Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, December 16, 2013

Brooke Email 12/16/2013

Hi family! How have you been? This week was normal. In the picture of the 2 kids, the little boy is 4 year old Oliver. He sat next to me when we ate at the Beckett's yesterday. Next thing I know, he kissed me on the cheek and told me that he was aiming for my lips. HAHAHAHAHA! I could not stop laughing! When we were leaving, Oliver told me that he wished I was in his family, and then said, "I will marry you!!" in a very deep voice. I bust up again.... FUNNY KID! This week, we met with Shane and taught the Plan of Salvation... best part is that there were 6 other nonmembers there... we taught his whole family! It went great too, because they were all involved and asking a ton of questions. For Christmas, the whole day is a proselyting day. We have to be out and about and teaching people just like any other day. :( We will have to open presents and gifts when we have time throughout our day sometime. We are only going to be at the Beckett's for lunch and Skype, and then we have to go out and teach... doesn't seem like it will be very effective. I'm sad that we only get at most 1 hour to skype. How long does Erin get? What's her Christmas agenda? This week, it has rained so much! I think we are up to 8 feet so far this year. FEET! Roads are literally paved river beds. Good thing I'm a good swimmer... They say missionaries can't swim, but you have to around here in a subtropical rainforest. :) Thanks for sending me our family Christmas picture/letter! I take it everywhere I go! I thought it was funny that it says, "Echols Family" on the letter, and the picture is just Erin and I... :) I love you more than a fish loves water! Mom: I love that you have a countdown! Did you know that Sister Holden is in Utah now? She'll be there for over a month. St. george I think. Just like I said, Christmas is a normal proselyting day for us. Too bad. Did you like the Dickens festival? PICTURES? Dad: I got your letter! It's crazy how much things have changed since you were a missionary. I've loved the 12 days of christmas package! For roasting Chestnuts... MAKE SURE YOU DRILL A HOLE IN IT BEFORE YOU ROAST IT!!! Otherwise, they explode. I've learned a few things out here in the sticks. Kevin: YAYA for the temple! You'll do great! I really can't wait to see Catching Fire. And apparently, I'll have to watch Frozen too. I don't know what that's about, but don't tell me! It will be a complete suprise when I get home! Michael: What I meant was... 14 months is plenty of time to: 1) find out if she's the right one, 2) marry her, and 3) have a kid. Plenty of time... no rush. ;P Jen: I got Dace's hug! What a handsome boy! P.S. Who's "Micah?" You wrote his name on the thing you drew me.??
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Annie and Oliver Van
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