Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, March 10, 2014

Erin Email 3.10.2014

(At the Pain clinic, Solorio familia, Sister Andersen and I, Sister Ellis and me, Sister Bryant,Orem High buds,BEST TRIO EVA) Dearesest family. This week I got to go to the pain clinic in Atlanta and they are trying some different medications and I hope it works. I'm a little loopy and crazy, I can't walk straight and I ran into a tree yesterday. I also ran into cars and people. It’s a good thing that the mission won't let me drive anymore. haha. We got to have a special meeting with all the missionaries in our mission in the north mission with elder Quentin l Cook. I kept my eye out for Elder Messick but I didn’t see him. Elder Cook was very inspired and he is a good speaker too. He left an apostolic blessing which is like him laying his hands on our heads individually and giving us each a blessing. We had a stake conference with him to the next day. We got the Solorio family to come and also Cardell came at the very end. He's been investigating the church for 14 years. We thought this would’ve helped him to get baptized, but he missed the whole thing. I thought all hope was lost until Elder Cook asked for a meeting with him. Cardell went and he had an interview with an apostle. Cardell came out a few minutes later flabbergasted and we're having a lesson with him today. I'm excited. The Solorio family is being baptized this Saturday and they have asked for Bishop Corbridge to baptize them. It'll be so special. ON Sunday, we ran out of gas and couldn't break the Sabbath to buy some more, so we called Brother Leavitt and he sent Evan his son to save us. I'm glad that we had somebody break the Sabbath for us. Haha. #lifeofamissionary. We ate lunch with the Lakes (a missionary senior couple) and they took us to Waffle house for waffles. As we were leaving, Sister Ellis spilled her water all over Sister Lake and it drenched her. hahahahaha, it was ice water too. It nearly filled up her purse. Sister Ellis felt so bad and I couldn't stop laughing. Sister Lake then said, I’ve already been baptized. That one threw me over the cliff. I bust up laughing and I couldn’t breathe it was so funny. It’s now an inside joke between all of us. Well, I love you all, more than dragons love to breathe fire! HAHA.

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