Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, January 27, 2014

Erin email 1.27.2014

Which one is Me? Take a guess!, Jason's Baptism Picture. Dear Familia, This week was amazing. We got 21 people on date to be baptized and there are many of them who are golden investigators. There are 3 families and we're super excited. We saw one of our investigators and ran up to him and started talking with him. He had a few friends with him who were over the top drunk. The drunkest of them all would not stop flirting with me. He was trying to make a move, and I decided it was time to go. So we left and it was so awkward. I would say, Mark that one off my bucket list, but I NEVER want that to happen again. It was terrible. We also walked past a drugged up guy and the guy stopped his car and got out with the car still on and all his valuables on the seat. I kindly turned off his car and locked it for him. I hope he's ok. Drugs are a really big problem here and I hope the people get better. It makes them physically and mentally sick. I got offered drugs once and I hope you all know that I would never ever accept. Instead, I offered something else in return... his salvation. He's is now trying to quit the drugs and work toward baptism. Isn't missionary work so cool? I'm emailing an anesthesiologist who is helping me get my future started. I'm excited. I still yearn to be an anesthesiologist so bad. It's my dream. I'm so happy that Michael's dream is coming true and that he can have a family of his own. He'll make a really good dad. I don't know if he'll make a good husband for Anna (only because I haven't met her yet), but I know he'll make a good dad because he always took care of his little sisters. Kevin is going to make one heck of a professional ping pong player. He's got good thumb eye coordination, so I think he'd be good a ping pong. Well, I have to go.... til' next week! "Talking" Emailing with Mom: Erin: This week was crazy, it was kind of rough even though we saw tons of miracles. Sis W does not like me at all and she makes it very known. Yikes. (Mom-Most likely she doesn't like anyone. That is who she is. Remember her in High School. Just keep smiling and make her wonder what you are up too!!!!) Erin: I am good at being sneaky. She kind of verbally attacks me whenever she gets the chance. I'm going to the pain clinic sometime this week. They're going to give me a call and set up an appointment. Wow, this has been a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong process. (Mom-She is destructive in character. Too bad for her. Don't let her run you down. Stand up to her as she will run you to the ground if she can. I Believe in Standing up to her in self-defense. Just find a way to do it. Have the spirit to guide you or get advice from Heavenly Father....and Shannon. How is she by the way??? I haven't talked to her in a while. Let her know how the appointment goes so she can text me. Ask her too.) Erin: Shannon is doing really good. I haven't seen much of her because my comp loathes going to member's houses. We did see her last night though and we couldn't stop laughing. I think she knows I'm struggling with this comp too. It's hard to get any advice from her because Sis W literally does not let me out of her sight. I can never talk to her. I guess that's why I love Pdays so much because I get to talk to my mom. You have the best advice anyone has to offer. (Mom: She is just a Bum Head!!! LOL. It won't belong before you are done training with her and she gets transferred to go on training someone else. 383 days left now until the end of your mission. Each day is a different number. You are almost at 6 months down. YaHoooo. As long as you are seeing doctors there, Physical therapy and Pain Management, you will not be transferred from there. I wonder how long you can drag it on for???? Another Year? HeHe.) Erin: Haha, wouldn't that be awesome? I hear that PTC is the hardest area. But it's my favorite. President said that the area isn't what makes it the Garden of Eden for the mission, it's the missionaries. Awwww, that made me feel so good when he said that. I hope I could finish out my mission here, that would be so cool. I have all my doctors here and in another city. My PT is in PTC, but the pain clinic is in Atlanta. So I don't know where I could go. I