Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, January 27, 2014

Brooke Email 1.27.2014

My old-fogie glasses.My newest spider bite.yes...I got licked in the face by and English Mastiff. Familia!!!!!! Not too much news this week... How is everyone??? This week, Martha committed to be baptized! She is even going to talk to her daughter Caitlyn about the same thing! I'm pretty stoked. Well, I got a card from Mom and a letter from Dad on Saturday that was from January 3rd! That's 3 weeks ago. Crazy! I've decided I'm going to do something fun for my 6 month mission birthday! It's on Valentine's day. I haven't decided what I'm going to do, but it should be interesting. Maybe I'll buy myself some flowers! ;) We got snow this past week... BRRRR. It's supposed to snow again tonight, but I hope it doesn't. There's a rumor going around here in the Brevard Branch that both Sis P and I are being transferred and that they are bringing Elders in. The branch is going crazy over it! It's probably not true, but there's always a possibility. Everyone wants to feed us before I get transferred! We have had the meal calender filled up for over a month! SO MUCH FOOD. We found another family this week! On Sis P's first day here, we had an appointment with an investigator, but we got the house number wrong. The guy who answered the door told us that his wife was going to have a baby soon and that now was not a good time. We went back on Saturday, and his wife remembered us! She was like, "You came here when I was pregnant. We were talking about you a few days ago. I asked him if he still had your number because I wanted to call you to see if you could come over and teach us about your church." !!!!!!!!!!!!!! She had a few friends over while we were there and she told them that we were missionaries from our church and that they wanted to learn more and that they were planning on going to church with us! AWESOME!!!!! I love you more than Stars love their Twinkle!!!!!!!!!!! Mom: Your daily routine sounds great! I kinda miss being able to just relax and know that I don't have to be anywhere. Not as a missionary. You got a treadmill?!? I didn't know that! Where do you keep it? Anna sounds absolutely amazing! Michael is one lucky guy. I'm pretty excited for spring too, because that means that I'm that much closer to Mother's day when I can speak to you again. How is the wedding planning going? I for sure miss doing that with you. I will really miss helping with the decorating and all that fun stuff. Please do take LOTS of pictures! Dad: I hope you had a good week, Dad! Work does sound pretty stressful. I hope it gets better this next week. If I was home, I'd take you to a movie. :) I'm so excited for the Spitfire! So, on a scale from 1 to 10 (one being sad about being released as Bishop, and 10 being so excited) what would you say you are at? Michael: Ok, so you can't go into her bedroom... so what does her hair smell like? ;) What is your favorite date that you've gone on with her so far? Were you nervous popping the question? What's your future family like? DETAILS! I'm dying over here in North Carolina waiting for some details that I can think about for the next 13 months. :):):):) Kevin: If you could go spend 3 weeks anywhere in the world, where would you go? I hope you're able to find a job that you like. If I could work right now, it would either be at Disneyland, or in the Disney store in the mall. :) Hahahaha! P.S. can you write me more than 4 sentences? ;) What is your favorite kind of juice? Jen: How are you doing? I hope all is well! If you get a chance, you should look up pictures of the Biltmore! That's where I'm going today with the Elders in my district! :):):) Can't wait!

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