Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, March 24, 2014

Brooke News 3.24.2014

HI FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, no pictures this computer won't recognize my camera. :( At least you'll see all of my pics in 11 months!!!!!! :):):) This week, we got the dreaded call that sister Hatch is leaving. :( I've been with her for less than one transfer (because I got snowed in in North Carolina for 3 days). Sad day. I hope I have a cool comp this next transfer. Elder Rayburn is being transferred too. Other than that, our district isn't being moved around too much. I haven't had ANY time to write letters!! I really miss it. It's not that I just am lazy... we literally are out and about EVERY PDAY doing things. I try to write a little bit every week, but we're only allowed to write on Pday, so that limits my writing ability A LOT. I had a super weird experience this week. Ryan was given anti-Mormon stuff and he was really frustrated/confused about it. I told him that I figured out why the scriptures talk about vineyards a lot. I told him that we were part of the Lord's vineyard. And I said, "Ryan, if you want to go looking for dirt, you're going to find it... but you're missing the fruit that's right in front of you." His, sister Hatch's and our member's jaws just dropped. I was so BOLD!!!!! BOOM BABY!!!!!!!! He said that it made sense and he could see that he was choosing to be blind and ignore the fruit of the gospel. BOOYA! Erin would be proud. We went and got haircuts with Elders Mumm and Parkinson today... we didn't get haircuts... just them. The lady who cut their hair is VERY flirty and they wanted us to come as a precaution. :):):) Call me Agent Echols. (That's Dad's title.) It was great. She didn't expect us to come, so she was disappointed that she didn't get alone time with the elders. hehehe...#sinisterlaugh. It was great though. Their hair looked like GQ status. It looked good. We had church on Sunday (obviously) and Cailey came!! She's living with one of our Less-active members and she dragged him a long. He came up to me after Sacrament and said, "Sister Echols, I've got some homework for you... I couldn't hear a word during that meeting because I felt so strongly that I had to talk to you... you can help me. I need you to help me figure out what's wrong. I only have one concern about the church. I think the Bible was written by men... and that a lot of people are being led astray by it. I felt impressed that you could help me figure it out." !!!!!!!!!!! He told me to find what I could and the next time I came over with my new comp, we would talk. WHO JUST TELLS YOU STRAIGHT OUT THEIR CONCERN!?!?! That doesn't happen in missionary life! It did on Sunday! I love you more than bread loves carbs!!!! Dad: I know how you hate wind. Sorry this is short!, I'm out of time! Mom: Thanks so much for the updates!! You're the best! Michael: I LOVED THE PICS!! Send more!~! Kevin: my answers... 1. (Do you think fish get thirsty?)No, because they drink water all day long 2. (Do you think Adam and Eve have Bellybuttons?)Yes????? I have NO clue!! That's a great question! 3. (What is your favorite candy?)I love sourpatch watermelons... delish! 4. (What is your favorite fruit?)Strawberries....yum! 5. (What was your favorite class?) I loved Seminary, P.E. and Biology. my questions... 1. What is your favorite quote? 2. If you had to choose between summer heat or rain, what would you choose? 3. If you could live anywhere with everyone you love, where would you go? 4. Who is your favorite Book of Mormon person? 5. Explain your fat Australian dream. Jen: The pictures of Dace Face are super cute! He makes the most adorable leprechaun ever!!!!!!! You did well. :)

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