travel a lot. The days here are getting kind of repetitive. I hope that when this happens, the days will fly past. I'm so glad I'm almost a third way done. I got a letter from Brooke this week. We can't "talk" back and forth anymore, but we can still write. HAHA! Loop hole! (Mom-Do you feel like you are trained enough to do the work with someone else now??? or do you still need more training?) Erin: No, I don't feel trained at all. I still feel like a noob. I just hope that I'm kind of in the swing of things to help time go faster. All my doctor appointments and PT's are definitely helping with the time whizzing by. (Mom- Well at least you have those to go to. It will give a change to the schedule. What are you doing today for Pday?) Erin: We don't get Pdays as STL's. :'( We have a huge Specialized Sisters Training for the whole mission that president asked us to do. So, we have to plan for that. sad day. (Mom- Well that STINKS!!! everyone needs their pday to relax and enjoy. Oh well, can't change it, go with it. Make it a good training meeting. Be you. People love you even if you get the stink bugs for companions. Smile. It looks good on you. I can't wait to see it again on Mothers Day.) Erin: Ya, I'll bet you do miss my chubby round face. It shocks me every time I see my self in the mirror. Haha. I can't wait to see you. I hope you still recognize me when I get to see you next. My hair is gotten so long and I'm thinking about cutting it. But, then I think about the summer is coming, so I'll want to pull it up into a pony tail or something. It's mixed feelings about my hair. (Mom- Ya it will be easier to braid it or pull it into a ponytail. I would keep it long. I love it short, but that is a lot of work to blow dry it and with all the humidity coming, it will be sticking out all over the place. I love your round face. HeHe. No it really looks the same to me. I could just kiss it.) Erin: No, you wouldn't want to kiss it. I'm dirty all the time. The other day, I had a cockroach sleeping on my forehead. I think I scared it more than it scared me. It was disgusting. I think I'm just so hot that I attract creatures of all sorts. I slept with my balloon, Franky (a balloon with a face drawn on it), and in the morning, all of his face (sharpie) had rubbed off onto my face. I was literally two faced. Haha. It took forever to scrub off the marker off my face. (Mom- That is FUNNY. I guess you shouldn't sleep with Franky anymore!!! You don't want to be two faced. Well if you had to scrub that much, you are clean for me to kiss it.) Erin: Ya, in the morning, he looked like a mess. So I ended his misery and popped him with a pencil. It was heartbreaking. I'm sending you a letter this week. Is that ok? And, I unfortunately can't send pictures this week. Well, I have to go. I hope I can get on another computer. If not I love you more than Hostess loves Twinkies. (Mom-I love you more than an Oreo loves his Milk. Bye, Bye. Love you) Erin: I"M BACK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Mom- I was holding my breath that you would be back. Why can't you send pictures?) Erin: Unfortunately, I didn't take any... I know... Sinner. I left my camera in the car when all the excitement was happening and anytime I tried to take a picture, my comp wouldn't let me. So, I'll take pictures in secret. I just won't be in any of them. I do have this one though... ahha. which one's me? (Mom- Oh you make me laugh. Have Sister Aldous take pictures of you and then you can send them to me. Secret is GOOD!!!!!) Erin: I will cry my eyes out the day Sister Aldous and I get separated. At least I know, that we'll be good friends for life. I'm excited for the day I come back to visit... as a tourist... instead of a missionary. Is that so bad of me?: (Mom- She has been a God send to you. You will always be friends for ever and ever. At least she lives close enough to go visit after you return. You have to look forward to something. So a tourist it shall be. And of course our reunion in the airport.) Erin: Ya, the airport is what I'm most excited for. I dream that I'll run in slow motion with pump-me-up music playing. I'll hug you and we'll swing in circles. Well, I officially have to go. I love you tons mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Mom- I love you too Sweetie! XXXOOO)

