Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, April 14, 2014

Brooke Email 4.14.2014

(I broke the wall pulling out the plug...Happy 8 months!!!...You can't read it, but Elder Parkinson swapped my nametag for his without me noticing...this is Elder Parkinson and yes, he's brown compared to albino me... Jesus is my BFF! #OnlyInTheSouth) Hey Familia!!!! This week, I got to do some service!! YAYAYAYAYAYA!!! I never knew how much I missed yard work until I had to wear a dress anymore. It was Brenden Abbott's Eagle Scout Project (he's 13!!!!!!) and we kind of refurbished a historic site. It's called Tipton Haynes State Historic Site. It's awesome! I was so ready to get tan! But, when we got there, they wanted us to paint the bathrooms, so we were inside the whole time. We finally were able to leave, so we went and Sister Abbott made me the photographer. She handed me a SUPER nice camera and put me to work. I took pics of everyone working and it was awesome! I got a tiny bit of sun, so I'm officially not classified as Albino anymore. :) Hooray! We have another service coming up. It's our ward's Day of Service and we signed up to work in the flower beds, so hopefully I'll get a little more sun. Michael and Anna are so cute together!!!!!! This week, we had an Easter BBQ for our ward, and it was really fun! We had no investigators come, but the other missionaries did, so that's good. This week, we met with Sydney and she was all upset about having to live Mormon rules, but me and Sister Messer straightened her out and made her realize that it's a blessing to be able to live them. :) It was so great! I love Sydney! She's so funny! My abs are so ripped! I have my 6 pack back! Hooray for pull up bars! This morning, I took an allergy pill for the first time since being a missionary, and I'm so tired! I totally fell asleep praying during studies this morning! HAHA! Hey, it was bound to happen sometime. I love you more than bees love honey! Mom: Will you let me know as soon as Erin gets home? Write me an email or something with pictures of you all. Thanks for sending me pics of Michael and Anna! I get more news about them from you than I do from them. Hey, was I born when that pic of your siblings was taken? You all look Super Cute! I love telling people that my mom is a twin too, and now I have pictures to show them. :) Dad: I hope you had a great week. It must have been super busy. Michael: I saw some of your engagement pics! Mom sent them to me. You are such a stud! And Anna is drop dead gorgeous! P.S. You really should write me. Kevin: I'm so stoked for you to go through the Temple! You'll love it! Please please please take pictures outside the temple after you go through... and send them to me! I love you! I'm so proud of you! How was your week? Anything fun/crazy happen? Jen: Miss you too! Did Erin say she was going to marry David Archuleta too? HAHAHA! Just admit it, we have good taste. :)

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