Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, January 20, 2014

Brooke email 1.20.2014

Breana, Michelle, Austin, Granny, Matthew, David, and Me
this outhouse has a smiley face and a Dish on it! Us and Austin
This week was so great! Austin was baptized on Saturday, and received the Gift of the Holy Ghost the next day at church! He's totally solid! We baptized a future Apostle! He's receiving the Priesthood next Sunday! When Austin bore his testimony after he was baptized, he made everyone in the room cry. It was awesome. President Van baptized Austin and then gave him a new set of scriptures. David asked if he could get some too, so President Van gave him some also. :) David was also like, "when I'm in that pool..." YES! He will be in ''that pool" soon because he knows it's true and can't deny it. :) They're so great. I'm emailing from the Baker's house right now because it's Martin Luther King Jr. day and the library is closed. We got free tickets to the BILTMORE!!!!! Google it and you'll see why I'm so excited to go. Regular tickets are like $65 and one of the women we're teaching, Wanda Moser, gave us free tickets. Our elders, Elder Bybee and Elder Boore want to go with us, but we HAVE to go before I get transferred in February. It's a MUST! It's a MANSION! I'm so excited that I can hardly contain it. we almost set a date with Diego, but he feels like he's not worthy enough, so we're still working with him. We almost set a date with Martha and Caitlyn... we did what Elder LeSueur always says to DIG DIG DIG, and we found out that Martha's concern is that she'll join, and then want to join another church, but won't be allowed to. We explained that when she knows it's true, she won't want to leave and go to another church. She understood great! On Sunday morning, I went to a Catholic mass before our church started. One word... WIERD! I like ours so much better because it just makes sense. It's as simple as that. Wait, Erin got a gun pulled on her????? She's so boss! I love you more than a peach loves its fuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Mom: I wish I couldn't have been there at Olive Garden! Michael's such a stud! Jen's so old! I'm excited to get your card with pictures! I can't wait! Hearing anything from home is the best thing that can happen to a missionary. Don't feel bad if you can't write anything. Dad: How have you been? Do you miss us? Of course you do! haha. What have you been up to lately? Do you still have snow? Is your knee and back doing ok? No accidents on the first of the new year, right? Michael: ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!! You HAVE to send me printed out pictures of the two of you so I can put them in my scriptures... smaller ones work best because I have a mini quad. So, does she have a high voice, or an alto voice when she speaks? What kind of shampoo does she use? If you won't give me details about what you've been up to, at least give me details about the future Mrs. Michael Echols. :) CONGRATS! Kevin: Sorry your anxiety has been hard for you... :( I wish I could treat you to a movie, but I'm a little unavailable for things like that right now. Just wait 13 months. If there's snow when I get home, I'm totally going to throw a snowball at you just because. :) Jen: You're going to have a new sister-in-law! Is she similar to you? How do you like her? Have you even met her?? How's EEI going? What about your boys? Have you and Brian done anything fun lately?

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