Brooke Email 1.27.2014

My old-fogie glasses.My newest spider bite.yes...I got licked in the face by and English Mastiff. Familia!!!!!! Not too much news this week... How is everyone??? This week, Martha committed to be baptized! She is even going to talk to her daughter Caitlyn about the same thing! I'm pretty stoked. Well, I got a card from Mom and a letter from Dad on Saturday that was from January 3rd! That's 3 weeks ago. Crazy! I've decided I'm going to do something fun for my 6 month mission birthday! It's on Valentine's day. I haven't decided what I'm going to do, but it should be interesting. Maybe I'll buy myself some flowers! ;) We got snow this past week... BRRRR. It's supposed to snow again tonight, but I hope it doesn't. There's a rumor going around here in the Brevard Branch that both Sis P and I are being transferred and that they are bringing Elders in. The branch is going crazy over it! It's probably not true, but there's always a possibility. Everyone wants to feed us before I get transferred! We have had the meal calender filled up for over a month! SO MUCH FOOD. We found another family this week! On Sis P's first day here, we had an appointment with an investigator, but we got the house number wrong. The guy who answered the door told us that his wife was going to have a baby soon and that now was not a good time. We went back on Saturday, and his wife remembered us! She was like, "You came here when I was pregnant. We were talking about you a few days ago. I asked him if he still had your number because I wanted to call you to see if you could come over and teach us about your church." !!!!!!!!!!!!!! She had a few friends over while we were there and she told them that we were missionaries from our church and that they wanted to learn more and that they were planning on going to church with us! AWESOME!!!!! I love you more than Stars love their Twinkle!!!!!!!!!!! Mom: Your daily routine sounds great! I kinda miss being able to just relax and know that I don't have to be anywhere. Not as a missionary. You got a treadmill?!? I didn't know that! Where do you keep it? Anna sounds absolutely amazing! Michael is one lucky guy. I'm pretty excited for spring too, because that means that I'm that much closer to Mother's day when I can speak to you again. How is the wedding planning going? I for sure miss doing that with you. I will really miss helping with the decorating and all that fun stuff. Please do take LOTS of pictures! Dad: I hope you had a good week, Dad! Work does sound pretty stressful. I hope it gets better this next week. If I was home, I'd take you to a movie. :) I'm so excited for the Spitfire! So, on a scale from 1 to 10 (one being sad about being released as Bishop, and 10 being so excited) what would you say you are at? Michael: Ok, so you can't go into her bedroom... so what does her hair smell like? ;) What is your favorite date that you've gone on with her so far? Were you nervous popping the question? What's your future family like? DETAILS! I'm dying over here in North Carolina waiting for some details that I can think about for the next 13 months. :):):):) Kevin: If you could go spend 3 weeks anywhere in the world, where would you go? I hope you're able to find a job that you like. If I could work right now, it would either be at Disneyland, or in the Disney store in the mall. :) Hahahaha! P.S. can you write me more than 4 sentences? ;) What is your favorite kind of juice? Jen: How are you doing? I hope all is well! If you get a chance, you should look up pictures of the Biltmore! That's where I'm going today with the Elders in my district! :):):) Can't wait!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Erin email 1.20.2014

Dearest Familia, This week has been crazy. We managed to get a total of 21 people on date to be baptized. We have worked our tushies off and seen the miracles from those efforts. Sis W and I don't really get a long because she doesn't understand the kind of pain I'm in. She has never broken anything or had any restrictions. I have to be the one to adapt to her because she isn't willing to change any of her ways. It's really hard. The only time we really get a long is when we're teaching someone about the gospel. Then we're extremely powerful and we bring people closer to Christ. Everyone here calls us the BOMB COMPANIONSHIP because we're literally on fire. We work extremely hard and we get miracles from working hard. We get to go on exchanges all the time with other sisters to help raise their vision and faith and then they start to work just as hard as us. The field is really white and ready to harvest, in fact, the field has caught on fire, at least here in Georgia. I've been teaching multiple people in Spanish. They all think I'm fluent when I'm really not even close. There was a guy who pretended to not speak any English and so I started to speak to him in Spanish and it nearly darn blew him over. He was so shocked that a white girl could speak Spanish. It turns out that he didn't know any Spanish and he was just trying to get rid of us. It was the funniest thing ever. When He realized that we had caught him red-handed. He confessed and we had a good laugh about it. He invited us to come back after that. Haha. I have to say... my two favorite things about missionary work is the friends I make and the people I love. I LOVE inviting people to be baptized. When they say yes, my heart swells, when they say no. My heart swells some more and I know that they'll get another chance. It's weird to think that I see things in a more eternal perspective now. It doesn't sound like me. Well, I love you all and I can't wait to see you in less than 400 days! Love, Erin Dad: I love you and I know you'll bless so many more lives! Are you still bishop? When do you get released? Mom: I'm glad you enjoyed Olive garden, do you realize that that was the last place we ate before you'll never see me again? Wow. Crazy. Michael: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'm so happy for you! I hope Anna is too! You two are so cute together even though I haven't even met Anna. Kevin: I LOVE YOU! Get better! Stop throwing up please. Jennifer: it's been a while since I've heard from you and I hope you're doing well. Everyone else: Sorry if I forgot anybody, you know me... bad memory. haha. I LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!! PS I've gotten to go to several doctors this week and they all still don't know what to do with me. I think I'm reaching a dead end here pretty soon. I might have to have you send me some pain or sleeping drugs, so I can sleep. My body shakes from the lack of sleep I get. I stay up all hours of the night because my arm hurts. darn. I think my nerves are getting worse because the numbness is spreading. (Andersen and Aldous)(Sister Ellis and I) (first time washing the car manually in warm georgia weather)(Just for Dad)

