton of people showed up! THAT was better. :) I thinks it's awesome that you, Erin, and Natha got to dress Grandma in her temple clothes! What an experience! I'm so glad you are home safe and sound now and can relax. :) Love you! Dad: Elder Roberts, (my new Zone Leader), restores cars too! I've showed him all the pictures of the Spitfire and he was in shock that I knew a little bit of what I was showing him. Last night, at FHE, we played a game where you have a category and you try to say as many words as you can about that category. The category was parts on a car... and I won that round!!!! Everyone was SHOCKED! They didn't think a little white girl knew a few parts on a car! PSYCH! Haha, it was great! Thanks for reading my letter, I hope it did some good. I bawled like a baby as I wrote it. It was embarrassing. It's crazy that Brother Buckwalter is the new patriarch! Is that the same Brother Buckwalter who taught me and Erin our mission Prep class? I don't remember his first name... Kevin: Hahaha, you are too funny. :) I loved the thing you have in parenthesis next to you name.... :) What are your plans for this week, now that things are gonna get back to normal here for a little bit before the wedding?? Michael: There are a few things that I want to do with the fam when I see them again, but that's not what I want to focus on for the next 9 months. Tommy's is definitely on the list. Tell Anna that I'm not mad about her imagining her emailing me. :) I think it's kind of funny actually. You two are so twitterpated. Jen: I hope you and Dace had a fun trip to Montana. It was emotional I bet, but it was probably good. :) Erin: Hey, you'll have to answer my last email to you... I'm still wondering. Have you sent you package yet? If not, can you send me more of this stuff? It works really well and doesn't make me tired. They don't have Shopko out here, so I'll have to get it from home... I love you all more than biscuits love gravy!!!!

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