Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Brooke Email 5.12.2014

(I love how awkward this statue picture is... This almost says my name!... Elder Becker elbowed me in the face, so I beat him at basketball... Sister Messer's haircut with Elders Mumm and Parkinson photobombing...#BetterThanTheLionKing...These are our new investigators for the week...Jamaica Juice...Wanna be Baptized??...Me and Sister Walser) (Hip hip hooray for another transfer together!...Possum bones...My poor hand from a whiteboard, pullup bar, and lightswitch...Us and Ryan before he leaves for Chicago... Our backyard is a forest) Ahoy there Family!! This week was pretty normal. All except for the fact that President called with some not-so-fun news about Grandma Bodily. At least we have knowledge about the Plan of Happiness. :) We'll miss her because we won't see her again in this life, but we can rejoice in the fact that families are forever. This week, Barbara came to church! She's our 72 year old who's been investigating for 20 years and she's getting baptized next week!!! Soooo stoked! The absolute best part of my week was talking to all of you. :) 7 1/2 months is a long time to have to wait for the next phone call. At least we have email. :) Also this week, we went on exchanges again. I'm getting sick of exchanges. They are so much work. Also, I have the best companion on the face of the planet, so I don't want to be away from her even if it's just for 24 hours. I'm always super excited to have her back. Well, crazy day... I am almost at my 9 month mark! In 2 days, I will have been out for exactly 9 months. On May 22, it will be my exact half way mark. Crazy!! Hey guess what?? This week, our gas got syphoned out of our car! We had just filled up and they took 3/4 of our tank. That WOULD happen. Echols' luck. Mom: I'm sorry about Grandma. How are you doing? Are you ok? Was it fun to be able to see Natha? It was sooo good to talk to you yesterday! I loved every minute of it! It's sad that I can't be there to help you feel better. When I get home next year, you're gonna be so sick of me. ;) I love you Mom, and I hope that you still had a good mother's day in the midst of everything that was going on. Dad: I loved seeing you yesterday! I'm so happy that you did great on your talk! Of course you did. :):) What's it like being able to sit in the congregation? How's work going? What other fun things have you been up to besides taking pictures of rattle snakes? I love you! Michael: You and Anna seem to be pretty happy together. Let Anna know that I don't have a message from her. My email shows that the last message sent was from me on April 7th. I don't know what's with my email. It's doing funky things. Kevin: How's Montana...again? It's crazy that you've been there twice in less than 9 months. How do you like the cold up there? Jen: It was so good to see/ talk to you yesterday! Seriously! I can't wait to have more Mary-Kate and Ashley movie nights! Dace can talk! I couldn't really understand most of the things he was saying, but I could tell that he was saying words and he knew what he was saying! It was crazy to hear him say my name! I love that he still says, "Too" for "I love you." Super cute. You have the cutest kid on earth. I love you! Erin: Erin!!! I loved being able to talk to you yesterday! In my email from President today, he just asked about you. He said, "Did you get to talk to your sister? How did your Sister look? Was it fun to see her?" It was so great! I loved being able to hear your voice and hear how much fun you still are! This is part 2 of the email. I just had to make sure I would be able to send it. Last week, we got a new investigator named Nick. He came up to us at the library and started talking to us... Well, he literally just walked up again as we are sitting her emailing. He wants us to come see him. Crazy! He's 70 years old and from the Bronx. :) Whoa. He has a crazy thick New York accent. Cool beans! Also for Mother's day, we got so spend it with the Parkers. Dad got to meet them over Skype. Aren't they the greatest?!?! It was so fun to be able to spend the evening with them. They had their in-laws over who are super Baptist and atheist. But, we were able to share a message and a prayer. It was crazy, the atheist Father-in-law even bowed his head for the prayer! What?? He can't be atheist. For dinner, we had hamburgers, southern potatoes, coleslaw, chips, key lime pie, and pineapple sherbet. Yum! So tell me, what has everyone been up these past few days? I love hearing anything/everything. Oh ya, and Erin... don't forget to send me the Brazilian picture you made and the picture of you and David. Seriously. :) I love you more than all the fried chicken in the south!

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