Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, March 24, 2014

Erin News 3.24.2014

Erin didn't send blog news because of needing to talk to Me (Mom). She had a three hour meeting/interview with her Mission President. They are probably needing to send her home to have doctors take care of her arm. She has been to Medical Doctors, Physical Therapy, Pain Clinic and taking tons of medication. Nothing is helping with the pain. Don't be surprised if she shows up here in Orem soon. I Got the Blog News: Dear Mom, I love it when you count down.... it shows me that I'm not actually stranded in a timeless world of work, sweat, and a whole lot of humidity. It shows me that time is passing. It's very sad that that person's house blew up... to be honest, I kind of laughed until you said that it was an old lady in a wheel chair and I could see her wheel chair in the pictures. Hey, I may be a missionary, but I'm not a saint!!!!! Those pictures of Dace Face are adorable, he's definitely born to be a model! Just look at the ways he's posing! He seriously has gotten so big! How much does he weigh now? 22 pounds instead of 20? :) This week I found out something I've wondered my whole life! I'm ADHD! I was analyzed my the whole southern states missions psychologist! I passed the test by 80%. I didn't know that that was a positive thing. How do you feel knowing that you have a mentally insane daughter? lol. That's ok... at least I still have my looks. :) I was amazed when the doc told me the results and I was kind of in denial, but I've come to accept it (because now I have a reason for all my looniness). When I came back to the apartment and told Sister Aldous the news, she said that it didn't shock her. HAHA! Only a true friend would ever tell me that. Also, I've become REALLY good friends with some of the laurels in the ward like Jessica, Mikayla, and Chastity. I don't feel like I'm 3 years older than them, I feel like we're the same age. haha. It's kind of like I feel like us and Heather are the same age too. Sorry if I sound super random, you know how my brain works. Speaking of Brian, how is he and Jennifer? I never hear from either of them ever. You'd think that they'd notice we're gone remember that their litter sisters are on the other side of the country serving the lord.... :/ Well, I love you all more than tree's love photosynthesis!

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