Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, March 3, 2014

Brooke Email 3.3.2014

(Me and Sister Weirich(sister eckman's last comp!)... da district!...We are the the Elders are the muses... an enchanted castle, Sisters Echols and Hatch) Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey familia!! This week was really average. We went to the Abbott's house last night for YSA and for the CES fireside! Ryan came to it! Ryan's baptism is this Saturday!!! Last night at the Abbott's, he asked Brother Abbott if he would baptize him, so they practiced the DUNK!!!! It was great to see! I was jumping around... I'M SO EXCITED! We also went and visited the elder's investigator who is also getting baptized this Saturday... we're having a double baptism. Her name is Shannon and we went and talked to her about her baptism and how she felt about it. She's stoked and is super excited to get the gift of the Holy Ghost. It's so weird being in the same area with other missionaries because I'm so used to being alone in an entire county. Ryan was invited to have dinner with his anti-Mormon friend tonight and he asked us if we could meet with him afterwards. He trusts us so much that he wants to keep us updated on everything that happens. He's not going to let anything keep him away from what he knows is right... awesome, right? He's the greatest! Last P-day, we went with our whole district to see an abandoned castle! We took some pretty fun pictures. All of the pictures I sent with this email are from it. It was awesome! I love having more sisters in our district. We have 3 sets of sisters and only 2 sets of elders! It's the BEST! How has everyone is Orem been? Is it warm there yet? I'm tired of the wet and cold... I want some dry heat. It's just a matter of time until humid summer is here! Hooray! I can't wait! I love you more than Mom loved Harrison Ford!!!!!!! #ilovehowerinstilluseshashtags #snap #ijusthashtaggedabouthashtagging #thug Dad: I can't wait to get your letter in the mail! What do you do now that you're not bishop anymore? Are you bored out of your mind? I know that you always have to stay busy or else you get antsy, so what do you do? :) Mom: Beryl looks like fun! You should keep a list of movies that I need to see when I get back... :) Haha. How did the wedding turn out? Pics? Less than a year 'til our joyous reunion! Woop woop! Kevin: 1) Quest? I don't know what that means, but it reminds me of when we used to play "Gauntlet" on the computer... 2) My favorite color is Gold (because it sparkles!) 3) I would be able to breath under water! 4) I like it when the sun is sitting on the mountain as it sets because everything is turned an orangey color. 5) I want to get married in the Salt Lake City temple, hopefully in the millennium to a stripling warrior! 6) I would want to be a Kangaroo so I could kick mean people and then get away with it. 7) I would want to rule France (because that's where the Phantom of the Opera takes place) or Spain (so I could take a siesta everyday!) 8) I like most kinds of music... not screamo and I'm not a huge fan of most rap. Abba, Journey, David Archuleta, Maroon 5, the Carpenters, the Jackson 5, you get the point. 9) I really like Pirates of the Caribbean and Phantom of the Opera 10) a week, because Elders are crazy! But, they get to wear pants... dilemma Your questions are... 1) Would you rather eat raw meat or eat a raw egg? 2) the sun is setting and the power is out and all your books caught on fire, what would you do for fun? 3) If you had to choose one kind of animal to go extinct, what would you choose? 4) Would you rather a shark came and bit off the leg of your wife, but she lived... or kill a stranger? 5) What is your biggest fear? 6) If you had to pick one day of the week that's your favorite, what would it be? 7) If you were a superhero, what would your 2 colors be? 8) If you were a villain, what would your name be? 9) If you had to eat a whole animal from Africa, what would it be? 10) What is your dream Halloween costume? Michael: Yup, call me Arnold... :) When I get back, I'm going to sit down with you and Anna and get the whole story. You say it's easier in person, but by the time I get back, you'll have forgotten details, so I'm going to get your side of the story and then the real story from Anna. hahahahah! JK! Here's a question... If I told Anna to punch you for me, would she do it? :):):) Where does Anna live? What is she studying in school? Jen: Did you and Dace have fun setting up the wedding with the fam? How did your sleep-over go? Is Dace potty-trained yet?

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