Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, March 10, 2014

Brooke Email 3.10.2014

(Ryan's baptism with Brother Abbott, Ryan and the Abbott Family) I LOVE BAPTISMS!!! I don't remember if I told you... last week, my district leader asked me to give a training on addictions at our next district meeting. I did it and our zone leaders liked it so well, that they called me on Friday after our district meeting and asked me to give another training in our zone conference on Wednesday! !!!! I'm so nervous!! My last training was so random, so I've decided to make this one random too. I'm going to liken referrals to shoes. I'll let you know how it goes! Ryan and Shannon (the elders' investigator) both got baptized on Saturday!! When we got to the church to set up, our zone leaders told us that President and Sister Irion were on their way! CRAZY! Sister Hatch and I did a musical number (EVERY BODY CRIED DURING IT!!!) and we taught the Restoration. Ryan wanted to do something nice for us, so he brought us energy drinks. HAHAHAHAHA! He's so funny! I LOVE SISTER HATCH! She's so great. I can just be weird with her and she still loves me. My 7 month birthday is this week!! When I reach 9 months, I'll be considered 'old.' We had a major lightening and thunder storm. It was so crazy that the house started shaking!! I thought we were going to die. Not really, but you get my drift.Oh my gosh! I almost forgot!!! I love you more than trees love their buds!!!!!!!!!! Dad: I haven't got your letter yet, but it's the thought that counts! How is church sitting in the audience? Weird? The wedding turned out GORGEOUS!! Everyone did really well! I really like that poem! (southerners call it a POIM... like OINK) I've realized how much I don't like excuses. I get really annoyed when people start listing off reasons of why they didn't do this or that. It's frustrating sometimes. Oh well, life as a missionary. Mom: You and Dad did so well on the wedding! Aren't you loving this spring weather?!?! Thanks for the pictures and news. I really love it. 1000 bucks? WOW. You make me feel POOR. ahah. Jen is SOOOO allergic to cats. Poor thing. I miss setting up for weddings. and eating hot burritos at four in the morning. It's just a matter of 342 days apparently. Then, we'll be able to do it again. Michael: Keiji's a zone leader!?!? He's the best! Keep me updated on more news, because as a returned missionary, you know how much missionaries love news and details and anything. Kevin: I love the smell of rain and also cut grass. I love it when the sun is warm on your skin. I don't like it when people make excuses for why they don't come to church. I still love movies, music, and crazy family members. I have a hard time waking up in the mornings. Sometimes, I wink at babies to make them smile. Whenever we go to the store, I always smell the candles. Jen: Thank you thank you thank you for the pics!! I loved them! All except your swollen eye one. It's crazy how allergic you are to cats. Are you doing better now? You looked miserable in the picture. :( You should find that cat's social security number and Brooke Da Boss will take care of it. hahah. Dace is such a ham!

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