Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, January 13, 2014

Erin email 1.13.2014

Dear family, this week has been good. I was on exchanges with a sister who broke down into tears and I asked how I could help and she told me that the best way I helped her was to listen. Good thing I'm so shy and quiet. I'm good for something. Listening. I was out tracting with my companion and we were in a rough part of town (which is where all our best investigators and a guy pulled a gun on us. It was scary but not at the same time. Good thing I know self defense. He didn't hurt us. It was kind of cool afterwards. And it seems that I have a gift for handling life-threatening situations with poise and calmness and exactness. I really do turn into Sherlock Holmes because everything happens in slow motion. We met 3 people and put them on date the day we met them. They're all getting baptized (or preparing) to be baptized in February. It's crazy how ready people are here. I also know that God will protect me, so I'm not worried about being shot around here. I am not afraid of it at all. It was scary and fun. I am the ward's favorite missionary. It's fun. They all trust me and their kids either have crushes on me or they want to be just like me. I'll be sad the day I get transferred. I love you all! And I love this warm weather! I love you more than there are cords in a computer!
Typical Echols
I met up with Elder Austin Hollingsworth from Emergency Essentials. Small world

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