Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, March 3, 2014

Erin Email 3.3.2014

(The Roner's (served with Brooke),Masks and a sleepover with Sisters Joseph and Thornock, Sister Echols and Libres, A summer lunch, Sister Andersen and Echols, More Masks with a sleepover) Dearest familia, This week was great! I got to meet the Roner's and they know Brooke. We could have talked for hours about Brooke and I would have been just fine with that. They were amazed at how much Brooke and I are alike. They're like, "Yep, they're definitely twins!" Haha. They're great! We've been teaching the Solorio familia and they're incredible. They're planning on getting baptized on the 15th. And I really think this one is going to work out. People in the ward keep telling me how their daughters idolize me. They will tell me how sad they’ll be when I get transferred. I'll definitely have to come back and visit. Did you get my letter I sent last week? The weather here has been more bipolar than Utah's weather. One day, it'll be 80 degrees and sunny and then a few hours later, it drops 40 degrees and it pours rain. We got interviewed by president last week and he didn't have time for me, so he interviewed me over the phone. He told me that I am one of the strongest missionaries he's ever known. He said that if any other missionary had broken their arm and had this kind of consistent pain for even a month, they would have been disobedient to the rules or and gone home. I've had this for 5 months and it blows his mind. When I go to PT tomorrow, that'll be my 50th visit there. WOW. I'm going to the Emory Pain clinic on Wednesday and they’ll try to figure out something to do with me. This week, a plane crashed and killed some people in our ward. The funeral was the best one I've ever been to. It was very powerful. Our bishop is a bomb. He's incredible; I can see him becoming the next prophet. Also, the Atlanta stake president was called to be a general authority. It's pretty awesome. Thank you everyone for writing me and emailing me, I swear, that is the only way I'll get through this. But hey! I have less than a year to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUZZAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you all more than fat loves to cry (sweat)!!!!!!!!!!!! (Erin and Mom Conversation) Erin: How are you Mom? Who is getting married that you are going to do a reception for them? Mom: I am good. Same old. But....loving spring in the air. Dad’s friend at work, his daughter is getting married. Dad told them about my business. Erin: I wish I could be there to help out. I absolutely love staying up late in a church and getting spicy burritos. Mom: We made some good memories didn't we. Some things are just made more fun by the things we do. Those are good times. Erin: Ya, those are really good times. God knew that we couldn't be sisters because that would have driven Grandma Bodily crazy, so he made us mom and daughters. Even better. Mom: That is Right....we will forever be best friends. Erin: LOVE SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I really wish I could enjoy the spring air and spend some time relaxing in the sun. Missionary work is literally 24/7. How is it with dad not being bishop? Mom: He is hanging around the house a LOT more. He is bored out of his mind. Need to find something to do besides restoring the car. Erin: Maybe, when I get home, I'll work to save a bunch of money and blow it on the coasts of Australia. :D That'd be something for him to do. Haha, and you'll have to come too. Mom: Sounds like a Great Plan to me. But maybe Disneyland is more obtainable when you get back???? Erin: YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could live there! I honestly am terrified to finish my mission. Then I'll have to be a real adult. I'll have to get a job, go to college, tell people I'm engaged so I don't have to go on dates, and act my age. Wow, Mom, I'm not ready. I must have a brain condition or something because my brain is not getting any older. Mom: don't have to be an adult until at least 6 months after you get home. You don't have to be ready yet. I will still take care of you. Erin: Do you think something's wrong with me? I told my mission president how it says in my patriarchal blessing that "in due time" I'll want to find an eternal spouse, and I told him that I just can't get married.... Alex and everything. He understands and told me that all my blessings aren't going to be fulfilled in this life, I could even get married in the next life. Phew! I hope that's the case, so he'll be perfect. Haha Mom: I don't think anything is wrong with you. You are who You are. Erin!!!!, Yes the next life will be more fun. You are going to find Mr. right sometime. When you are ready. Erin: Well, my computer is going to kick me off, but I'll talk to you to the end. If it turns off... I love you more than mermaids love to swim! Thank you for supporting me and for loving me for who I am. Mom, you are my best friend. You and Brooke are the people who have stuck with me through everything. I love you soooo much. Mom: I love you too sweet baby girl.

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