Brooke email 1.20.2014

Breana, Michelle, Austin, Granny, Matthew, David, and Me
this outhouse has a smiley face and a Dish on it! Us and Austin
This week was so great! Austin was baptized on Saturday, and received the Gift of the Holy Ghost the next day at church! He's totally solid! We baptized a future Apostle! He's receiving the Priesthood next Sunday! When Austin bore his testimony after he was baptized, he made everyone in the room cry. It was awesome. President Van baptized Austin and then gave him a new set of scriptures. David asked if he could get some too, so President Van gave him some also. :) David was also like, "when I'm in that pool..." YES! He will be in ''that pool" soon because he knows it's true and can't deny it. :) They're so great. I'm emailing from the Baker's house right now because it's Martin Luther King Jr. day and the library is closed. We got free tickets to the BILTMORE!!!!! Google it and you'll see why I'm so excited to go. Regular tickets are like $65 and one of the women we're teaching, Wanda Moser, gave us free tickets. Our elders, Elder Bybee and Elder Boore want to go with us, but we HAVE to go before I get transferred in February. It's a MUST! It's a MANSION! I'm so excited that I can hardly contain it. we almost set a date with Diego, but he feels like he's not worthy enough, so we're still working with him. We almost set a date with Martha and Caitlyn... we did what Elder LeSueur always says to DIG DIG DIG, and we found out that Martha's concern is that she'll join, and then want to join another church, but won't be allowed to. We explained that when she knows it's true, she won't want to leave and go to another church. She understood great! On Sunday morning, I went to a Catholic mass before our church started. One word... WIERD! I like ours so much better because it just makes sense. It's as simple as that. Wait, Erin got a gun pulled on her????? She's so boss! I love you more than a peach loves its fuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Mom: I wish I couldn't have been there at Olive Garden! Michael's such a stud! Jen's so old! I'm excited to get your card with pictures! I can't wait! Hearing anything from home is the best thing that can happen to a missionary. Don't feel bad if you can't write anything. Dad: How have you been? Do you miss us? Of course you do! haha. What have you been up to lately? Do you still have snow? Is your knee and back doing ok? No accidents on the first of the new year, right? Michael: ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!! You HAVE to send me printed out pictures of the two of you so I can put them in my scriptures... smaller ones work best because I have a mini quad. So, does she have a high voice, or an alto voice when she speaks? What kind of shampoo does she use? If you won't give me details about what you've been up to, at least give me details about the future Mrs. Michael Echols. :) CONGRATS! Kevin: Sorry your anxiety has been hard for you... :( I wish I could treat you to a movie, but I'm a little unavailable for things like that right now. Just wait 13 months. If there's snow when I get home, I'm totally going to throw a snowball at you just because. :) Jen: You're going to have a new sister-in-law! Is she similar to you? How do you like her? Have you even met her?? How's EEI going? What about your boys? Have you and Brian done anything fun lately?

