Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, November 18, 2013

Erin 11.18.2013

This week has been better than last week thank goodness. Thank goodness the sun is shining today too. that always makes me happy. I'm out of my sling and cast! It still hurts like crazy. The physical therapist told me that if it feels the same way in 4ish weeks, she'll send me back to the orthopedic surgeon for help. Sister Hixon is getting transferred. Sad. Sad. I'm going to be companions with Sister Baty, who came out with me, but she's going home on Wednesday because she gets massive headaches. So, I'm the mystery of the mission right now, President doesn't know what will happen with me. I don't know if I'm being transferred or not, because everything’s kind of a mess right now. I LOVE Sisters Aldous and Burckle. We get along like BFFs. I get to stay here for Christmas! With Shannon! I'll get to go caroling too! Did you get my letter that I sent last week? NO LETTER???!!! No! I hope it's not lost! It's pretty cold here at night, but in the day time it's nice. This pic is of me today. 70 degrees outside. If you want to send me Christmas things, I could use some warm, fashionable boots that keep my feet dry. (Mom to Erin: don't worry about the money. we will pay for the boots. Just spend. The only time we will tell you not to worry about the money. HEHE) That sounds weird coming from a mom. Just like when you would tell us to stop doing our homework and go watch a movie because we were singing our math problems at the top of our lungs. I guess I just feel super poor…and you know how I hate spending money. I've already ruined my ankle boots :( because they got soaked and muddy. I just need cute stuff that I can wear and will keep me warm. I swear Mom, Pdays are the only way I'll make it through to the end of my mission. 15 MONTHS TO GOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I'm not emailing you this week, I'm writing a letter, is that ok? I'll write letters instead of emails this week because I have a ton of pictures to send you! Well I have to go, I love you MOM!!!!!!!!!!! More than a pig loves mud! 70 degrees outside today!
Have you ever seen a more glorious sunset at the lake with a bag pipe player. By far the coolest thing 've ever seen in georgia
The Trio
I'm a chicken
Burckle and Aldous being chickens
I met the actor in WALKING DEAD. Crazy

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