Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, April 7, 2014

Brooke News 4.7.2014

((We made Guatamalen food at a member's house!... Sister Messer and I wearing aprons at a members home (PICTURES NOT INCLUDED IN THIS POST) … I'm not sure what this is, but he sure was cute! until he pooped on me #IHateAnimals:)…we taught a lesson in a bar!...Spring time) I'm Going to Marry David Archuleta‏ Olo Family! Hey, did you like my subject for this email?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! This week was CONFERENCE!! I loved it! We just watched it at the church with the other missionaries in our district... sad day because NO ONE had investigators come. At least we had a recent convert come, and one of our investigators watched it from home. About halfway through Elder David A. Bednar's talk, we got a text from that investigator... she knows it's true!!! SO STOKED! This week, we met with an Atheist named Matt. He's 21 ish and does NOT believe in God. But, we got him to pray!!!! During our discussion, we kept asking him what he believes and why he believes that way. After the lesson, we told him that we always close with prayer and we asked him if he would say it. He said, "No because it would just be words." We told him, "To you maybe, but not to us. To us, it's still a prayer." We then taught him how to pray and he did it!!!! He said such a good prayer!! He HAD to have felt the Spirit. Sister Messer and I just got in the car and started to scream we were so happy!!! I have never been so bold before. I love Sister Messer because she makes me want to be a better missionary. I have never enjoyed missionary work so much, as when I've been with Sister Messer. :):):):) It was a great week!! I love you more than doughnuts love sprinkles! Mom: Baha! Thanks for the pictures. I really am going to marry David Archuleta... he just doesn't know it yet. :) We're famous!!! We were in-between conference session!!! I got the package! I absolutely LOVED the clothes in it! You have such good taste! I have worn something from it every day so far. :):) Dad: I did get to watch conference. We even went to a less-active's house and watched the Priesthood session. I have never watched it before! It was awesome!! If any woman ever thinks about complaining about not having the priesthood, she should go watch Elder Oaks' talk. I was looking for you, but I didn't see you. I just got Dad's email, so I'm going to reply to it like I do everyone else's. Dad: Haha! I love how that bird is on your nerves. You are a genius! Of course you invented something so complex. I'm proud to be your daughter... If only I got some of your smarts. :):) I'm so happy that I got to fast for Erin too. I hope she heals up. I love my Companion! She's awesome! It's been fun to try and think of things that can help people... most of the time, it just bugs me because I can't come up with stuff super quick, but when I think of something... it's really fun. Love ya Papi! Michael: HAHA! I was so confused when I got the package with your Spanish stuff. I was thinking I got the wrong thing sent to me. I love it though! I could read almost all of your Spanish testimony without using the translation. There were just a few words that I didn't know. Thanks for it! I even love how the dictionary has your name written in it. I like seeing some hand written stuff because I forget what our family's handwriting looks like. :) Of course you took her to The Brothers place. I bet she loved it! Kevin: Who did you go with? Are you brown now? Send me a picture of your battle wound above your eye. Also, send me pics of you doing stuff in Zion. I WANT TO SEE! :) Jen: Your boys are so cute! I hardly recognize Dace anymore... he is growing up so fast! What a cutie! Don't put these on the blog!!!! (SORRY PEOPLE...I GET TO SEE THE PICTURES BUT YOU DON'T AT BROOKE'S REQUEST) We were making guatamalan food at a member's house and I went to grab an apron. I beheld this beauty and just had to wear it. Sister Messer and I just had to take pictures in it. I have a new tradition that I wear it every time I go over there. :):):) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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