Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, December 30, 2013

Brooke 12.30.2013

Hey! How was your Christmas?? Mine was awesome!!! The very best part was, of course, SKYPE!!! It was at the Beckett's too (I wouldn't have chosen any other family to be with out here!) So, remember the Pearce family? They were the refferral from Mary Whitmire... Austin (the 16 year old) told us yesterday at church that he knows the Book of Mormon is true!!! And that this church is true! and that he wants to be baptized in a couple weeks!!!!! He also told us that he made the decision to go on a mission when he turns 18! What a blessing! He will make the greatest missionary. It's a missionary's dream come true! Also, we taught his mom and stepdad the stop smoking lesson and David (the stepdad) took it really well! He's smoked 2 packs a day for 31 years and he is very strong in his desire to quit. We also taught them the Restoration and David again took it really well. Austin bore his testimony of the Book of Mormon and had a talk with his mom for an hour telling her that it's true. HE'S GOLDEN! He convinced her to read the Book of Mormon and to find out for herself. We are expecting 3 baptisms coming up soon. Austin wants to get baptized in a couple weeks, then he can get the Priesthood and baptize the rest of his family. He really wants to do that!!! He is so amazing! I love you more than Southerners love Grease! Michael: Yes, I still love Gerard Butler... did you know he's waiting for me? HAHA!!!! Anna sounds to great! Even the fact that she loves stargate! Who knew? You got a long board? And glasses? You have to send me a picture of you wearing your glasses! Are they reading glasses or everyday ones? I always thought you had really good vision! I've been away too long... I'm missing everything! Mom: Yes! Send pictures of everything! It sounds like the wedding turned out really nice. And it took a lot of work too! Joji's funeral sounds like it was great! You should talk to the 'uncle' guy who made all the food and have him cook for mine and Erin's homecoming talks! Just a thought. Ya, my talk was very short notice. I was so terrified when they called me up to speak. I was shocked! It was a surprise! It's so funny that Erin spoke too! Dad: Don't be sad, Dad. I just wish that these next 14 months go by fast (ask mom, she knows why). The rest can slow down. I saw a guy at the store the other day who was wearing a shirt like yours! It was a grayish blueish plaid shirt. You wear it when you work on the car sometimes. Are you back to work already? Kevin: Write me! Also, I loved seeing you on Christmas! Sister Beckett told me that she really likes you because you were so patient with her as she tried to figure out the Skype thing. I said that if she had any daughters, they would have one heck of a guy to marry! Michael is already taken... I was talking about YOU! (Then, we could be related!) Jen: Did you have a good Christmas? What did Santa bring you! You weren't sick like you were on Halloween, were you? I love you! You are the greatest big sister ever! My Halloween Costume
The Fishers
Ugly sweaters + Christmas Presents= paradise
Welcome to Brevard
Christmas Dinner at the Beckett's

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