Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, December 23, 2013

Brooke 12.23.2013

No Pictures this week. I forgot my camera at home. Hey family! This week was sure crazy. One of our less-active members named Mary Whitmire gave us a referral for Michelle Pearce. We stopped by Michelle's house, and she wasn't there... but her kids were. Austin (16), Victoria (7), and Brandon (almost 5). We taught them the restoration and we gave Austin a Book of Mormon. He told us that his mom's birthday was in 2 days... perfect! We went by on her birthday and brought her gifts. She was SOOOO touched! They invited us in to share some of her birthday cake. We taught Michelle, David (her husband), Austin, Victoria, and Brandon! They are all very interested! Michelle and David even told us that Austin had read a lot of the Book of Mormon. He had been asking them questions about it and was really into it. :) :) :) They are a GOLDEN referral! Mary did good! Michelle told us that she met Mary for a reason and that she thought this was it. David told us that he's very set in his ways being Penecostal, but that he thought if anyone was going to change his mind, it would be us and what we teach! We are still going to be Skyping from the Beckett's home on Christmas. We are going to be there around 2-5. We only get an hour. :( I wish I could talk to you all day! I love you more than a fat kid loves chocolate! Dad: How are you?? Have you been busy? Did you do Joji's funeral? Just curious, has the house been a lot quieter since 2 crazy girls left? I should think so! Thanks for sending a letter! I can't wait to get it! Kevin: I'm STOKED to call on Christmas! It will be the very best part of my mission so far! Have you started your Temple Prep? Mom: I LOVED the hot chocolate bar! Pinterest is the best! I'm glad I went off of it for so long because I really miss it. I'm glad I didn't have to go through withdrawls like some other missionaries. Joji died? At least she is dancing again! And with Brother Logan! Why did Erin's companion go home? Michael: Of course I'm excited for Christmas, because I get to talk to my favorite people on the planet (except Gerard Butler won't be there :))!!!! How are things going with Anna? Did you two do anything fun this week? I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. I doubt I'll ever know. If there was a way to make a living on doing humanitarian service in Africa, I'd do that. Jen: Oh my gosh! That picture of Dace Face is SOOO funny! His face is priceless. He seriously looks so different from the last time I saw him. I had Mom explain the whole 'Micah' thing. It does say 'Muah' but I thought it said Micah. You'll have to have Mom tell you my whole "Micah story" when she gets a chance. It's pretty funny the way it turned out.

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