Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, January 6, 2014

Erin Email 1/6/2014

HI family! This week has been good. I got a new companion and it's Sister Whitney Ellis from Orem High. She's great and is teaching me a lot. We stay pretty busy here. Our top investigator, Brandon, dropped off the face of the planet, so we go tracting all day long to find other investigators. I got to teach 2 people in Spanish. I never knew how much Spanish I knew. I shocked myself. But I got to give them a Book of Mormon and now, they're taking the lessons from the Spanish Elders. I cut Sister Aldous' hair and it turned out pretty good. She doesn't know this, but that was the first time I ever cut hair. I got to paint the faces of some kids in my ward. I did a butter fly and an angel. The angel didn't quite turn out to what I hoped it could have been. But now, I'm the ward's favorite missionary. I get people coming up to me constantly telling me so. I'm glad the ward likes me, it makes the work seem a bit easier. So, have you seen any good movies lately? As mission council, we got to watch EPHRAIM'S RESCUE. Excellent movie. I was so happy when President said we were going to watch a movie. My heart leaped for joy because I've been longing to watch something. All the kids in my ward love me. All the boys have crushes on me and are constantly giving me hugs. But you can't resist a hug from a 4 year old. It’s super cute. All the girls told me that they want to be like me when they grow up. It shocked me to realize that people think of me as an adult now. NOOOOOOO! I wish I could stay a kid forever. All the adults in the ward really like me and my personality. They said that I'm the one missionary that they'll never forget. It feels pretty good to know that they like me. I love you more than a fat kid loves his doughnuts. Sis Ellis and Me
Last day of our trio
I cut sis Aldous' hair. Should I tell her this is my first TIME?
The Johnsons gave us matching PJs
Peachtree City District at the Clarkes
Hardest EVER....Saying good bye to Burckle

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