Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, December 30, 2013

Erin email 12.30.2013

Dear Mom, This week has been a blast. Aldous and Burckle are the best comps anyone could ever ask for. They have helped me through my whole experience with Sis P and they're so fun too. We make the best companionship ever. The ward has never loved missionaries more than they do us. Because we're hilarious and awesome. We all cried on Sunday night when sister B was being transfered and the "Triple Threat", the "Trouble Trio", the "Three Amigas", the "Three Musketeers", etc. was breaking up. Brooke Called it... I'm a sister training leader. I just finished training myself last transfer, and now I'm expected to boost the whole zone. I'm supposed to be the example, so I guess I'd better grow up quick. I'm supposed to be a mature person that others can look to. No pressure. Yikes. My new comp is Sister Whitney Ellis (Graduated from Orem High in 2011). On Sunday, the first person I saw, I walked up to her and invited her to baptism. She accepted. New investigator. Be BOLD!!! It was sooooooo good to talk to you guys on Christmas. I loved hearing your voiced and seeing your faces. Dad's letter was great.. keep sending them. Michael seems really happy with Anna. Kevin should shave his face and I miss him. Grandma looks the same. Dace has doubled in size. Jennifer's hair is getting long. Brian didn't say hi to me. Brooke looks like a barbie. And I miss my momma! us and the Houstons
us and the Hughe's
Us and the Tripps
Christmas at the Clarkes
Sister Burckle irons her skirt with a curling iron
Need I say anything?

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