Monday, January 13, 2014

Erin email 1.13.2014

Dear family, this week has been good. I was on exchanges with a sister who broke down into tears and I asked how I could help and she told me that the best way I helped her was to listen. Good thing I'm so shy and quiet. I'm good for something. Listening. I was out tracting with my companion and we were in a rough part of town (which is where all our best investigators and a guy pulled a gun on us. It was scary but not at the same time. Good thing I know self defense. He didn't hurt us. It was kind of cool afterwards. And it seems that I have a gift for handling life-threatening situations with poise and calmness and exactness. I really do turn into Sherlock Holmes because everything happens in slow motion. We met 3 people and put them on date the day we met them. They're all getting baptized (or preparing) to be baptized in February. It's crazy how ready people are here. I also know that God will protect me, so I'm not worried about being shot around here. I am not afraid of it at all. It was scary and fun. I am the ward's favorite missionary. It's fun. They all trust me and their kids either have crushes on me or they want to be just like me. I'll be sad the day I get transferred. I love you all! And I love this warm weather! I love you more than there are cords in a computer!
Typical Echols
I met up with Elder Austin Hollingsworth from Emergency Essentials. Small world

Brooke email 1.13.2014

This week was Crazy!!! Yesterday, Austin texted us and told us that he wasn't going to be baptized on Saturday. He called us and we talked to him for about 20 mins. We KNOW he's ready, so we tried to strengthen his faith. He finally agreed with us and told us that he felt better. We asked if we could come over, and we met with him and his family. We went through the Baptismal Questions with him and his parents were there. We were talking to them at the same time... David was asking all kinds of questions. We asked them to think about baptism. David was like, "What kind of parent would I be if I let my son do this and I wasn't on board?" We then asked them to think about February 8th. David was like, "What you're asking me to do is just so... you can't just ask me to... I would have to say... Hell ya." (I'm not going to edit that because it was so perfect!) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) Him and Michelle agreed on Feb 8th! One of the best parts is that Austin will be able to baptize them!!! Happy day! That alone makes my whole mission worth it. When I get transferred on Feb 12th, I just want to take the Pearce's with me. I'll just take them everywhere i go my whole mission... I WISH! I love that family so much! Also, this week Sandy (a lady we've been meeting with for a year) told us that she prayed about the Book of Mormon and doesn't want us to have it in her home anymore. :( It's sad, because we know that that answer doesn't come from Heavenly Father. At least I have the Pearce's! I love you more than the moon loves the sun! Dad: Wow, lots of funerals lately. I guess that we buy in bulk while people die in bulk. All at once. Wow, I didn't hardly recognize any of the names you mentioned in the gospel principles class. I've got a lot to catch up on in 13 months. I know that Mom loved the Roof restaurant. Good idea. I got your letter from dec 21! Mountain people time. Michael: your other half emailed me! I approve! She sounds GREAT! P.S. You'll still have plenty of time to give me another niece or nephew by the time I get home! Kevin: Why are you having panic attacks?? Is it like Tony Stark in Iron man 3? I'm doing just OK. Jen: I hope you have a great week chasing after a crazy 2 year old and almost 30 year old! You old fogie! welcome to tractor country
A little to close for comfort

