Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Monday, November 4, 2013

Brooke 11/4/2013

Thank you Mom and Michael for writing me! This week was very eventful. On Halloween day, we tried to go tracting (bad idea). Everyone was freaking out because they only had 6 more hours before trick-or-treaters showed up. I guess that's understandable because they get an average of 800 that come around. Halloween night, we were raking some leaves and Sister Eckman accidentally almost picked up a baby copperhead snake (VERY poisonous). It was scary. I picked up a shovel and threw it like a spear at the snake. It cut off it's head! Just think of the movie 'Prince of Persia' when Prince Dastan throws the knife at the snake and cuts off its head. That's pretty much what I did. :) Then, I felt a tickle on my head, so I reached up and pulled off a HUGE spider!! I screamed like a little girl. We met with Diego this week and the first thing he said to us when we saw him was, "I want to learn how to pray." !!! He's so prepared for the gospel it's not even funny! Bonnie is getting baptized this Saturday! I'm super excited for it! We had stake conference this week and Sister Eckman was a speaker! She's awesome. Then President and Sister Irion surprised us all and showed up. They personally delivered my package to me! Thank you by the way! I absolutely LOVED it! OHH! I think I want to do Locks of Love. I figure that there's no better place to do it than the mission field. I think I'll have enough hair left over that it won't be too short. What do you think? Yea, nay? We are going to spend the day with the elders today! They are so much fun. It was Elder LeSueur's birthday, so we are going to Ihop! Did you like my Loooong letter? Did you like the outline of my foot I sent? I thought I was pretty clever sending it. :) Transfers are coming up, and I don't want Sister Eckman to get transferred. I REALLY hope I don't train, because I feel like I would ruin the new missionary. Talk about stressful. Dace is so cute!!! Can he actually say our names? I sure miss my Dace Face! He probably won't remember us in 16 months. Last transfer, Sister Nelson (my MTC comp) and Sister Eckman were doing an exchange here. They met a guy and talked with him. It didn't go anywhere, but they were still nice to him. Last night, we ran into him again, and he remembered that the missionaries were nice. He invited us in to talk and we had a really great Restoration lesson. Yay for being nice! I love you more than the amount of teeth in a great white shark! P.S. One of our branch members named Sister Holden would like to send you some of her family names that need to go through the temple. I'm going to give her your address so she can mail you the names. She can't do the male names, but wants them done. Would Dad and Michael be willing to do those? You'll get them in the mail soon. I LOVE YOU! Michael: Seriously though, what did you do to relieve stress? Everything as a missionary is stressful. Love ya! Mom: I think I've bagged more leaves than you... ;) Every day. Ewww... Boys! At least you will see us in a little more than 10 transfers. (I wish it would go by faster! Haha!) I love you! Dad: How is Aleece doing? Have you gone to visit her lately? Do you think you'll still be Bishop when we get home? I miss your craziness and funniness! Kevin: How's your mission going? Do you like it? Maybe we can all have our homecoming talks on the same day!
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Everyone decorates and celebrates Halloween.
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