Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Erin letter to Mom (week of November 10-16)

Dear Mom We got Auriana and Brandon a date for baptism. Nov 16! Lathan (Bridgette and Harry Crosby’s son) is getting baptized then too. My arm has been killing. I’m still not getting much sleep at all. Shannon Clarke has been really taking care of me and drugging me up a lot. I wish the doctors could find what’s wrong with it, but that’s never the case with me. I don’t think they believe me that it hurts. Sister Hixon told me to act like it feels. I guess it’s just my high tolerance for pain maybe. We got to meet Elder Oaks and his wife. We met with them with the North Mission too (I kept my eye out for Dusty but I never saw him). And there was 750 missionaries. They shook all our hands. When it was my turn, I grabbed his hand with my left hand, so he looked down. He gasped like a fish and looked like he was going to cry. It was so intimidating that I just kept walking so the line could keep flowing. Throughout his fireside he kept looking at me and smiling. Elder Ulesis Suarez (70’s) really likes me too. There were 4 other 70’s guys there too. Sister Oaks is the cutest and funniest old lady that you’d ever meet. She’s a hoot! As a district, we all got golf carts, got Chick fil A, ate at a lake, had fun driving around, and played some games. It was soooo fun! I look forward to pday every day of the week. It’s so relaxing to act normal and casual for a few hours. I can’t even describe how nice it feels. I’m craving the feeling of wearing sweats, socks and a t-shirt and laying on the ground in front of the fireplace, eating an orange and watching a movie. I really miss the simple things like that. My heart loooongs to hug my family and spend time with them. It was so nice to talk to you through email. I miss you Mom. You are one of my very best friends in eternity. God put us together for a reason. There’s no doubt of that in my mind. You’re my hero, my idol, and my inspiration. When I grow up, I want to be just like you. Sister Hixon and I go attacked by a squirrel. We were on our golf cart and it totally charged us. But thank goodness golf carts can out run vicious man eating-demons. We met a lady who I call “Brutal Brunhilda”. I have never seen a more vicious/ferocious person against the church. Her mouth was literally foaming as she spoke poisonous sentences. My soul felt shredded and burned. Sister Hixon just started crying and I did my best to defend our faith. But she wasn’t just possessed, she was pure evil. We left and have never felt that kind of pain. We had the worst day ever, even with our investigators, the Ingrams. They were extremely cold and we’ll be dropping them soon. We were both super depressed and discouraged. So the next day we stayed super busy and got a new investigator from it. I feel a little better. Madison Houston came home from Brazil and she’s still super sick. We baked some cookies and took them to her. We also took cookies to several other people and sang. They all love it. We stopped at Chick fil A for dinner and a cool song cam on. It had no lyrics, just a beat. I started singing a cool song (just making it up as I went (words and tune)). Before I knew it, Sister Hixson’s mouth was wide open and so were the people around us. I sang like a pro! Nobody expected that kind of voice to come out of a skinny little white girl. They even complimented me and were in awe. I seem to have gotten some musical skill since being here. I was even asked to sing a solo on a door stop once. Wow. We’re a trio!!!! Sister Baty (Bay-Tee) joined the club. Her section of Atlanta City was shut down for sisters from being too dangerous. She’s from Draper, adopted from India. Everyone here is sick except for me….it’s funny seeing 4 girls coughing their brains out while the girl in the sling is singing the Sound of Music at the top of her lungs. Haha, that’s me. Guess what? I’m now 5’7”!!!! I’m still growing! Huzzah! They measured me at the Orthopedic Surgeons office and I’m 112 lbs. which is still the same. The x-rays and MRI showed that I chipped/fractured the end in the elbow and got a spider web fracture towards the middle. I’m going through physical therapy because I had it in a sling for so long that I can’t straighten my elbow. My wrist is broken too. The doctor retook x-rays and his reaction was…”Whoa! How the heck did we miss that?” It was funny. We got to go to the temple again, and it’s so nice to take a break and just sit there. We then had our Zone training afterwards. I’m the mission’s example for “How to stay Happy even if you break your arm”! I’m also the official meal prayer sayer, everyone loves my fast ones. Apparently I’m betrothed. A Patriarch and his wife are in our ward. Their 5 daughters with their families live here too. He had a revelation that I’m going to marry his grandson, Alex Jenkinson, who is serving in Brazil. Now the whole ward knows that and is buzzing with excitement. What just happened??? Strange! Random people just come up and hug me and say…”you’re going to be my niece”!!! This is the weirdest thing ever to happen on a mission. We (all 5 missionaries) said goodbye to Niccole Clarke. She left for her mission in Idaho and we are all going to miss her sooooo much. Sister Aldous parents wrote each of us a letter. It was so cool. They forgot my name so they referred to me as Broken Arm Beauty! They’re so nice. I love you and I can’t wait to see you in 16 months!!!!!! Love Erin PS. I go to Physical Therapy 3 times a week, and it hurts! But I can’t tell you how nice it is to take an hour to be a normal human being. A “break” from being a missionary. I have a 6-pack! Huzzah! My face has gotten super chubby. Why? It’s so weird. I look like a person who’s been through Chemo. People have told me that it’s impossible to be sad when they’re around me, I make everyone happy. I’m still super famous. A guy literally came running up to me and asked for a picture and autograph. Who the heck do people think I am?! Who do I look like?! At least I got him to come to church. Haha Advantage! PSS. I miss you like a proton misses an electron. The reunion in 16 months is going to be the happiest reunion in history.

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