Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, March 31, 2014

Erin Email 3.31.2014

(Always a Goofball and looks like she has a partner in Crime...Jessica Michelle, Atlanta Temple with Companions, Sister Ellis and I, Mikayla (ward member) and Me at Physical Therapy, This is our fish bowl, last night with Sister Aldous who is being transferred, us at the temple, ATL temple). Dearest Mom, This week was a great week. I've still had to sleep in until 9 each day because the meds don't let me wake up, so it's actually kind of nice sleeping in for once. I never knew how much I'd miss it. haha. We had really cool meeting up in ATL with all the stake presidents, the Atlanta missionary leadership council (us), Pres. and Sis Harding, and Elder Parker of the seventy. This was the first meeting in history where they included the mission council in this meeting. It was really weird missing church for it. I never thought that I would miss a Sunday on my mission. Haha. And President told me that the whole mission was fasting for me. And all the stake presidents and my PTC ward and my ward back home and my family and a few general authorities too. It was really cool. Even those in the meeting who didn't know me, were praying for me. Lets just say, that I felt incredibly loved. President had to put together a PowerPoint slide in the meeting and he didn't have enough time so he called on me and sis Ellis to improvise for a few minutes so he could have time. We did what we were asked and it went sooooo incredibly smooth. Elder parker of the 70 said that we worked like a well oiled machine. It was soooo cool. After the meeting, they kept saying that if sisters were AP's I would be one of them. Haha. It was so cool that everyone was fasting for me. I hope I get to stay here, but if not, I hope I can accept God's will and be able to come back. I'm honestly sooooo scared about this. Since I missed church and transfers were last week, the whole ward thought that I had been transferred and everyone was in tears when I showed up for the last part of it. they had all thought that I was gone and they were devastated. I got soooo many hugs that day because everyone was fasting for me and they were also so happy that I hadn't gone. Haha. I really felt loved. This week we had the cool opportunity. And we got to find a family by miracle. We found them on Friday, they came to the women's broadcast on Saturday, and they came to church on Sunday and they want to be baptized! Holy smokes! I'll keep you updated on them. I LOVE YOU ALL MORE THAN SOUTHERNERS LOVE FRIED CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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