Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, April 28, 2014

Brooke Email 4.28 2014

(I hate dogs but I love this picture!...better than a pot o' gold!...I think I perfected my creeper face...this picture is our first SPLIT...this tomb stone is right next to our house!) Hiya familia!!!! This week was crazy!! We had so many appointments that we had to go on splits to cover them all. I went with a lady named Mandy Taylor in our ward while Sister Messer went with Sydney. It was crazy to not be with my companion. It was nice to see her again a few hours later. I learned how to pick locks this week!!! I'm really good at it too. On splits, we saw a less-active couple and the man was not having a very good day. He had literally lost his job that day, and they found out they're losing their house. I went in and just talked to him about things he's done and he mentioned that he used to be a locksmith. I asked him if he knew how to pick locks... and he said yes. I was like, "YOU HAVE TO TEACH ME!!! I've always wanted to learn that!" So, he brought out his stuff and we went to a lock and he was showing me how to do it. He was like, "It is pretty tricky..." and I asked him if I could try. He said sure and I poked around a little bit and it popped open! It was super easy!! He didn't think I could do it again so he relocked it and I did it for the second time! I'm super good at picking locks apparently! Hidden talents! Who knew? :):) It made his day as I sat there and he told me how a lock works and how the different tools do different things. It reminded me A LOT of when I would work on the car with dad and he would explain all the different tools to me and what they were used for. I told him that he should meet my dad. :) It was so great. This week, we met with Barbara (our 72 year old who's been taking the lessons for 20 years) and had another great lesson with her. She didn't come to church yesterday, so we have to postpone her baptism, but that's ok. I'm confident that she'll be baptized soon. It was a crazy week because I kept thinking about Erin. I was like, she's probably watching movies right now, or she probably slept in this morning. It was weird. It was like my brain was in two places at once. Don't worry, I'm not trunky. Just FYI. This past Saturday, we had our day of service and I can't tell you how many Frat boys hit on me and Sister Messer. Seriously! Our elders got a kick out of watching them do it while we tried to talk to them about the gospel. Oh well. At least they got a good laugh about it. :) I love you more than sharks like baby seals! Mom: Thank you so much for the pictures! I loved them! Oh my gosh! I can't believe Dace was shy at first! I would have thought he would have known us from the start. Sad day. Oh well, at least he has his favorite auntie back! Dad: Thanks for the news on how everything is going. Believe it or not, missionaries like that kind of thing. :) So is Erin for sure going back out on her mission then? Of course you rocked your lesson for the High Priest group! That's my dad!! Is Jose in ARP? I'm ssooooooo happy that Kevin is doing great! And Michael too! Even though neither of them give me much news on how they are doing. I always knew Erin had a heart of gold. :) She gets that from her parents with hearts of gold. Next time I see you, you'll probably be bald! HAHAHAHAHA! I've still got it! Michael: How is work going? What are you and Anna working on for your wedding now? Do you still like to cook? Do you plan on going to our home ward then when you get married? Kevin: Write me! You can't be THAT busy. I want to know what you're up to and everything fun/funny you are doing. Give me some news! Who have you been hanging out with? What new hobbies/skills have you gotten since I left? What have you done this week? Jen: How was taking Dace Face to see Erin at the airport? Did you know he would be shy? Is he fully potty-trained yet? I hope you had a great week! Erin: Thanks for the pics! Of course you got a new investigator at the airport! You're just that good of a missionary. You don't need a nametag to be a missionary. Seriously. I think it's really funny that you cried so much during your talk that they had to wipe off the podium with a towel. :) So funny. Can you ask Mom about my gray skirt I sent home to get fixed? I'm getting sick of black. We go into a TON of gross houses, so I try to not wear my super cute ones when I know I'm going over there. That means I wear my same heavy duty skirts to wear into those places.

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