Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, February 17, 2014

Erin Email 1.17.2014

(The crew at lunch, Papi Clarke made me an omelet this morning... how nice,RODRIGUEZ FAMILY BAPTISM,blackout during the ice storm. I look like the joker, Saying goodbye to Sis Hixon who was transferred out of Peachtree City, Gerorgian cardinal) Yay! Another PDAY! this week was really good and we got to witness our Rodriguez familia be baptized. It was the coolest thing finding and teaching them in Spanish. It was even more amazing to watch them grow closer to god. Miracles! Wow! Families! Everybody here makes fun of my accent... I no longer have a Utahan accent, I have an "Echols" accent. Nobody can mimic me because I talk so funny. It's nowhere near a southern accent. People are constantly asking me where I'm from because I talk weird. I have to explain to them that I am American. Then, they act like I'm retarded and start talking to me like I'm five. It's pretty hilarious once you get past the fact that people think you're an idiot. It makes for some really good laughs especially if you go along with it an actually act like you're retarded. The whole perspective changes and you get some weird looks. When I showed up to church on Sunday, I had a militia mob me and tell me how glad they were that I didn't get transferred. The whole ward would have been devastated if I left. I've had people left and right tell me that I'm their favorite missionary they've ever met by far. They all want to feed me and have me in their home. Bro Leavitt really misses me. You can tell, because he came up to me and punched me in the arm. I sure miss him too. It's really weird having him in the Bishopric instead of the WML. We had a cool opportunity... a ginormous ice storm that forced us to stay inside for a couple of hours. I slept the whole time because I'm lacking on that. After I woke up, my comp made us bundle up and go out. It was pure miserable. People weren't talking to us and it was bloody cold. She wouldn't listen to me and take my advice to stay indoors. Well, we got stranded out side and she ended up getting sick... hehe... sinister laugh... #ShouldHaveListened. I did feel bad for her but I hope she learned a lesson from it. Everyone here keeps trying to introduce me to family and friends and trying to set me up for marriage. Somehow, everybody knows my first name and they're always sticking it with other's last names... Like: Erin Jenkinson, Erin Vandersloot, Erin Laws, Erin Hansen... etc.! It's crazy! I guess I should just become a girl polygamist and marry everybody, that way... everyone who wants me to be related to them can be! I can be a part of the whole ward! Haha Well, I love you more than Hamburgers love to make people fat! Love always, Erin the Stupendous

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