Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, March 17, 2014

Brooke News 3.17.2014

(Service with a smile!...Me and Sister Hatch with 3 recent converts(Sydney, Poppy, and Bella)...I thought I hit a cat, guess again...I'm not sure how to explain this one) Hi Familia! How goes it fools??? JK. This week was swell. (Erin will appreciate that I used "swell" in a sentence.) I went on an exchange to Kingsport with Sister Camie Manwill from California. She's 26 and a pro-volleyball player. She's 6'1"!!! Talk about making me feel like a midget. We met with Sydney and Ryan together this week. Our bishop was in the building and we told them to go talk to him about what they need to do to go to the temple. Next thing we know, he pulls them in one by one and Sydney came out with a Temple Recommend and Ryan is preparing to receive the priesthood next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What just happened?!? ndzf;lj BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! This just happened!!! I was sitting at this computer in one of those office rolling chairs, when all of a sudden, my chair dropped to the lowest height. I literally felt like I was falling, so I just yelled in the middle of the library. AWKWARD. It was like I got a "kick" from the movie Inception. Craziness!! That WOULD happen to me. :):):):) This week, we were on a team up with Sydney and we were speeding. I felt like I should tell her to slow down, but then I decided not to because I hate backseat drivers. All of a sudden, an undercover cop is behind us and WOOP WOOPs us. So, we pull over, and he walks up to the car and asks "How old is everyone in the car?" We tell him, 22, 20 and 19. He asks again how old I am(he didn't believe me!) so we tell him. He asks us all for our ID. He takes all of them and goes back to his car. He ran checks on our ID! I think he thought they were kidnapping me or something. He came back 10 minutes later and I watched in awe as Sydney talked her way out of getting a ticket. She was so smooth with her words. She was going 50 in a 30 mph zone. I was shocked that she was able to weasel her way out of it. Nuts! We had stake conference this weekend! It was great! Elder Zwick from the seventy came to speak to us. He is awesome! I love general authorities because they radiate the Spirit. He shook Ryan's hand and it was great. We sat down and I told Ryan "I've always heard that when a General Authority shakes your hand and looks into your eyes, that he's measuring your light." He asked what that meant, but the meeting started, so I told him that we would talk afterwards. When Elder Zwick was speaking, he said, "and to our new member Ryan... Ryan, you have the light. I can see it in you." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the??? I literally just told Ryan about Light and then so did Elder Zwick. Everyone sitting around me just turned to stare at me. Crazy! I love you more than Cops love Doughnuts! Mom: Thanks for the baby pics!!! We were so cute! and Fat!! I miss Spring Cleaning! I never thought I would say that, but I really do! It sounds like you and Kevin made Headway on the yard. I'm stoked/sad for Michael and Anna's wedding. I'm stoked because Michael deserves the best, and I'm sad that I'm missing it. Oh well, what's a little sacrifice for the Lord? Dad: I'm stoked for your letter! I got your last one a couple days ago! I also got a card from mom and 2 letters from erin in one day! Our mail moves a little slow here in Tennessee. I can't wait to hear what you learned about the dead sea scrolls! I'm stoked! Michael: PICUTRES OF MONTANA/ YOU AND ANNA! You say you don't like to type things out, so you can send me pictures of your adventures. GENIUS! If you move up to Montana, you have to promise to let me stay with you sometimes. Kevin: My answers... 1) The funniest moment in me life... I can't pick one... I'm just a funny person. JK. I would have to say the time I got my Wisdom teeth out and flirted with you and Michael!!! 2) I would make WORLD PEACE a law. :) 3) Satan, Lucifer, and the Devil. I would want to kick him in the face...if he had one. HAHAHA 5) I want to receive Eternal life. I also want to figure out what my future will be. I have no clue yet. 6) I would invite John Wayne for Dad, William Shakespeare, and the Brother of Jared. 7) I remember Grandpa Messick. I also remember Jen's 11th birthday party. 8) I would want to go see the world... save a life...and be Christ-like. AND meet Gerard Butler. 9) Food. Nuff said. 10) Pirates... duh. They are the coolest dudes EVA! Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann. :):):):):) My questions... 1) What is your favorite drink? 2) If you could create a world, what would it look like? 3) If you were a fish, what would you look like? 4) If you could help any continent, what would it be? 5) What is your biggest dream? 6) If you went to the prophet and asked him one question, what would it be? 7) If you were given the chance to trade places with one person for a day, who would you choose? Jen: I found a future wife for Dace!! Her name is Rylie. :) SUPER CUTE! She has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I'll try to get a pic of her. She's a few months older than him, but it would be great!

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