Monday, January 6, 2014

Brooke Email 1/6/2014

Hey family!!!! This week was a hard one. We got a lot of rejections. The only rays of sunlight were the Pearce family (of course), and eating with the Bakers and Becketts. Austin decided that he wants to be baptized on January 18th! He's so awesome! I really like the whole family... Michelle came with Austin to church on Sunday (she was gorgeous!), while David watched the kids. Victoria gave me a pink bunny that I'm going to keep forever! And I taught Brandon a secret handshake! Their family is the BEST! I absolutely love them! I'm so happy that I've been blessed enough to have found them, and had the opportunity to teach them. I'm said it before, and I'll say it again... they're GOLDEN! We were given a referral to a guy named George, so we knocked on his door and he invited us in, so we just stood right next to the open door. It was really creepy. He didn't turn on the lights, so we couldn't see his face, and I felt SOOOOO uncomfortable. We left, and then headed to the Baker's for dinner. We told them all about it, and they said that they would come with us to the next meeting with him. We went back to meet with him, and took the Bakers with us. AWKWARD... he just verbally attacked us the whole time... plus, he was so drunk that he could have blown on him and he would have fallen over. Let's just say that that's the last time we're going over there. Well, you can't win 'em all! :):):) At least I know the Pearce's. So funny! Victoria asked us if she could have a sleepover! I wish!!! I love that girl!!!!!! I'm finally on my 4th planner! After this, I only have 8 more to go! It is SOOOO cold here! We have reached record lows this week. We woke up to 1 degree weather with a wind chill of -30! BRRRRRRRRRRR! I'm ready for some hot beaches right now! I love you more than peacocks love their feathers!!I LOVE YOU! More than plants love the sun Dad: I can't wait to get your letter! You're my hero and I'll always love you! I love telling people stories about you... like working on cars, and when you used to make me chew pink tablets when I brushed my teeth, and when we built the green house and when you taught me how to use a drill. :) I'll never forget. Mom: the Roof Restaurant sounds great! I'm glad you got to have a good time with your favorite man! Thanks for teaching me how to cook and do yard work. I do that a lot for people here. I've learned all i know from you and dad, and I'm so blessed to have claim to such wonderful parents. I LOVE YOU! Michael: Give this to Anna... Tell her that I want her to write me too! You two are SOOOOO cute! So, what's Miguelio been up to lately? Kevin: WRITE ME!!! p.s. Sister Beckett REALLY likes you. I told you that last week, but she still says it. :) Can't blame her. Jen: Your hair is crazy long! I think this is the first time in my life that my hair has been the shortest of the girls! I love you and hope you have a great day at work today (if you are reading this on your break) Elder LeSueur went home
What a cute bear
It takes skill to hop a fence in a skirt
Me and Bob Hurring an investigator

Erin Email 1/6/2014

HI family! This week has been good. I got a new companion and it's Sister Whitney Ellis from Orem High. She's great and is teaching me a lot. We stay pretty busy here. Our top investigator, Brandon, dropped off the face of the planet, so we go tracting all day long to find other investigators. I got to teach 2 people in Spanish. I never knew how much Spanish I knew. I shocked myself. But I got to give them a Book of Mormon and now, they're taking the lessons from the Spanish Elders. I cut Sister Aldous' hair and it turned out pretty good. She doesn't know this, but that was the first time I ever cut hair. I got to paint the faces of some kids in my ward. I did a butter fly and an angel. The angel didn't quite turn out to what I hoped it could have been. But now, I'm the ward's favorite missionary. I get people coming up to me constantly telling me so. I'm glad the ward likes me, it makes the work seem a bit easier. So, have you seen any good movies lately? As mission council, we got to watch EPHRAIM'S RESCUE. Excellent movie. I was so happy when President said we were going to watch a movie. My heart leaped for joy because I've been longing to watch something. All the kids in my ward love me. All the boys have crushes on me and are constantly giving me hugs. But you can't resist a hug from a 4 year old. It’s super cute. All the girls told me that they want to be like me when they grow up. It shocked me to realize that people think of me as an adult now. NOOOOOOO! I wish I could stay a kid forever. All the adults in the ward really like me and my personality. They said that I'm the one missionary that they'll never forget. It feels pretty good to know that they like me. I love you more than a fat kid loves his doughnuts. Sis Ellis and Me
Last day of our trio
I cut sis Aldous' hair. Should I tell her this is my first TIME?
The Johnsons gave us matching PJs
Peachtree City District at the Clarkes
Hardest EVER....Saying good bye to Burckle