Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, February 10, 2014

Brooke Email 2.10.2014

(Me and Sis P, Diego, John's baptism!, the Greene Family, check out my new injury on my eye, This gun was almost as tall as I am. This is right before I got hit in the face with Firewood.John's baptism) I got on to email this morning, but we got a call saying that the church was broken into last night and that we were the last ones there, so we're in trouble. !!!! That WOULD happen on my last Pday here! We just spent an hour with the police having them interview us 10 times and write out statements. They were super protective of us since we look so young, so they told us that if we ever feel scared, just call the dispatch number and they'll have a cop sit outside or take us where we need to go. Awwwwwww. There were probably 10 cops there. President Van's office window was shattered and also the donation closet window was shattered. Crazy! Did I ever tell you that I hate drama? John Vanhoy (12) was baptized yesterday! President Van baptized him. :) Temple was crying because she was so proud of him. Cute. I found out that I'm leaving on Wednesday... the only problem is that we're supposed to get 14 inches of snow, so we'll probably be snowed in and won't be able to go anywhere for a week. I'm going through Pearce withdrawals... we haven't seen them in a few days and I miss them. I really hope I get to see them before I leave, but I don't know if we'll be able to. :( Sad. This week, I got hit in the face with Firewood! We went to an investigator's house and were talking to his grandparents. He's in his 20's and was obviously trying to show off. He grabs a log and an ax and starts to chop some firewood... in the middle of the living room! One chunk flew off and hit me in the face! That would happen to me. I'm going to be unrecognizable the next time you see me! We're supposed to play Volleyball with the Elders today, but I don't know if that will happen because the weather is super bad. This is my favorite "Mormon Joke"..... Why do Mormon women stop having kids at 35??? Because 36 is just way too many!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Brooke Humor! I love you more than Rednecks love Nascar!!!!!!!!!!! Mom: I'm so happy that you enjoyed Montana! I wish I could have taken a week off and gone with you. I miss talking to you too. :( More than you know. Thanks for keeping me updated on the countdown! You did so well on the crafts! They look awesome! Dad: Wow, that DOES sound like a busy week! I hope Kinzie is doing better! How are the Garcia's doing? What other fun activities have you been part of recently? Kevin: Hahahaha! It's funny that Heather cried when you touched her hair... did she know it was from me? 1) If you had a man-crush on someone, who would it be? 2) Would you rather be completely bald, or VERY hairy? 3) If you could live in any Disney movie, what would it be and why? 4) Which Disney Princess is your favorite? 5) What Disney Prince are you most like? 6) If you had to run a holiday, which one would you choose? 7) If you had to make a school mascot, what would you pick? 8) Are you more like Nacho Libre, or Napoleon Dynamite? LOVE YA! You should ask me random questions too! Michael: Your weeks sound kind of boring, honestly. Do you try to do anymore park our stuff where you land on your face?? ahahah. How tall is Anna? How soft is her hair? Is her hair layered? I like random details. :) Jen: I hope your enjoying your assistants! I really can't wait to have another High School Musical night with you! I also love showing people your picture because I'm so proud to be related to a supermodel! :):):) ahahahah.

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