Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Brooke 5.27.2014

(Abbott crazy companion spit water all over me!!...KEVIN WENT THROUGH THE TEMPLE!!!!!!...) iHola Familia! As you know, yesterday was memorial day, so I'm emailing you today! Transfers isn't until the 18, no baptisms, no new companions. We did have our investigator Nick drop us. And our investigator Sam moved to texas. Other than that... nothing. Quite a boring week. I got the flu and threw up 4 times. I spent an entire day over the toilet because of it. Not the best day of my mission, that's for sure. We had FHE with the Kirkland's and we taught the girls the 10 commandments by doing a scavenger hunt. They loved it. Aaliyah told us she would tell us if she wanted to be baptized this next week. I love you more than strawberries love chocolate!! Dad: Mom has a gun?! Uh oh... look out world. :) I'm so glad the Garcia's are doing better. How did you like going through the temple with Kevin? Wow, it sounds like your past few weeks have been busy trying to get everything in order for Michael and Anna's wedding. I bet you'll be glad when it's over so you can relax and breath. Have you had the chance to do anything else besides projects for the wedding? Anything fun? Mom: Oh man! I'm sorry that you miss your mom. I miss her too. At least we know we'll see her again. We should go to Montana when I get home. Yup! Sister Messer is a great friend! We always joke that me, Sister Walser (one of my favorite people EVER) and Erin are going to road trip to California for her wedding. :) Kevin: SLDKFJS:DLFKJSD:LKFJS:DLFKJSD:FLKJEOIJCKevin: SLDKFJS:DLFKJSD:LKFJS:DLFKJSD:FLKJEOIJCMichael: Don't be nervous for the wedding. Just know that it's an eternal commitment. That means SIEMPRE... ALWAYS. Don't stress don't stress don't stress. :) You are really bad at writing. I'm not putting you down, I'm just agreeing with you. :) haha. I'm writing you a few lines, so that means that I expect at least that many lines in response. Now, you have a system to go by. Haha! Jen: I'm so glad that you got to go see Grandma! How has your week been? Any crazy fun stories? My hair is now crazy curly, like yours. Thanks! Jeez! :) Just kidding. Erin: I totally read your email first because of your subject line! I was thinking it was SUPER important or something. Hahahahah! You got me! I'm going to fast tomorrow for your surgery. I hope you have fun at Michael and Anna's wedding. Just remember... #noshame... and you'll be just fine. :) I've learned that. I have had "Erin Withdrawels" my whole mission. Seriously. I can't wait to see you again!Oh my gosh!!!

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