Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, January 27, 2014

Erin email 1.27.2014

Which one is Me? Take a guess!, Jason's Baptism Picture. Dear Familia, This week was amazing. We got 21 people on date to be baptized and there are many of them who are golden investigators. There are 3 families and we're super excited. We saw one of our investigators and ran up to him and started talking with him. He had a few friends with him who were over the top drunk. The drunkest of them all would not stop flirting with me. He was trying to make a move, and I decided it was time to go. So we left and it was so awkward. I would say, Mark that one off my bucket list, but I NEVER want that to happen again. It was terrible. We also walked past a drugged up guy and the guy stopped his car and got out with the car still on and all his valuables on the seat. I kindly turned off his car and locked it for him. I hope he's ok. Drugs are a really big problem here and I hope the people get better. It makes them physically and mentally sick. I got offered drugs once and I hope you all know that I would never ever accept. Instead, I offered something else in return... his salvation. He's is now trying to quit the drugs and work toward baptism. Isn't missionary work so cool? I'm emailing an anesthesiologist who is helping me get my future started. I'm excited. I still yearn to be an anesthesiologist so bad. It's my dream. I'm so happy that Michael's dream is coming true and that he can have a family of his own. He'll make a really good dad. I don't know if he'll make a good husband for Anna (only because I haven't met her yet), but I know he'll make a good dad because he always took care of his little sisters. Kevin is going to make one heck of a professional ping pong player. He's got good thumb eye coordination, so I think he'd be good a ping pong. Well, I have to go.... til' next week! "Talking" Emailing with Mom: Erin: This week was crazy, it was kind of rough even though we saw tons of miracles. Sis W does not like me at all and she makes it very known. Yikes. (Mom-Most likely she doesn't like anyone. That is who she is. Remember her in High School. Just keep smiling and make her wonder what you are up too!!!!) Erin: I am good at being sneaky. She kind of verbally attacks me whenever she gets the chance. I'm going to the pain clinic sometime this week. They're going to give me a call and set up an appointment. Wow, this has been a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong process. (Mom-She is destructive in character. Too bad for her. Don't let her run you down. Stand up to her as she will run you to the ground if she can. I Believe in Standing up to her in self-defense. Just find a way to do it. Have the spirit to guide you or get advice from Heavenly Father....and Shannon. How is she by the way??? I haven't talked to her in a while. Let her know how the appointment goes so she can text me. Ask her too.) Erin: Shannon is doing really good. I haven't seen much of her because my comp loathes going to member's houses. We did see her last night though and we couldn't stop laughing. I think she knows I'm struggling with this comp too. It's hard to get any advice from her because Sis W literally does not let me out of her sight. I can never talk to her. I guess that's why I love Pdays so much because I get to talk to my mom. You have the best advice anyone has to offer. (Mom: She is just a Bum Head!!! LOL. It won't belong before you are done training with her and she gets transferred to go on training someone else. 383 days left now until the end of your mission. Each day is a different number. You are almost at 6 months down. YaHoooo. As long as you are seeing doctors there, Physical therapy and Pain Management, you will not be transferred from there. I wonder how long you can drag it on for???? Another Year? HeHe.) Erin: Haha, wouldn't that be awesome? I hear that PTC is the hardest area. But it's my favorite. President said that the area isn't what makes it the Garden of Eden for the mission, it's the missionaries. Awwww, that made me feel so good when he said that. I hope I could finish out my mission here, that would be so cool. I have all my doctors here and in another city. My PT is in PTC, but the pain clinic is in Atlanta. So I don't know where I could go. I travel a lot. The days here are getting kind of repetitive. I hope that when this happens, the days will fly past. I'm so glad I'm almost a third way done. I got a letter from Brooke this week. We can't "talk" back and forth anymore, but we can still write. HAHA! Loop hole! (Mom-Do you feel like you are trained enough to do the work with someone else now??? or do you still need more training?) Erin: No, I don't feel trained at all. I still feel like a noob. I just hope that I'm kind of in the swing of things to help time go faster. All my doctor appointments and PT's are definitely helping with the time whizzing by. (Mom- Well at least you have those to go to. It will give a change to the schedule. What are you doing today for Pday?) Erin: We don't get Pdays as STL's. :'( We have a huge Specialized Sisters Training for the whole mission that president asked us to do. So, we have to plan for that. sad day. (Mom- Well that STINKS!!! everyone needs their pday to relax and enjoy. Oh well, can't change it, go with it. Make it a good training meeting. Be you. People love you even if you get the stink bugs for companions. Smile. It looks good on you. I can't wait to see it again on Mothers Day.) Erin: Ya, I'll bet you do miss my chubby round face. It shocks me every time I see my self in the mirror. Haha. I can't wait to see you. I hope you still recognize me when I get to see you next. My hair is gotten so long and I'm thinking about cutting it. But, then I think about the summer is coming, so I'll want to pull it up into a pony tail or something. It's mixed feelings about my hair. (Mom- Ya it will be easier to braid it or pull it into a ponytail. I would keep it long. I love it short, but that is a lot of work to blow dry it and with all the humidity coming, it will be sticking out all over the place. I love your round face. HeHe. No it really looks the same to me. I could just kiss it.) Erin: No, you wouldn't want to kiss it. I'm dirty all the time. The other day, I had a cockroach sleeping on my forehead. I think I scared it more than it scared me. It was disgusting. I think I'm just so hot that I attract creatures of all sorts. I slept with my balloon, Franky (a balloon with a face drawn on it), and in the morning, all of his face (sharpie) had rubbed off onto my face. I was literally two faced. Haha. It took forever to scrub off the marker off my face. (Mom- That is FUNNY. I guess you shouldn't sleep with Franky anymore!!! You don't want to be two faced. Well if you had to scrub that much, you are clean for me to kiss it.) Erin: Ya, in the morning, he looked like a mess. So I ended his misery and popped him with a pencil. It was heartbreaking. I'm sending you a letter this week. Is that ok? And, I unfortunately can't send pictures this week. Well, I have to go. I hope I can get on another computer. If not I love you more than Hostess loves Twinkies. (Mom-I love you more than an Oreo loves his Milk. Bye, Bye. Love you) Erin: I"M BACK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Mom- I was holding my breath that you would be back. Why can't you send pictures?) Erin: Unfortunately, I didn't take any... I know... Sinner. I left my camera in the car when all the excitement was happening and anytime I tried to take a picture, my comp wouldn't let me. So, I'll take pictures in secret. I just won't be in any of them. I do have this one though... ahha. which one's me? (Mom- Oh you make me laugh. Have Sister Aldous take pictures of you and then you can send them to me. Secret is GOOD!!!!!) Erin: I will cry my eyes out the day Sister Aldous and I get separated. At least I know, that we'll be good friends for life. I'm excited for the day I come back to visit... as a tourist... instead of a missionary. Is that so bad of me?: (Mom- She has been a God send to you. You will always be friends for ever and ever. At least she lives close enough to go visit after you return. You have to look forward to something. So a tourist it shall be. And of course our reunion in the airport.) Erin: Ya, the airport is what I'm most excited for. I dream that I'll run in slow motion with pump-me-up music playing. I'll hug you and we'll swing in circles. Well, I officially have to go. I love you tons mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Mom- I love you too Sweetie! XXXOOO)

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