Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, December 9, 2013

Brooke Letter 12.08.2013

Happy "you get to skype with your two favorite missionary daughters for Christmas"!!! We found out that we only get an hour to skype, but it's better than nothing! The Becketts are having us Skype at their house... which is fine for me because they are my favorites! They got Skype just so we could do that. :) This week was so busy! Sister Paxton has an unlimited amount of energy when it comes to missionary work. She is crazy good at being a missionary! This week, we met with Sam... He's 26 and he lives with some college guys. When we first met him, he was completely closed off to the gospel. Now, he's told us everything there is to know about him and he completely trusts us. He is into drugs, alcohol, and smoking, so Sister Paxton was like, "Sam, you need to change your life!" (Reproving betimes with sharpness when moved upon by the Holy Ghost!) We told him that if God was going to trust him with a good girl and some more kids, he had to live in a way that God would give those to him. We told him to quit smoking. When we left, I was like, "We should have taken his cigarettes." so we ran back up there and grabbed them and said, "Hey, Sam! Can we have these? Thanks. Bye!" and we ran away with them. He realized that we were serious about it. :) He even saved my life. His nickname is Spiderman, and he has a HUGE spider tattoo on his back, but this guy is TERRIFIED of spiders! Too funny! When we were talking with him, there was a massive creepy spider on me that I didn't even notice. He lunged forward, grabbed it, and threw it off the balcony. He then started to freak out. He was like, "I just grabbed a spider! I HATE spiders! Why did I just do that??? I must like you guys or something!" It was really funny. His friends gave him a hard time about letting us take his cigarettes and he was like, "Hey! Their trying to help me quit smoking!" It was great. He stood up for us. Oh ya, we went and dropped by an inactive lady because neither of us had ever met her. She threw a blender at me. Good thing I played basketball and could get out of the way fast enough. Let's just say that we were out of there before she could grab the knife block. :) We got to watch the Christmas Devotional last night! Elder Nelson is so amazing (I love how he's Sister Irion's dad, so he's like my mission grandpa!) We met with Vivian this week. She's 87 and only has 1 leg. She is thinking about being baptized! She has been VERY strong in the Methodist church her whole life, until we shared the Plan of Salvation with her. She was AMAZED! We extended the baptismal commitment and she said that she'd think about it! YAYA for old people! I love you more that all the books in the library of congress! Mom: Wow! So much snow! and the tree looks great out front! I can't believe Delyce is married already! She is GORGEOUS! Do you like her husband? Dace is making a pretty funny face in that picture. He looks so different from when I saw him last! I probably won't even recognize him in 14.5 months. Dad: I haven't got your letter yet, but you know these mountain people. I look forward to getting some more news from you and everyone else too. My companion loves hearing me tell about your missionary stories... like the one where you taught the Mistress's "girls." Kevin: I would LOVE to be able to go through the temple with you! But I think you should do it now, so that if Michael gets married, you can go through with him. Also, I want to go through the SLC temple the minute I get off the plane, so you'll be able to go with us then! ;):) Michael: You DEFINITELY have to keep me posted on Anna! Mom sent me a picture... I approve. Get a move on! P.S. You should write me a letter and send pictures too. Tell the rest of the family the same thing. :) Erin sent me a package
I stole one of our investigator's cigarettes

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